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The Saving Graces mobi ´ Paperback ´ Patricia Gaffney ´ [Download] ➼ The Saving Graces ➻ Patricia Gaffney – Meet The Saving Graces Four Of The Best Friends A Woman Can Ever HaveFor ten years Emma Rudy Lee and Isabel have shared a deep affection that has helped them deal wOintments common to us all Calling themselves the Saving Graces the uartet is united by understanding The Saving Kindle honesty and acceptance a connection that has grown stronger as the years go byThough thes I was ordering some books on Barnes Noble's website and I was up to about 22 If you order 25 worth of books then you get free shipping So I skipped to the bargain books and added this to my cart on a whim Some things are just meant to beI loved the story lines in this book I never wanted to put it down because I wanted to know what was going to happen next for each of the women in the book As a bonus the book is based in DC Books based in your own city are always a little interesting to read because you pick up on some of the extra referencesI read this on the beach and found myself trying not to smile to much for fear of other beach goers thinking I was crazy Then I would find myself trying to stifle tears for fear of the same thing

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Meet The Saving Graces Four Of The Best Friends A Woman Can Ever HaveFor ten years Emma Rudy Lee and Isabel have shared a deep affection that has helped them deal with the ebb and flow of expectations and disapp It's been a while since it last took me soooooo long to finish a book I never really warmed to it and to be honest the only reason I didn't put it down indefinitely was because I chose it as a part of my reading challenge for this year from the very start It was kind of long kind of boring and a lot of aggravation for me I completely loathed Emma as she was kind of a mistress for a married man And the way she thought Ugh I had the urge to throw the book a time or two when reading her POV I couldn't stand Rudy and her abhorrent husband whom she should have left before they even got married I could see from the very first chapter from Rudy's POV that her husband Curtis is an a hole who abuses Rudy emotionally and should be dumped right away Also the rest of Rudy's problems Made me yawnI tired really uickly with Lee and her husband's attempts to have a child I don't know whether it's just me and my weird way of thinking but if I were 40 years old like Lee here I would've turned to the doctor a lot sooner and wouldn't have been all that surprised if my attempts without the doctors' help failedThe only saving grace this book had pun intended was Isabel The sweet woman who discovers that her cancer has returned with vengeance And really the only reason I'm not giving this book even less stars is because of the way Gaffney wrote Isabel's story In the end I couldn't really relate to any of these middle aged women Maybe when I'm older but truth be told I hope I'll never be like these four in my fourties as this is just plain oddThe Book Challengers blog The Book Challengers Instagram

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The Saving GracesE sisters of the heart and soul have seen it all talked through it all Emma Rudy Lee and Isabel will not be prepared for a crisis of astounding proportions that will put their love and courage to the ultimate te Well okay it was formulaic You have your obligatory women's group with one of each personality type You have your uptight organized one your wild insecure one your wise spiritual one and your neurotic damaged one And you have your usual women's group themes There's someone struggling with infertility someone trying to get over a damaged childhood someone with cancer and someone fighting the urge to commit adultery Still Gaffney is a good storyteller The chemotherapy scenes are so vivid and scary I wanted the couple to get their kid and I was rooting for the one to leave her crazy husband And for once the men aren't all painted as clueless clods Well one is but he is actually fun to hate Overall it was an easy entertaining read that made me want to call up my girlfriends for a glass of chardonnay Good beach book