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Download Alfabethuset ñ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ☆ ❰PDF / Epub❯ ☉ Alfabethuset Author Jussi Adler-Olsen – In the tradition of Alan Furst the #1 international bestselling author delivers his first stand alone novel a psychological thriller set in World War II Nazi Germany and 1970Al drugs The pilots’ only hope of survival is to fake insanity until the war ends but their friendship and courage are put to the ultimate test when James and Bryan realize they aren’t the only ones in the Alphabet House feigning madness Millions of fans around the world and in this country know Adler Olsen for his award winning Department series His first stand alone The Alphabet House is the perfect introduction for those who have yet to discover his riveting work. Brian and James are two 20 year old Englishmen that are shot down over Germany in WWII With a dog patrol on their heals they frantically hop on a German train which contains SS officers that are ill They take the place of two of them yes they throw two men off the train to do it but at least one of them was dead and frantically try to do everything they can to fit in and gather information At the end of their trip they're taken off the train on stretchers and find themselves in an insane asylum They're forced to take the medications of 1942 and endure daily shock treatments After a bit James realizes that there are three SS officers that are malingering and posing as patients These three men are brutal murderers and James has no way of telling Brian to be carefulThe whole time in the asylum is actually pretty difficult to take because these men are sadists They're suspicious of both James and Brian and eventually begin to torture James in small ways James has somewhat of a guardian angel in the form of a nurse named Petra but although she takes extra care of him she's not aware of what these men are doing When I first started this book I was trying to figure out how a nearly 500 page story was going to take place entirely in this asylum It turns out that it doesn't all take place there and the story that falls out afterwards is especially interesting I started describing what happens in the book to someone who was so disturbed by it that she told me to stop Being well used to Adler Olsen's Department series I did not think of this one as particularly disturbing or brutal but apparently it's not an easy one to stomachApparently the author's inspiration for this book came because his father was a psychiatrist and Adler Olsen followed his father around in the insane asylums This is actually kind of an interesting way to come up with an idea It also makes me wonder if that's partially why he's so good at coming up with believable characters with tightly created psychological makeupI've become a huge fan of this author and I enjoyed this book although not as much as the Department books I'm curious to see what else he will do in the future

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In the tradition of Alan Furst the international bestselling author delivers his first stand alone novel a psychological thriller set in World War II Nazi Germany and s England British pilots James Teasdale and Bryan Young have been chosen to conduct a special photo reconnaissance mission near Dresden Germany Intelligence believes the Nazis are building new factories that could turn the tide of the war When their plane is shot down James and Bryan know they will be exec. I decided to read this book because I'm a fan of Jussi Adler Olsen's 'Department ' mysteries and thought this standalone written prior to the Dep't books might be a good read As the story opens it's 1944 and World War II is raging English flyboys Bryan Young and James Teasdale are sent on a mission to do aerial reconnaissance over Germany where they get shot down After some hide and seek with German soldiers Bryan and James make their way onto a German medical transport train throw off the bodies of a couple of Nazi officers and assume their identities They soon find themselves in a mental hospital called Alphabet House for shell shocked SS officials; there Bryan and James must endure endless electroshock and drug therapy Though their 'mental illness' allows them to remain silent Bryan and James are still in a very precarious situation; if they're exposed as either Brits or malingerers they'll be killed immediately Thus they live in a constant state of anxiety and fearAs it turns Alphabet House seems to be chock full of Nazis faking mental illness One group of malingerers consists of officers who are in the habit of whispering at night bragging about murders they've committed and their secret horde of riches These men are extremely suspicious of their fellow patients fearing someone might discover their deception and expose them Thus they watch everyone closely not hesitating to harass or even murder someone they suspect is faking Bryan and James come under intense scrutiny by these men and James especially suffers greatly at their hands This part of the book is very long and very disturbingEventually Bryan escapes from Alphabet House which is bombed soon afterwards by the advancing Allies Skip ahead to 1972 and Bryan is a wealthy successful physician who owns a pharmaceutical company and is happily married Bryan has never given up trying to find James however and when circumstances align he returns to Germany and travels to the town where Alphabet House was located There he comes across some people he knew in the mental ward and things take a very dramatic turn This section of the book is also very long and disturbing In the prologue of the book Jussi Adler Olsen talks about his interest in mental illness and speculates whether faking a mental disability can lead to the real thing He explains that his interests in both World War II and mental illness led him to write this book Jussi Adler Olsen being interviewed It's hard for me to rate this story because though it's well written and compelling the subject matter is distressing and many of the characters are sadistic and disgusting Thus I settled on 3 stars; this just wasn't the book for me I'll probably stick to Jussi Adler Olsen's mysteries from now onYou can follow my reviews at

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AlfabethusetUted if captured With an enemy patrol in pursuit they manage to jump aboard a train reserved for senior SS soldiers wounded on the eastern front In a moment of desperation they throw two patients off the train and take their places hoping they can escape later But their act is too convincing and they end up in the Alphabet House a mental hospital located far behind enemy lines where German doctors subject their patients to daily rounds of shock treatments and experiment. The first thing I have to say is that this must have been extremely well researched the detail is magnificent horrifying and yet strangely fascinating Set in two parts the first following two friends trying to evade capture who end up in a mental institution in Germay the second portion of the novel deals with the fallout many years laterI thought this was cleverly done – the first half is fairly slow moving allowing the story to unfold at a pace that truly allows you to take in what these two friends are going through – descriptively speaking it is very disturbing but absolutely compelling you can’t look away The second half is faster moving also difficult to review properly without spoilers but for me it made a tale of two halves if you like – and the ending was unexpectedVery different from the “Department ” series but still with the author’s uniue style – this is not a war story as much as it is a story of friendship under extreme circumstances character driven throughout often violent but always engaging and thought provoking I can see that it will not be for everyone but I found it to be an excellent and moving story haunting and evocative with some truly edge of the seat momentsOverall a very good read indeedHappy Reading Folks