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Infomocracy ePub É Hardcover ↠ [PDF / Epub] ✐ Infomocracy ☃ Malka Ann Older – It's been twenty years and two election cycles since Information a powerful search engine monopoly pioneered the switch from warring nation states to global micro democracy The corporate coalition par It's been twenty years and It's been twenty years and two election cycles since Information a powerful search engine monopoly pioneered the switch from warring nation states to global micro democracy The corporate coalition party Heritage has won the last two elections With another election on the horizo Full review first posted on Fantasy LiteratureIn the latter half of the twentieth century most of the world a few areas like Saudi Arabia excepted has moved to a form of government called micro democracy The world is divided into “centenals” of about 100000 people each and each centenal votes for its own separate government The political party that wins control of the most centenals wins the Supermajority which gives that party additional political clout and power although the specific details of that Supermajority power aren’t entirely clear There are dozens if not political parties though only about a dozen have worldwide clout Parties are based on all types of factors aspects of identity like race nationality or religion a particular view of policy the importance of military might loyalty to a particular large corporation etc In fact one of the most powerful parties in the world is PhilipMorrisA worldwide vote is held every ten years and as the story begins the third Election Day is only sixteen days away With the upcoming vote so close campaigning and scheming ― both legal and illicit ― have reached a peak A party called Heritage has held the Supermajority for the last twenty years since the micro democracy system was implemented and is determined to hold onto that position but at what price Meanwhile the Liberty party is making veiled but ominous statements about “peacefully” annexing other territories Infomocracy follows four characters through the few weeks before during and immediately after this vote Ken is an undercover political operative for the idealistic environmentally minded Policy1st party Ken is both trying to assess and promote his party’s chances in the upcoming election and hopefully score a good job within the party after the election Mishima is also an operative an employee of and trouble shooter for Information a Google like entity that has vastly expanded and become the primary means for communications and obtaining news and information for the entire world Anarchist Domaine is bent on undermining the entire political system and is willing to use whatever means available to do that Yoriko is a taxi driver in Okinawa who moonlights as a spy for Policy1st trying to get some dirt on its competitorsIf this all seems a bit dry well it initially did to me as well The first third of this novel is devoted to world building and although it’s creative world building it takes some time to gel for the reader and comes at the expense of any notable action in the plot for about 150 pages It was difficult for me to lose myself in the story when I was still confused by the world somewhat bored and not finding the characters particularly real or distinguishable from one another characterization is not Older's strong point Thankfully however at that point all of the build up starts to pay off as both natural and man made disasters occur and the characters scramble to deal with them each in his or her own way Ken and Mishima meet and begin a romance which remains rather undeveloped understandably so when it’s sidelined by the various emergencies but their relationship does have one memorable moment involving use of a sharp knifeThis debut novel is the most overtly political science fiction novel I’ve read; it’s completely immersed in and about the political process as it exists in the latter part of the 21st century and about how the flow of information ― and the disruption of that flow ― can affect people’s votes Malka Ann Older is a PhD candidate studying governance and disasters and has several years’ experience in humanitarian aid responding to emergencies and natural disasters in Uganda Indonesia Japan and other countries Her knowledge expertise and concerns are woven into the plot of Infomocracy giving it a depth and resonance than can only come from an author who has immersed herself in a field of knowledge and can intelligently extrapolate the effects and aftermath of particular trigger eventsAny reader who appreciates intelligently written science fiction will find much to enjoy in Infomocracy but it’s most likely to engage readers who are interested in the political process and the underside of campaigning and how that might play out in a speculative future375 stars rounding up to 4

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N the Supermajority is in tight contention and everything's on the lineWith power comes corruption For Ken this is his chance to do right by the idealistic Policyst party and get a steady job in the big leagues For Domaine the election represents another staging ground in his o So I may be a bit biased in my assessment of this book Unlike many other sci fi and fantasy stories with brash action oriented kick ass heroes saving the day the real heroes of this book are number crunchers data analysts and nerds Sure there is also a ninja in the employ of a global information corporation but she does her time in analyzing data just like the everyone else Being an electron shephard myself I have always thought the importance of data analysis and control was under appreciated in science fiction and the real world if we are being completely honest Informocracy puts the importance of crunching numbers and analyzing data in its proper place front and centerLet me back up for a moment Informocracy takes place in the near future a near future where somehow it is never fully explained nation states have been dissolved and the main polity unit is a Centenal each of which comprise 100000 people Political parties some global some regional and some extremely local compete every 10 years to govern each Centenal The most popular political party globally by Centenal won takes over as the ruling party for the world government though it isn't entirely clear what powers that position has given the power local political parties exercise in their own Centenals Since the inception of the micro democracies there has been world peace and the same political party has ruled globally though local Centenals change parties Another election approaches and with it comes storm clouds of discontentWe see this world through a few different perspectives Mishima a neuro atypical ninjadata analyst working for Information the information organization that runs the elections and most informational searches Ken a political operative for one of the Mid Major parties and Domaine a political dissident who doesn't think this whole micro democracy thing is all its cracked up to be We get to see different facets of this world the good and the badI generally liked the characters and their globetrotting built out the world nicely We got to see how the system worked form the inside from a political party's perspective and from an outsider's perspective I did feel the Domaine was a bit underused though Older may merely be setting him up for bigger things in later books The characters themselves were not terribly deep but they were well rounded and well written They all behaved in reasonable ways given their motivations and I never felt that characters did things just to advance the storyI did really like the world and thought it was fascinating Granted I cannot conceive of how nation states could fall away so uickly but I am willing to grant the book that conceit I liked the idea behind the Centenals and the micro democratic concept Older created I have many thoughts about how to better operate elections to ensure an outcome consistent with the popular will and the ideas put forth by Older were intriguing Though as the story showed there will always be forces looking to tear down to the established order if it would get them power The story itself was a engaging and there were lots of twists and turns in this near future world By turns each character got to grow and shine in their own way though the real heroes are of course the tireless data workers of Information I would say that the setting was the strongest part of the book delivering a uniue and fascinating speculative world The characters were good enough to deliver an exciting story and kept me interested in their concerns While not strong on all fronts it was still a neat and engaging read

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InfomocracyNgoing struggle against the pax democratica For Mishima a dangerous Information operative the whole situation is a puzzle how do you keep the wheels running on the biggest political experiment of all time when so many have so much to gain Infomocracy is Malka Older's debut nove Malka Older writes a near future tome that hits close to home In this media rich propaganda lies deception misinformation deflection and if that doesn't work; voter suppression This novel looks at information as currency as operatives of various factions try to influence an election It was a fascinating book that hit far too close to home Right down to the description of sense of hopelessnessuselessness described when the information network was down This one was chalked full of ideas and may well be a beacon about the future I liked it 4ish StarsListened to the audio book Christine Marshall did a good job though nothing special