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ピアッシング Piasshinguუზარმაზარ მეგაპოლისში ერთმანეთს ორი ერთნაირი ადამიანი შეხვდება ორივეს საკუთარი ისტორია აქვს ორივეს საკუთარი ხმები ჩაესმის და ? Ryu Murakami is an expert on the high art of Japanese pulp what's not to love? In this twisted thriller two psychologically damaged characters are caught in a double standoff They are fighting each other and they are fighting the urge to self destruct And you could even make the case that the young father and the SM sex worker aren't the only ones in the room as they both suffer from out of body experiences caused by trauma and are haunted by their former tormentors this novel has multiple layers one creepier than the other Short intro to the story Kawashima Masayuki is afraid he might hurt his own baby Still terrorized by the abuse he endured from his mentally ill mother he fights the impulse to stab his Infant with an ice pick and he decides that in order to prevent this he should stab a sex worker instead But he didn't anticipate what this particular sex worker has in store for himThis book is wild scary and thrilling a typical Ryu Murakami and while I also love Haruki I bet an unassuming reader who picks up this novel because he happened to confuse the two will be scarred for life I'm on my way to become a Ryu completist and I already have two of his books on my bedside table From the Fatherland with Love and Popular Hits of the Showa Era

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??რივე მეგაპოლისის ვიწრო ჩიხებსა და ბინძურ შენონებშია ჩაკარგული კავაშიმა უინულის სამტვრევითაა შეიარაღებული ჩიაკის კი საკუთარი This review and stranger things on Blood Red VelvetSome books are unrelenting rays of sunshine filling you with joy optimism and hope for the future and then there is Piercing a two hundred page miasma of darkness and human miseryIt's not so much a horror story per se with most of the true horror being in Kawashima and Chiaki's mistreatment as children and how it continues to warp and destroy their lives as adults Kawashima's homicidal fantasies and Chiaki's self destructiveness collide into a corrosive mess after they meet by chance There are a lot of parallels to his earlier book Coin Locker Babies in that the characters have a lot of pent up rage and agony from childhood that never could be vented or gotten justice forRyu not Haruki do not confuse them Murakami's artistic writing style with its fractured pacing is like a bandage being torn off slowly and with a great deal of tension as if you're not sure whether it will reveal a gaping wound or a small cut Ultimately it is both Piercing paints a portrait of a wound which seems small on the surface but runs bone deepContains some content that could be disturbing or triggering namely depictions of abuse and self harm

ebook ピアッシング Piasshingu

reader À ピアッシング Piasshingu ´ Paperback read ô ❰Read❯ ➯ ピアッシング Piasshingu Author Ryū Murakami – უზარმაზარ მეგაპოლისში ერთმანეთს ორი ერთნაირი ადამიაიარაღი მუდამ თან აქვს კერტში გაყრილი რგოლი რომელიც სასტიკი წარსულისა და კიდევ უფრო სასტიკი აწყმოსგან თავდასაცავად თავად აირჩია Disturbing Brutal Fucked upThis is my second time reading a Japanese fiction written by someone who isn't Haru Kami and I loved it I love how bizarre and gruesome the plot is I love how sick the characters are This book is about a mental illed man obsessed with stabbing his own infant child and in order to not kill his own child he starts meticulously planning to kill a hired prostitute using an ice pick Its a really short book with only two main characters This book may not be suitable for everyone however if you like reading something different horrifying story of a murder then this is for you