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Read ò PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ↠ Dan Rix No one believes Remi’s It Came PDFEPUB #191 account of the night Vincent disappeared How the night sky lit up like day how they lost control of the car and crashed into a ravine how she rem. To begin with the positive this is an awesome mind trippy science fiction tale and I really enjoyed the actual plot It's a young adult story and I think I would have absolutely loved it when I was in high school I'm not going to say any about the plot not one single word because this is one of those stories where spoilers are deadly If you like this sort of thing mind trippy sci fi tales where you spend most of the story trying to figure out what on earth is happening then I would say definitely give The Summer It Came for Us a tryNow for the frustrating part it's an awesome story but in my admittedly critical opinion only an okay book An extra round of editing would probably have made all the difference The pacing was a bit off bogging down in several repetitive sections of dialogue where all the characters kept shouting this like Guys look at this Guys I have an idea Guys you won't believe what just happened not exact uotes just my overall impression of the dialogue mind you The romance wasn't very convincing for me either While I do enjoy a good romance this one seemed shoe horned in just to have a romance subplot and it ended up bogging down the story at times as well Finally I was not thrilled with an entirely unnecessary scene involving a racial slur and the characters immediately jumping in to defend the insulted character The whole scene seemed very awkward to me and I'm of the opinion that if you're going to include racial slurs in your story there had better be a very good reason for it In this case that whole scene could have been cut with no change to any other scene So why have it in there to start with Despite these issues overall this was a fun and fast paced story and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend it to fans of the genre

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Read & Download The Summer It Came for Us ß PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Ó [PDF / Epub] ☀ The Summer It Came for Us Author Dan Rix – No one believes Remi’s account of the night Vincent disappeared How the night sky lit up like day how they lost control of the car and crashed into a To come to an end inexplicably in the middle of a clearing Summer It Came PDFEPUB #192 If the urban legends are to be believed he’s been swallowed by an ancient nameless evil And she’s ne. Sci fic mystery suspenseI loved everything about the bookeven though am not much of a sci fic person The characters were so dynamic and relatable especially remi the plot got me hooked on the book I definitely recommend this book to pple who love mystery and suspense

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The Summer It Came for UsEmbers seeing a nine foot tall The Summer PDF or man and how when she woke up the next morning the only thing left of her best friend were his footprints fleeing off into the dark woods only. This has to be my most favoured book from Dan Rix so far ‘The Summer It Came For Us’ starts off with a bang and never lets up The characters are nuanced and typically YA – but not in an annoying way I’ve found many of Rix’s characters can get on my nerves but in ‘The Summer It Came For Us’ the cast were realistic relatable and often comicalProtagonist Remi was like every horror movie heroine Sufficiently girlie stubborn and has some guts; empathic and curious I enjoyed her journey of self discovery the most Though she was a strong character there was still something forgettable – or I should say typical about her I think because there is so much action and running that we don’t get to see her personality develop outside the immediate threat Maybe a few scenes alluding to her past could have fleshed out her character a bit made her memorable But that is me being nit picky Remi is interesting sensible intelligent and not afraid to stand up when it really countsLove interest Malcolm we see him set up as a bit of a dick And at first I was really confused why he deserved that wrap And after finishing the novel I’m still perplexed He did not exhibit any of the phallic behaviour that we’d expect I’m putting it down to him having a home life of a drug addicted mother and an alcoholic father everyone just assumed he was bad news Yes he was guarded and stoic – but wouldn’t you be if you grew up in that environment It was some great misdirection Though I would have liked his undeserved reputation established a bit solidly in the beginning to really drive home his character arcVincent Remi’s little brother’s best friend and person of colour is the most endearing character A true innocent victim of circumstance He seems to be the object around which all the other characters revolve – even if they don’t notice itZoe Insert any blonde haired best friend here Hysterical Screaming and running The kind of chick that gets bumped off early in any horror movie Though she was supportive I was hoping she would lend to the storyline than a potential victimThe final character to round out this gang of bumbling teens is Jace who wraps up every teen boy I went to high school with A loud annoying prankster Doesn’t listen to anyone Again Like with Zoe I kind of wanted him to contribute towards the plot Give some insight or expose a plot point It’s not that I don’t like either of these characters just that I didn’t want them to be so generic spoiler because when it appears we lost them I was not affected emotionally end spoilerI pretty much guessed the science behind the story within the first three chapters – and that hypothesis was confirmed and as clues were dropped The only thing that was threw me was the Glipper I mean WTF was that It was a bit of paranormal a bit of mystic a bit of alien added into the theoretical science of it all While part of me feels like it shouldn’t have been there that it didn’t make sense; another part loved the monster concept and a voice in the back of my head saying aliens or alien technology could look like magic to us So although the Glipper is not fully explained I enjoyed its part in the story and loved the tension it played on our castThere is a clear evolution in Rix’s writing he is definitely getting better with each novel The pacing and tension are so much tighter than I’ve experienced from his previous works The writing style is light and uick to read I’d love to see him start to bring in some complexity in word usage – he’s drawing on some pretty variegated scientific theories and I’d love to see some of that cerebral matter transpose into the narrative Maybe if the protagonists weren’t always young adults we’d see a much different tone That is a book I’d love to readCompleted in a day and something I’d happily recommend to YA lovers or those looking for a light sci fi thriller