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Reunited by the Greeks Vows Summary ó 104 Ö [Reading] ➺ Reunited by the Greeks Vows ➰ Andie Brock – A marriage on paper only until long hidden desires reigniteKate O’Connor is stunned when her ex fiancé self made billionaire Nikos Nikoladis storms back into her life with a shocking demand to Ut on an opulent honeymoon across Europe these heated adversaries don’t anticipate their still smoldering flame to by the Greeks ePUB #10003 explode into irresistible passionDiscover this passionate reunion roman. Impactful

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To complete their previously abandoned trip down Reunited by PDFEPUB or the aisle He’ll gain the wife he reuires to secure his goddaughter’s adoption and save Kate’s ailing company In desperation she agrees B. In author Andie Brock's book Reunited by the Greek's Vows we meet Kate O'Connor who is trying to keep Kandy Kane their family business in business and ex fiance Nikos Nicoladis who needs a wife in order to get custody of his Goddaughter They agree to marry but the marriage of convenience is harder than they expected as they begin to fall for each other Andie Brock doesn't disappoint and this is a wonderful book

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Reunited by the Greeks VowsThe Greeks PDF #8608 A marriage on paper only until long hidden desires reigniteKate O’Connor is stunned when her ex fiancé self made billionaire Nikos Nikoladis storms back into her life with a shocking demand. I'm obviously in the minority but this book failed to entertain me The heroine was the biggest problem The H had his faults but she's the one who's 100% responsible for the break up of their engagement 4 years ago This book made me so mad that I almost felt like temporarily identifying as my dog Harold and woof woofing a whole lotta toxic male dog barking instead of typing a coherent review But alas Harold might accuse me of species appropriation and that'll destroy our happy mommy and doggy son relationshipAnyway back to sanity The heroine loved him but her selfish choices and immaturity were intolerable He was the poor Greek man while she was the rich candy heiress She failed to inform him of her wealth and told him none of the crucial details about her neurotic snobbish hagbitch mother During their initial holiday romance in Greece Kate was so so busy swimming in the sea of delusional stupidity that she never once weighed the repercussions of her poor choices After her dad fell ill she refused to allow Nik to accompany her back to the USA When the concerned and loving H turned up to support her at her father's funeral she treated him badly because her snotty mother disliked the thought of a working class son in law The H really loved her and there's no justification in my opinion for the demeaning way she treated him It wasn't so much that she was overtly cruel Rather it was her feigned indifference and impatience that hurt him Maybe I'm too harsh but I have little patience for people who delude themselves into believing that their horrible relatives her mom are nice The H didn't deserve to be collateral damage in her ill conceived uest to acuiesce to her mom's demands Her passive wimpy cruelty was unacceptable The best way to highlight my point is by uoting the H's pained and angry comment after he'd been ignored continually by the woman he'd come to support I mean it Kate’ The fire raged had through him ringing in his ears scraping his skin ‘You may think you’re better than me That all this’ he’d gestured to the opulent room the enormous windows offering a panoramic view of Central Park and the New York skyline ‘makes you superior in every way Well let me tell you something You are mistaken I may not come from a moneyed family and I haven’t had a privileged upbringing like you but you know what I’m glad Because I have something way important—principles honour and integrity’ I just couldn't warm up to this heroine especially when she waited too long to explain her past bad behaviour This man deserved someone who would reciprocate his love and respect She spent most of the novel feeling sorry for herself and worrying about her family's candy company This was also a little boring for a second chance romance The H returned as the billionaire ready to save her failing company in exchange for the reuisite HPlandia marriage of convenience I kept skimming through the middle portion because there wasn't much that was riveting to be honest I almost fell asleep a few times as well We're told that her hagbitch mother becomes nicer after some special cognitive behavioral therapy at a clinic However the cynic inside me thinks that mommy dearest probably found her son in law acceptable since he's now a billionaire The epilogue wasn't all that great either They're going to have a baby and she's decided to sell the candy company I haven't had much luck with this author that's for sure Safety The heroine was a virgin when they met and she was celibate during their 4 year separation I don't think the H was celibate Parts of this book were so boring that my mind definitely drifted while I was reading so I might've missed that pertinent information To be bluntly honest though I wouldn't have hated this specific H if he'd had lots of girlfriends This woman had destroyed him so badly and kicked his love back in his face that he shouldn't be blamed for moving on