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Rascal A Memoir of a Better Era eBook ì Paperback Read ò Sterling North ´ [Download] ➾ Rascal A Memoir of a Better Era By Sterling North – Horticulturetrader.co.uk Nothing's surprising in the North household not even Sterling's new pet raccoon Rascal is only a baby when Sterling brinNal splendor as well as a letter from the author's daughter and material from the illustrator's personal collectionEveryone should knock off work sit beneath the nearest tree and enjoy  Rascal from cover to cover Chicago Tribu Dad and kids both liked this beautiful book Warm rich kind interesting Historical instructive a time traveling machine Kept kids uiet Kept Dad coming back for There were ineuities and wickednesses happening in that America; but there were beauties too beauties that only an untamed land with a population full of hope even during the Great War can give usEight year old girl “It was funny and clever I liked the part where the bully yells that thing about ‘crazy raccoon’”Five year old boy “Oh well I didn’t like this part very much but when his owner says he was carefully picking the cans the shining things at the store”Ten year old boy “I really loved Rascal He was so funny Then I liked how the writer wrote it He wrote in a good way”

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Nothing's surprising in the North household not even Sterling's new pet raccoon Rascal is only a baby when Sterling brings him home but soon the two are best friends doing everything together until the spring day when everything su I read this as a kid didn't really appreciate it since it was pretty much like my own childhood in many ways even though mine took place about 50 years later Reading it now in this age of child repression helicopter parents restrictive laws is both a treat terribly sad My grandson will never know the freedom that we hadThe year this was published was about the first time my cousins I were getting dragged home after dangerously riding the tide out of the marshes on Long Island's north shore into the Sound miles away A decade later we built our own kayaks although it was a barn project with fiberglass chicken wire that we bought with money we made doing chores on the surrounding farms in MD Good times I didn't appreciate them enoughThe story of this coon was great My uncle raised several at about a year old he always turned them loose as they got pretty mean They were never as nice as Rascal but pretty close We never gave them the amount of attention he got The void Rascal filled in Sterling's life the final sorrow was very well done I also loved reading about the farm timesIt's set in 1918 has some great views about WWI in which Sterling's older brother fought This book is probably somewhere between fiction nonfiction so I've shelved it accordingly There was a Rascal a canvas canoe a lot that was true Some names were changed Sterling's sister doesn't fully agree with his take on the family I'm sure much of the story was made up of bits pieces which are true enough too His descriptions of the countryside a boy's rambling through them was just too perfect not to be trueHighly recommended for all ages This edition was wonderfully narrated

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Rascal A Memoir of a Better EraDdenly changes Rascal is a heartwarming boyhood memoir that continues to find its way into the hearts of readers fifty years later This special anniversary edition includes the book's classic illustrations restored to their origi Have you noticed that books written prior to the 1940's are all set outside? Everyone is outside all the time Laura Ingalls Wilder The Great Brain boys Jack London of course Even Jane Austen thinks it's no big deal to take a casual one mile stroll in a complicated dress that probably weighs about twenty poundsWell the same goes here A childhood outside with random animals and a father with a benign neglect type of parenting style What could be better? This book was an instant favorite five pages inThe only thing that hampers this book is a PBS special about how this story was made into a cartoon during the 1970s in Japan Raccoons which were not a part of the Japanese landscape were brought in as pets for the kids Then when they got unruly they let the raccoons go in the wild Now the poor country is completely overrun with the creatures and they are destroying everythingI'm sure Sterling North had no idea that would happen But back to the story I love that that Sterling as a boy had so much freedom and independence and the space to roam around and discover life