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PDF ☆ BOOK The Night Parade Ì HORTICULTURETRADER Ö ✅ The Night Parade PDF / Epub ⚣ Author Ronald Malfi – Horticulturetrader.co.uk First the birds disappearedThen the insects took over Then the madness began They call it Wanderer's Folly a disease of delusions of daydreams and nightmares A plague threateE the key to a cure Ellie is a special girl Deep Insightful And she knows David is lying to her Lying about her mother Lying about what they're running from And lying about what he sees when he takes his eyes off the roa THE NIGHT PARADE by Ronald Malfi is a book I've been looking forward to ever since I saw that it was scheduled to be released As you can see by my rating I was not at all disappointedMalfi is truly gifted when it comes to storytelling in general and characterization As soon as I began THE NIGHT PARADE I fell completely into the lives of David Arlen and his daughter Ellie Their emotions reactions and conversations were all so vivid that they could have been happening in the real world right before you These characters showed a true parentchild relationship that was real; something readers could identify withThe sickness became known as The Folly a disease of the brain that the afflicted could never be cured of The method of how it was spread remained a mystery The only thing David Arlen was certain of was that his daughter was special They're not looking for me baby They're looking for you How far will a Father go to protect his only child?There are no limitsThere are other characters in this novel that Malfi brings to life with the same expertise David's wife Kathy who's emotional turmoil and sense of duty are so sadly poignant that I felt I was with her and able to understand her internal trauma David's step brother Tim who lived off the grid long before the world's latest problem began his thoughts and motivations were just as plausible as were those who remained behind in denial that the world as they knew it had changed What changed your plans so drastically that you decided this horrible madness was the better option? As this evocative journey continued every little aspect brought to our attention the sorrow isolation occasional chaos and madness all combined to bring this tale alive THE NIGHT PARADE is an emotional suspenseful story that very often strayed from the path I was expecting keeping my undivided attention throughout the entire novelHighest recommendationI received an advance e copy of this book through NetGalley and the publisher in exchange for an honest review

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First the birds disappearedThen the insects took over Then the madness began They call it Wanderer's Folly a disease of delusions of daydreams and nightmares A plague threatening to wipe out the human race After two year I'm not even sure what to say about this book I was thinking it was going to be about insects killing everyone LOL Yes the insects are crazy everywhere after the birds disappear and some creepy stuff happen here and there but it's not an insect killing people book David Arlen runs away in the night with his daughter Ellie because some peeps at the CDC want to experiment on her to see if she can cure THE DISEASE That didn't work out so well for David's wife so they are on the run But there IS something different about Ellie let me backtrack and say there is a part with an ice cream truck coming into the neighborhood at midnight that totally has me creeped out still Nothing bad happens it's just the thought and I can't get it out of my head So moving on Ellie has some things she can do Uggg how do I not give out spoilers Anyway she does these things and it kinda freaks her dad out but he still loves her and they are on the run to his brother Tim's place He's a good guy too David keeps getting calls on his phone from the doctors to bring her in and stuff I wanted to smack him because uh trace the phone hello Throw it away And through out the book Ellie is carrying around a box of birds eggs They tell about it at the end of the book but I think the significance was lost on me My little brain doesn't work that well At any rate it's a sweet thing with the eggs Anyway so like if you get this disease you just start wandering around and seeing things and other stuff before you keel over I kept thinking this was the end of days with plagues and miracles and weird stuff but then it could all just be the hallucinations See there is the twist I'm sure someone with smarts will figure it all out I did love Ellie's character She's was a really good little girl and I think she's going to do great things And I like the fact that good people still know what to do to the evil people That's all I'm saying I would like to thank Netgalley and Kensington Books for a copy of this book in exchange for my honest reviewMY BLOG Melissa Martin's Reading List

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The Night ParadeS of creeping decay David Arlen woke up one morning thinking that the worst was over By midnight he's bleeding and terrified his wife is dead and he's on the run in a stolen car with his eight year old daughter who may b My daughter hates Paul Harvey Why do I bring this up you may ask? Well when I finished this book and turned the very last page my first thought was and here's the rest of the story Except there is no rest of the story here That's what makes this book pointless It's really only a few hundred pages long but until around the last uarter of it the tale drags Suddenly it picks up and I'm like jeezum crow Then excitementthen the end Huh? Wait a dang minute here What the heck? This could have easily been a trilogy It should have had because the exciting stuff just started AT THE END Dude Seriously dudeTruth is that I struggled my way through this book because Mr Malfi is a big deal to me I love his writings I'm accustomed to the slow burns but this was no slow burn It was boring What kept me going though is the fact that Malfi while he sometimes lacks in character development often excels in placement? Don't know what the term for that would be but he helps me visualize the places he sends his characters Sadly only Tim and Ellie felt real to me I would love to read the rest of this story and I'm thinking it would be a good one As it is though it was tiresome with an unfinished end By the way my daughter hated Paul because everyday at 1205 PM I made her stop talking so I could hear Paul Harvey I think what ultimately disturbed me at the finish of this book is the fact that it could have been on par or close to McCammons Swan Song But it ended up missing by a country mileUpdate62020 I've only read one Malfi book since this one His stuff is good but not good enough His early stuff That was the bomb diggity The shit My groove I no longer read Malfi