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From New York Times bestselling author Sandra Lee comes her debut novel a heartwarming story about food family and forgiveness Grace Holm D'Angelo is at her wit's end trying to create a new life from broken pieces Newly divorced she is navigating suddenly becoming a single mother to her fourteen year old daughter Emma resentful about being uprooted from Chicago. Sandra Lee is an American TV chef and this is her debut novel – so it is not surprising that cooking plays an integral part of the story To be perfectly honest I had never heard of this TV chef – and I have seen a few shows on the cooking channel The main character is Grace Grace is newly divorced and living life at a very hectic pace when THE RECIPE BOX opens She has relocated to Los Angeles got custody of her teenage daughter who is acting up a high pressure job behind the scenes of a hit TV show and is flying back and forth between LA and her home town to support her best friend through cancer treatmentIn the first couple of chapters the friend dies and this is the catalyst for Grace to start taking control of her life The first thing she has to do is rebuild the relationships with both her daughter and her estranged mother Grace moves back to her hometown and moves in with her mother The cause of her estrangement was the discovery that her mother had kept a secret from her What annoyed me a bit plot wise is that Grace was withholding a secret from her daughter and didn’t see at first that she was not being fair blaming her mother for the very same thing that she was doing But it does all get sorted out in the end Grace also has to deal with her ex husband an ex lover and a new flame to add other threads into the plotTHE RECIPE BOX is a sweet if fairly predictable read Nice for a lazy afternoon along with a cup of tea and a cupcake Rating C – Above average Was very readable and I really liked it but was easily able to put it down and walk away for a whileWith thanks to The Reading Room for my copy

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The Recipe BoxN estranged for longer than she cares to rememberOver the course of the summer Grace rediscovers the healing powers of cooking coming to terms with your past and friendship and learns you can go home again and sometimes that's exactly where you belong The Recipe Box celebrates mothers daughters and friendships and also features Sandra's delicious original recipe. Sandra Lee is an American chef the host of several television shows and the author of over two dozen bestselling cookbooks The Recipe Box is her debut fiction novel celebrating mothers daughters and friendship featuring several of Sandra Lee's recipesGrace D'Angelo is trying to create a new life for her self and her daughter in LA after her divorce but between fourteen year old Emma's rebellious behaviour long working days and regular trips back to her hometown to support her best friend Leeza who is battling breast cancer she is struggling to keep it together When Leeza unexpectedly succumbs to her illness Grace reconsiders her priorities and decides to spend the summer in New London where she is forced to confront her past and rethink her futureThe plot unfolds in a rather predictable manner as Grace works on rebuilding her relationship with her daughter and her mother from whom she has been estranged for a number of years Grace's main obstacle to happiness involves her discovery of a family secret as a teenager and her inability to move beyond it Her return to New London challenges her long held grudge against her mother and forces her to consider the secret she is keeping from her own daughterOf course there is romance for Grace too with hunky firefighterhandymanteacher Mike though the spectre of an old flame Von and her ex husband muddy the waters Grace is wary of beginning a new relationship and of letting down her guard but Mike is a good guy and persistent so you can expect a happy endingI enjoyed the less traditional romance between Ken and bookstore owner Tim In several ways Ken's journey mirrors Grace's as he is also estranged from his family and fled New London as soon as he was able Going back for Leeza's funeral and meeting Tim prompts him to rethink his priorities and his decision makes it easier for Grace to concurThe Recipe Box is a pleasant read for a lazy afternoon a story about forgiveness making amends and moving on The recipes are a nice touch there are none that are particularly original but the Swedish Cinnamon Buns look delicious

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Free download The Recipe Box 100 ´ [Reading] ➶ The Recipe Box By Sandra Lee – From New York Times bestselling author Sandra Lee comes her debut novel a heartwarming story about food family and forgiveness Grace Holm D'Angelo is at her wit's end trying to create a new life from From New York Times bestselling author SandTo LA and The Recipe PDFEPUB or still reeling from the divorce is generally giving her mother a hard timeThen Grace's best friend Leeza succumbs to breast cancer after a long battle and Grace realizes that you don't get a second chance at life She returns to her hometown of New London Wisconsin to try to reconcile with her own mother Lorraine with whom she's bee. So I was interested for about the first half of the book and thenshe goes to her hometown she reads a letter from an old friend that tells her to stop running so she decides to handle all her relationships differently She starts baking with her mom and her daughter both of which she has huge relationship trouble with until now and they have a frosting fight and then she goes on a date in a firetruck and the kiss is amazing and the cupcakes they made for the 4th of July parade are selling so fast that it looks like Brad Pitt was visiting the shop and ohmygosh Too predictable too saccharin too goofy All done