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book ð Fun Home A Family Tragicomic Ê Alison Bechdel In this graphic memoir Alison Bechdel charts her fraught relationship with her late fatherDistant and exacting Bruce Bechdel was an English teacher and d Having never felt much inclination toward the graphic novel genre I accepted a copy of Fun Home by Alison Bechdel on loan only because a coworker promised that I could finish it in one hour and forty minutes almost precisely the amount of time it would take to travel from the office to my home in Connecticut where I had plans to spend the weekendOne hour and fifty five minutes later when my mom pulled in her mini van I was close to the end but not there yet I'm a slow reader But Fun Home is also a book that demands patient meticulous study I examined every illustration looking for the visual details that Alison a cartoonist has tucked in here and there Hidden like easter eggs there are amusing details meant to be discovered on particularly grim pages Alison can also make the most simplistic details Road Runner on the TV; period cars; recurring appearances of the Sun Beam Bread logo realistic melancholy and heartrending all at onceAnd the story itself the misery and the humor of the characters the events and the time period must be thoughtfully digested The book is divided into seven chapters each based on a different theme in the author's childhood and young adult life Each one on its own could be a personal essay about overcoming an unusual hardship but the episodes are tied together by recurring moments the scene in which Alison learns her father's deepest darkest secret over the phone; the stack of literature on homosexuality that grows and grows on her nightstand in college; her father writing letters to her mother from his bunk during the war and references to classic literature that are carefully artfully implemented and never dauntingAs a memoir Fun Home is beautifully arranged and as honest and unapologetic as they come Alison writes and draws as if she is still putting together the pieces as she does so and closes the book with the impression that the story is not over Which of course it is not since the author her two brothers and their mother all survive the father they never had and then lost Fun Home illustrates the fact that we never truly escape the legacies of our parents and never completely outgrow our childhood experiences Alison wrote a note in the Advance Readers Edition which I read in which she notes the actual documentary truth as recorded in diaries letters clippings and photographs from her childhood was almost always richer and surprising than the way she had remembered a particular event In Fun Home Alison does not just explore the far reaches of her memory She revisits it as if seeing it all happen again literally graphically for the first time

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kindle ✓ Fun Home A Family Tragicomic Ö Paperback read ¶ alison bechdel Þ [PDF / Epub] ☉ Fun Home A Family Tragicomic Author Alison Bechdel – In this graphic memoir Alison Bechdel charts her fraught relationship with her late fatherDistant and ex Irector of the town funeral home which Alison and her family referred to as the Fun Home It was not until college that Alison who had recently come out a Works doubly as one hugely terrific autobiography a megaengaging graphic novel In FUN HOME there is a tremendous longing to merge both of these Arts The intent is always to make print as compelling as the pictorials they are made to convey Astute cheeky enthralling it brings together disparate themes like 'Wind in the Willows The Importance of Being Earnest and Catcher in the Rye as well as A Chorus Line Joyce's Ulysses pretty much a choose your own literature type adventure that possibly every single reader of this flawless book could relate toTen dollars to you if the last pageframe of this doesn't make you BOLPS We are watching the musical this January Oh blessed New YearBawl Out LoudTOP 100

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Fun Home A Family TragicomicS a lesbian discovered that her father was also gay A few weeks after this revelation he was dead leaving a legacy of mystery for his daughter to resolve Many Thanks to Margaret who recommended this book to meWOWI knew NOTHING about this book TERRIFIC SPECTACULAR until it was in my hands todayother than it was a highly recognized graphic memoir chosen best book of the year by at least 10 major publications in 200680 4333 people rated this book so where was I? Hidden away with blindfolds and earplugs? There's a lot going on in this 'memoir' so much so there could be several individual books written on any 'one' theme For 18 years Allison grew up in a house of daily renovation If anybody has lived through having their bathroom or kitchen remodeled you know personally what the disruption feels like Can you imagine your entire childhood around hammers and nails strips of loose molding? Remodeling is very stressful I would think that many years of focus of renovation would drive every family member into a corner That much daily physical chaos creates disconnected communications I could understand that when Allison was little her house the walls the wallpaper the furniture the curtains all felt like another child in the house She on the other hand often felt like the furniture Allison offers elegant prose pleasure intelligence and compassion through literary referencesreflecting on classics read that both she and her dad enjoyed shared loved for booksThey she and her dad never did come 'out' to each other Both are gay To get the 'full' story READ THIS GRAPHIC AUTOBIOGRAPHY Suggestion If you have not read this book know 'nothing' about ithaving not read 'any' reviews no blurbs 'nothing' have been living under a rock like I have if you are willing to 'trust' go in blind DON'T read anything about this book until you have finished the last page I HIGHLY RECOMMENDED reading it this way It's Sooooooo worth readingAnother TOP TOP TOP graphic memoir A few great uotes inspired by Ulysses by James Joyce