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FREE EPUB ☆ MOBI Palomar By Italo Calvino î 9780886190637 ´ ITALO CALVINO ↠ ❮Epub❯ ❧ Palomar Author Italo Calvino – Mr Palomar is a delightful eccentric whose chief activity is looking at things He is seeking knowledge; 'it is only Have come to know the surface of things that you can venture to seek what is underneath' Whether contemplating a fine cheese Mr Palomar as the name suggests is an observant soul When he goes on vacation to the beach he contemplates a wave thoroughly He notices a woman sunbathing topless and strolls back and forth in front of her trying out different postures to appear not to be observing her She is ultimately not amused He then waits till the sun starts to sink and observes himself dive in and knife toward the horizonHe observes his lawn an albino gorilla a gecko He Calvino is at his best when Mr Palomar observes two blackbirds whistling maybe at each other at the same time that Mrs Palomar starts chirping at him a juxtaposition I am half acuainted withHe looks upwards to the stars the planets as he surely must and eventually looks at his own deathThis is often profound but sometimes trite and as the picture on the cover of my edition suggests can be a little creepy at times

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Mr Palomar is a delightful eccentric whose chief activity is looking at things He is seeking knowledge; 'it is only after you The thought of a time outside our experience is intolerable Had I met someone like Mr Palomar before reading this book I’d have easily passed him off as just another middle aged man on the verge of senility with nothing better to do with his time or at the most a mad wannabe scientist who realized about his true calling when it was too late with no one interested about his observations or findings But trust Mr Calvino when it comes to make seemingly weak characters strong and one of the most dull situations interesting for his readers The words flown from Calvino’s pen can render an act of staring at a ceiling fan as the most exciting adventure ever known to man however Mr Palomar gives us something wider in scope which enshrouds not only his home or his local market but the whole universe including moon and stars If Calvino won’t talk about celestial bodies then who willThe book is divided into three parts and each part deals with a particular experience which helps Mr Palomar in exploring various events and visuals in order to find answers about the bigger uestions of life Philosophical Enuiry is what it is called? It is but it’s something which carries the Calvinian trademark and gives us a whole new way to indulge in such philosophies without losing interest for a single moment Mr Palomar takes us to a beach where he observes the coming and going of the waves while waiting unsuccessfully for a repetition of a phenomenon and on the same beach he is trying his best about looking or not looking or looking in a most natural and decent way at the naked bosom of a female bather If you want to know how subtly the humor coated with right dose of irony can be used in a most successful fashion in fiction in very few words then read this piece In a similar way Mr Palomar observes love making between tortoises tries to decipher the whistling of birds and makes an attempt in giving words to the silence And when Mr Palomar looks at the sky The words thereof are like music to the ears It makes you fall in love all over again with the stars in the night sky the moon in the afternoon and the beauty of the world around us If the ancients had been able to see it as I see it now Mr Palomar thinks they would have thought they had projected their gaze into the heaven of Plato's ideas or in the immaterial space of the postulates of Euclid; but instead thanks to some misdirection or other this sight has been granted to me who fear it is too beautiful to be true too gratifying to my imaginary universe to belong to the real world But perhaps it is this same distrust of our senses that prevents us from feeling comfortable in the universe Perhaps the first rule I must impose on myself is this stick to what I see Mr Palomar journey further extends to a visit to his local supermarket a zoo in Barcelona Garden of rocks and sand of the Ryoanji of Kyoto in Japan and Ruins of Tula in Mexico He looks he observes he contemplates he draw conclusions but even on viewing the whole world as a museum where there’s hardly any entry charge he’s not able to find a concrete relation of his existence with that of the universe He feels the need of defining every moment every instant of his being and also the need of finding a set pattern in the world which gives him the pleasure of knowing that he has lived his life the way it ought to be lived and the universe exist the way it ought to exist whether Mr Palomar is a part of it or not He is extremely unsure of himself and the gist of the matter is he wants to be at peace with himself the world around him moves in an unharmonious way and he hopes always to find some pattern in it a constant Perhaps because he himself feels that his own advance is impelled by uncoordinated movements of the mind which seem to have nothing to do with one another and are increasingly difficult to fit into any pattern of inner harmonyNow you see Calvino can’t do anything wrong in my eyes With such books I feel like he indulges me a lot and gladly accompany me in my insanity He don’t even have to try to make me smile because his writing which is carried out with a uniue blend of intellect and easiness does that effortlessly It’s fascinating to see the extent of his observational skills and eually fascinating when those observations are given shape in form of words But I’m reluctant in recommending this book to everyone I can vouch for great writing but subject matter might not appeal to all so read it when you want to read a little book with a big heart A person for example reads in adulthood a book that is important for him and it makes him say How could I have lived without having read it and also What a pity I did not read it in my youth Well these statements do not have much meaning especially the second because after he has read that book his whole life becomes the life of a person who has read that book and it is of little importance whether he read it early or late because now his life before that reading also assumes a form shaped by that reading Italo Calvino with Jorge Luis Borges

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Palomar By Italo CalviA hungry gecko a woman sunbathing topless or a flight of migrant starlings Mr Palomar's observations render the world afresh I had to read this for university and I must say I uite enjoyed it The book is composed by a variety of observations and reflections made by the protagonist Palomar Some of them definitely offered me some insightful and interesting topics to think aboutEven though I prefer other works by Calvino I still recommend this book