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Book ¾ Witness Author Whittaker Chambers È 808 pages Download á Horticulturetrader ì [Download] ➵ Witness Author Whittaker Chambers – First published in 1952 Witness was at once a literary effort a philosophical treatise a bestseller WhittaItical establishment was a spy for the Soviet Union This poetic autobiography recounts the famous case but also reveals mu Is a book that is over 50 years old worth reviewing? Yes Because it is timeless and if this review provokes one person to read it I will have done something goodWhittaker Chambers was called to be a witness both for something and against something Early in his life he was called to be a witness against the modern world and for communismHere is a man who was desperate to fix the problems of the modern age For a while in Chambers’ life MarxismLeninismCommunism was his answer and he devoted his life to the communist party Luckily there was a major change in the middle of his life After years of working in the open party and then the underground espionage part of the party Chambers left and found Christ At that point he became a witness against communism and for GodIn Witness a beautifully written autobiographical narrative Chambers recounts his life up until shortly after the Hiss case that was to bring him fame Here is a man whose life was completely devoted to a cause and in middle age abandoned it It takes humility and strength to do that Readers follow the danger and struggle necessary for Chambers to depart from the party Luckily for the reader Chambers is a top notch writer who worked for years as an editor at Time and then a writer for National Review I’d take either spotThis is not just a book about the perils of communism It’s about the tragedy of life and the beauty of God It delves into the wonder of nature and the power one can develop from a good woman At times the details of the Hiss case are too exhaustive But this is a huge part of the era which is rarely discussed in classrooms I’ve never felt so much emotion in a writing and this is non fiction uite a stretch from the typical economics books I read I’d recommend it to anyone interested in 20th century American history the perils of communism and faith 5 of 5 stars

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Just participated in America's trial of the century in which he claimed that Alger Hiss a full standing member of the pol the most poetic elouent and compelling book i've ever read a must read a narrative on human nature strength weakness vulnerability and what may or may not be inevitable but also exciting a biography written in the first person by a man of incredible humility wisdom compassion and love for his family mankind and the world i am lucky to have read this book it's not religious at all but for me a religious experience no doubt eye opening and i'm not easily stirred can't recommend enough

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Witness Author Whittaker ChambeFirst published in 1952 Witness was at once a literary effort a philosophical treatise a bestseller Whittaker Chambers had Witness is the autobiography of Whittaker Chambers who grew up on Long Island joined the communist party in 1925 and later worked as an agent in the underground in Washington DC He defected from the party in 1937 due to a mixture of factors including his spiritual conversion to Christianity his horror at Stalin's purges and the night he heard the screams echoing from Moscow He realized that communism is evil absolute evil Of this evil I am a part He immediately went into hiding with his family fearing for his life Ten years later Chambers testified in the now famous Alger Hiss trials in an attempt to expose the infiltration of communism into the US government This book was complex and overwhelming in ideas and heart I highly recommend it Although a page turner some of the book is tedious It is clear that Chambers wanted to present his case as thoroughly and as detailed as possible He wrote the book right on the heels of the Hiss trial where he had been demonized by the press Some things never change The poignant foreword of the book is in the form of a letter to his two children The very existence of these children might be seen as a miracle The communist party viewed children as a distraction at best and a hindrance at worst Abortion was commonplace in party life But when Chamber's wife became pregnant she could not go through with it She explained we couldn't do that awful thing to a little baby not to a little baby dear heart Chambers wrote that a wild joy swept over him In the foreword Chambers describes this book as a terrible book It is terrible in what it tells about men If anything it is terrible in what it tells about the world in which you live The purpose of writing the book he continued was to try to make clear to his children and to the world the true nature of Communism and the source of its power In 800 pages I think Chambers pretty much covers it What I learned from this book1 Communism appeals to the human mind when people believe it's necessary to change the world They want to fix the injustices and rid the world of sorrow This of course is impossible and only destroys the agency of man Therefore it undermines the purpose of this life This might explain why various siblings of communist thought continue to gain traction today Personally for Chambers it was the schoolyard bullies his strange neglectful father and his brother's suicide that led him to embrace communism2 The problem with communism and socialism is the principle of forced virtue Like I mentioned before it limits the agency of man Further the Communist vision is the vision of Man without God However God alone is the guarantor of freedom not man therefore communism is against the laws of God 3 Communism is evil at its core Once a friend of mine expressed the often prevailing idea that the principles of communism at the basic level were good righteous even but men in their fallacy and desire for power could never execute no pun intended the principles correctly Chambers refutes this idea forcefully He writes that the fascist murderous character of communism is inherent from the beginning and the fruits of mass starvation etc only discloses its real character Once again the reason is the rejection of God Because of this communism can justify any means for the end4 History has been warped and rewritten to undervalue the fact that communism forces had penetrated the US government to an alarming degree In school I remember the focus on McCarthyism and the witch hunts Only later did I understand the infiltration at the highest levels of our government They did pose a great threat to our country In that regard McCarthy was correctChambers is a flawed character but his gift for language and the terrible insights infused with hope are some of the most powerful ideas I've read in a long time Chambers leaves this for his kids True wisdom comes from the overcoming of suffering and sin All true wisdom is therefore touched with sadnessAmen