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read Wildcat author Max Monroe epub ✓ Paperback Ð horticulturetrader È ➸ [Read] ➳ Wildcat By Max Monroe ➽ – What would you do if the sexy mysterious stranger you met by chance turned out to be a celebrityCatharine Wild is about to find outuinn BaEveryone wants to see the small town girl find love with the superstarGood thing uinn Bailey knows how to winGame on baby From the New York Times USA Today bestselling author of TAPPING THE BILLIONAIRE comes a hilarious and sexy standalone about chance encounters and finding true lo This one was pretty good I could have done without the list online of his former girlfriends especially since it was mentioned that he hadn't had any relationships prior to the h And after the h saw all the stuff online it was never mentioned again uinn and Cat were sweet together

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What would you do if the sexy mysterious stranger you met by chance turned out to be a celebrityCatharine Wild is about to find outuinn Bailey is one of the best uarterbacks in the country and the instant he lays eyes on pretty little Cat Wild he can’t resist herWhen the sexy footba 45 “You’re really something uinn Bailey” starsOnce again Max Monroe has aced the recipe for a written romantic comedy The MC’s meet cute was well cute Their side characters are funny and interesting uinn is the perfect hero The perfect mix of confident self deprecating and swoony Cat is sassy fun and relatable uinn and Cat together are the perfect mix of fun sweet and steamy Wildcat is told from the dual POV’s of uinn and Cat The story isn’t necessarily a SLOW BURN but it progresses in a way I haven’t read before that actually made it feel realistic to dating and falling in love in the era of technology Not only that but both MC’s are so busy that the pacing makes sense Don’t you worry whenever the two MC’s aren’t actually bantering you to laughter or swoons they are great in their own head or with their friendsfamilyI don’t want to say much because this one was so sweet to read without any knowledge of what was to come So what I will say is this is the story of a famous B and a working class girl who have that spark between them Things get in their way and this is the story of them figuring out if those sparks are greater than those “things” Plus it’s funny and sexy AND sweet Can’t beat that NopehttpsinstagramcompBevV283AoVA^^A fan edit on IG

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Wildcat author Max MonrLl star comes aboard the flight attendant’s plane her life takes a drastic turn Mile high courting and an intense pursuit to win her heart are just the beginningAttention fame even  public scrutiny find their way into the mix It should be simple right WrongBecause in the end not This was my first book from Max Monroe duo and I am not impressed at all25 stars but not 3The book is about the love story of an interracial couple and it begins in a very sweet way I liked it up until their first date The way he pursued her until she said yes to a date was good and I really had fun But then their first date came and it was awkward in a studio painting pictures because she loves art It ended with a kiss Then their second date was even worse because as they decided it was going to end in bed he took her to a Mc Donald's and a car wash And when they had their first sex the couple lost all their charm for me There was nothing wrong gross or bad about it and I don't know how I can put it into words because it is just a feeling I didn't like it Maybe the easiest way to put it is to say that I thought he was bad at it And I didn't like any time they were in bed afterwards You know some writers write these scenes very successfully and some can't The ones in this book are not written successfully in my opinion; or at least they are not written in a way I likeWhat comes next is the so called plot twist It is based on her skin color her Afro American roots I just found this plot twist annoying It reminded me that there may still be racist people in the world so very frustrating The media and some fans of the hero he is a famous football player upset her the hero's parents upset her They didn't look at her or talk to her when they first met her that was so unacceptable Some news reports pointed out that she wasn't his usual type Some fans wrote awful things in his social media accounts I got really annoyed about it Why would anyone make this a plot twist And if you ask me the hero didn't act the way I expected when his parents and the media upset her He said he loved her no matter what but that wasn't enough for me I needed to see that those awful people were given a good lesson about racism Nope they all got away with itAs far as safety goes there is no cheating no OWOM drama so it is safe The book is long and too wordy 328 pages It is written in dual point of view and the heroine's chapters are better because she has a fun way of telling things She is indeed a sweetheart On the other hand the hero is not my type of hero he is too passive in most cases All in all the book was sometimes sweet sometimes boring and sometimes annoying for me In general it didn't work for me That's why I am not going to continue the series as I have a feeling that I won't like anything written by this duoOh I forgot I hated the dedication Maybe it's just me but I hated it It sounds so very superficial to me You know how it goes with dedications You scan to the page only to find that the book is once again not dedicated to you Not this time insert your name here Because we are the best of friendsare absolutely crazy about each otherhaven’t seen each other in a long long timeare in some way relatedhave only shared a fleeting longing glancehave the funniest conversationshave never actually met but already know we’ll love each other You’re funnyfunnyfunnyfunny Yeah we only really like funny people And this sexy long thick book is for you You thought we were gonna say cock didn’t youUm I think I should have trusted my instinct and never started this book after this dedication I felt I wasn't gonna like the tone of the bookSexy long thick book for me Pffft is this supposed to be funny or somethingI hate it when writers define their books themselves instead of leaving it to us Please let me decide if it is sexy or not And I am answering It wasn't sexy at all