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Für ein Ende der Jugendgewalt steht das Buch Boy a PDFEPUB #195 von Morton Rhue dem Autor des bekannten Jugendbuchs Die Welle so heißt es im Vorwort Das Buch ist kein Appell es ist Aufschrei einer der durch Mark und Bein geht Rhue wendet sich in seinem Buch das Augenzeugenberichte Dialoge und Briefausschnitte aneinander reiht gegen die Gewalt Deutlich tut er Give a ePUB #231 das und vielseitig Nicht nur gegen die Gewalt die einzelne ausüben wendet er sich sondern auch gegen die Macht die Gruppen von Stärkeren ausüben Gewalt als Ergebnis von Unterdrückung ist das Thema in seiner Geschichte Drei amerikanische Schüler rasten aus und nehmen. Reviewed by Me for TeensReadToocomEvery person in the world should read this book That being said I'll admit right off that I hate guns Absolutely abhor them I'm the mother who refuses to let her children play with toy guns even water pistols Why Why indeed Why let your children shoot things at each other whether it be water rubber darts BBs or paint balls if you don't want them to shoot bullets at each other After all that's what guns are for To shoot bullets Bullets that are designed to do one thing and one thing only kill Or if you prefer injure maim dismember or wound So what is GIVE A BOY A GUN about In a few words human nature the cruelty of children and how those factors don't really mix well with guns Oh sure gun activists say that guns don't kill people people kill people And if you get technical about it they're right But when someone gives you a guitar what's it for It produces musical sounds Yes it needs an actual human to aide it along but a guitar does what it's made to do make music Just like a gun with the aide of a human does what it's supposed to do kill In Todd Strasser's GIVE A BOY A GUN we learn about Brendan and Gary two boys who live each day of school in their own personal hell They're not athletic so the jocks pick on them They're not particularly brainy so they don't fit in with the nerds They don't come from extremelely wealthy families so they're not immediately deemed popular In fact Brendan and Gary are like 95% of every teenager you meet normal kids living normal lives trying their best to just get through the day I remember all too well the horror and terror of high school; not physical at least in my case but the sheer emotional bullying that I received from kids who deemed me not up to par And the teachers who turn a blind eye either because the tormentors were too valuable to the school as athletes or too much trouble to deal with But for Brendan and and Gary enough turns out to be enough Really how much torment can one person take When teachers and administration and counselors turn the other way when budget restraints prevent teachers from the ability to really get to know their students when athleticism takes precedent over brain power when will school bullying come to an end Why really should it shock us as a nation when things like Columbine happen Has it really been so long ago that you were in school that you can't remember what it was like to be the object of someone's daily put downs or the sneers and snide comments from the popular kids Gary and Brendan along with a few others like them were outcasts in their school When their fascination with revenge on those who've tormented them leads to guns it really shouldn't surprise anyone GIVE A BOY A GUN is interspersed with tragic facts school shootings over the last several decades uotes from newspaper articles statistics from gun companies that prove that teens and guns is a growing problem But really when you think about it why should it shock us We always see signs that proclaim a school a drug free zone but when will we ever see one that proclaims it a bully free zone or a tolerance for everyone zone Think about why kids are so cruel why they can't get noticed by those who could possibly help them and why they can so easily get a gun to make their problems go away Just as every person in the world adult and teen should watch the movie Reuiem for a Dream everyone in the world needs to read Todd Strasser's utterly though provoking GIVE A BOY A GUN And then we'll talk about how guns don't kill people

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Give a Boy a GunAll ihre Mitschüler in ihre Gewalt mit dem festen Vorsatz diese büßen zu lassen für die a Boy a ePUB #9734 Grausamkeiten die sie in den zurückliegenden Monaten als Außenseiter erlitten haben Alles ist erfunden in seinem Buch und doch liegt die Wirklichkeit ganz nahe wie auch aktuelle Fälle zeigen die durch die Medien gingen und gehen Lehrer kommen zu Wort Mitschüler Freunde Eltern und die Täter selbst Das macht das Buch zu dem was es ist zu einem erschütternden Einblick in die Seelen von unterdrückten Unterdrückern Viele der Sätze Rhues bleiben hängen sie wollen nach dem Lesen weitergedacht umstritten werden Dem Erdbeben im Kopf w. A word of warningthe book is disturbing on so many different levels The reader has a hard time thinking of it as fiction since the scene has been repeated so many times in so many different cities and schools with the same tragic and heartbreaking results To tell the story of two alienated and disaffected teenagers who become obsessed with guns and bombs and ultimately vow to exact revenge on all the studentsfaculty membersand administrators at their schoolthe author employees many voices to reflect the incomplete narrative that inevitably emerges from tragedies such as these Parts of the narrative go into “preachy” homilies about bullying and tolerance vs intolerance but it’s hard to object when there are no easy solutions available An unexpected and ironic development at the end of the violence highlights the complexity of the issue and no one escapes a part of the blame The author rightly acknowledges that we are all culpable to some extantas we sometimes come across as a culture that values violence over empathy

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DOWNLOAD á Give a Boy a Gun ☆ ❰PDF / Epub❯ ✅ Give a Boy a Gun Author Todd Strasser – Für ein Ende der Jugendgewalt steht das Buch von Morton Rhue dem Autor des bekannten Jugendbuchs Die Welle so heißt es im Vorwort Das Buch ist kein Appell es ist Aufschrei einer der durch Mark und B Für ein Ende derIe ein Arzt den Tod eines Kindes durch Kopfschuss beschreibt folgt hoffentlich ein Erdbeben im Herzen der Leser Das Buch bewegt stark nicht zuletzt durch die Haltung Rhues Täter nicht als zivilisationskranke blindwütige Gewaltfreunde darzustellen sondern ebenfalls als Opfer Die amerikanische Originalausgabe heißt Give a Boy a Gun der Titel wendet sich damit klar gegen ein spezifisch amerikanisches Problem das Waffengesetz Die deutsche Ausgabe ist mit einem Nachwort von Klaus Hurrelmann versehen zu dem Thema Kann so etwas auch an deutschen Schulen passieren Die Antwort ist leider schon gegeben er versucht zu erklären weshalb Petra Breitenbac. I decided to read this book because i thought might be interesting and it was This book takes place at Middletown High School This book is about two kids named Gary and Brenden The two kids are bullied teased and harassed All they want now is revenge They write suicide notes and they wrote e mails to each other on how they want to kill the jocks The genre is non fiction They went to a dance with masks and a small supply of guns They took everyone hostage and shot some kids The kids gave in and everyone was saved from the police I thought this book was shocking