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Nged Seelie royal himself is developing a dangerous and deepening affectionBut behind the mask Duine wears are secrets as dangerous as what’s smoldering between them The Marked eBook #8608 And the Duine helps Sebastian navigate Court life the it becomes clear the servant is not who he appears to be How he came to be the whipping boy of one of the most powerful and corrupt faeries in the Summer Court is a truth Sebastian is determined to uncover even if it puts him at odds with the very people who can lead him. 61019 UPDATEI'm thrilled to share that TMP is up for reuest on NetGalley now 'S NOTEIf you've read PAD you know I tend to write a little dark As THE DARKEST COURT series continues and the civil war breaks out fully the books don't shy away from that darkness so I figured it might help to give a head's up here on some of the content warnings in THE MARKED PRINCE I also want to specify that these are the warnings that instantly pop to my mind; I'm sorry for others I miss and appreciate reviewers who do include them so the reading experience can be enjoyable for everyone CONTENT WARNINGS violence blood and intense bodily harm kidnapping and abduction hateful language tied to classism and Faerie Court divisions death descriptions of battleswar references to suicide and parental deathTHE MARKED PRINCE is out August 5 2019 and I can't wait to share Seb and Sláine's story with you all and see your reactions to the way the Faerie world broadens

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The Marked Prince The Darkest Court #2To the missing Unseelie princeWhen a powerful enemy steps from the shadows it could spell the end not just for the Unseelie but for both faerie Courts Sebastian must Marked Prince The Epub #218 choose complete the mission and earn his place among the Unseelie who took him in or risk his very life to ensure freedom for the man he lovesThis book is approximately wordsOne click with confidence This title is part of the Carina Press Romance Promise all the romance you’re looking for with an HEAHFN It’s a promi. If you'll allow it I would stand by your side until the endIf you already didn't catch this from reading the first book in the series Prince of Air and Darkness then let me tell you something This isn't Tinkerbell we're dealing with The Marked Prince broader in its scope and expansive on its worldbuilding and political intrigue is Brothers Grimm than Disney If the Brothers Grimm ever wrote happy endings that isI can't say much because there's so many things I might give away and trust me you'll get whiplash from the amount of revelations in this book Even the prologue itself is one giant bag of spoilers But I can say that through all the intrigue and the civil war happening all around it was absolutely fantastic to read the romance develop Seb and Sláine come together and grow into the people they're meant to be with each other's help As everything unfolds you slowly realize that Seb and Sláine are both contrasts to and complements of each other In Seb's own words he and Sláine would find each other in this world and the nextThere's less steam in this one than usual readers of the MM romance genre have probably come to expect but that's fine by me There's intimacy and growing love and affection expressed through actions and eventually words and I found myself not really seeking out any of the steamy stuff Really I just wanted tender moments to cut through the pain If I have any complaint about The Marked Prince besides my usual playful complaints about how much pain Seb and Sláine go through before their happy ending it would be that I really just wanted domesticity But we're in the middle of a war soMost of all I just think it's so easy to get attached to the characters either to Seb or Sláine or both and it makes the experience of reading this book that powerful I myself have been attached to Sláine since the first book intent in my belief that there's something beneath the surface And there is Remember that we only got half or even less than that the story about Sláine in Prince of Air and Darkness; it's easy to fall for Sláine here when the layers get peeled away to reveal who he truly is And Seb Seb is a wonder I dare you to find anyone who wouldn't love SebMy advice is to read carefully look between the lines and don't rush a hardship for me since I find the author's narrative style to be so engaging that I just want to power through the book If you're unfamiliar with the Celtic mythology woven into this book it might take a while to understand a few things By the way there's a pronunciation guide at the end of the book if you're having trouble with the names Things aren't as they seem and the only way to unravel the threads of this book is to keep your eyes sharp But don't forget to enjoy the ride of this fantasy world too no matter how painful it getsI'm so excited and maybe a little impatient for the final book in this trilogy We get a happy ending for our two boys but the situation with the war in the ending of The Marked Prince makes me itch Is it April 2020 yet The Marked Prince really hits it out of the ballpark for me with both the fantasy and the romance aspects Are there flaws Yes probably And maybe this book won't work for others because it develops differently from Prince of Air and Darkness But this one is perfect for me and Seb and Sláine are probably among my favorite book couples ever now They've carved a permanent place in my heartI'll be reading this one again after the official release in August Note I received an ARC from the author and am writing this review of my own free will


FREE DOWNLOAD ✓ The Marked Prince The Darkest Court #2 º [KINDLE] ❆ The Marked Prince The Darkest Court #2 By M.A. Grant – Torn between two worlds desperate to save one loveThe Summer Court is nothing like Sebastian remembers The oppressed lower classes are drained of their magick and Prince The PDF #8608 Torn between two worlds desperate to save one loveThe Summer Court is nothing like Sebastian remembers The oppressed lower classes are drained of their magick and around every corner political intrigues threaten an already unstable regime Sebastian’s only hope of surviving the Court and bringing home Prince Lyne’s traitorous brother Marked Prince The Darkest Court MOBI #10003 lies with Duine a magickless Unseelie servant desperate to win his freedom A servant for whom Sebastian an estra. GAH There was wave after wave after wave of bad guys and fresh new challenges to overcome in this one folksSince reading Prince of Air and Darkness around Christmas of 2018 I hadn't really thought much about Sebastian thinking of him only as the fairly uiet outsider college roommate of Finn and Roark but oh boy was I ever wrong on that accountSeb's history with both the Summer and Winter Courts was much involved than I ever could've imagined and as those details were divulged I found myself completely riveted and dying to discover He’s so open so honest in his emotions He’ll never survive unless he learns to harden himself to hide himself I should be disgusted by his weakness Instead I’m drawn to him because of it Duine and Sláin though Wow I didn't see that coming at all That plot point blew me away and left my jaw dropping but I don't dare say anything elseAnd then there was Aoife High Princess of the Summer Court Oberon and Tatiana's eldest daughter OMMFG What A Fucking C WORD And I only reserve that term for a very special truly awful few but trust me she earned itAoife's level of remorseless cruelty the things she did to get what she wanted all while hiding behind a glamor of innocent caring beauty I found it all extremely shocking that someone that vile could still inspire loyalty from her peopleI was thrilled to see that this story included Finn and Roark mostly toward the very beginning and the very end with them still very happy but also in extreme danger “He’s kind of protective of you”He growls and I wince when frost covers my hand “So protective he’d rather die than make me choose between him and the Court”“And you would choose ”The look Roark gives me is pure confusion as if my uestion is so stupid he can’t believe I asked “Him”“Even if ”“Every time” In an attempt to save Finn from certain death Roark reuested that Sebastian go on an undercover mission that could possibly avert the coming war which was how Seb found himself behind enemy lines and surrounded by danger on all sidesThis book had much world building than book 1 which I thoroughly enjoyed as we finally got a first hand look at the beautiful but highly political inner workings of the Summer CourtThe pacing of the story was pretty spot on but my only real complaint was that like a lot of fantasy stories there were so many problems facing the MC's that there wasn't a lot of time for truly deep feels to be slowly and carefully worked through There was always something around the next corner ready to slit their throatsThis story did have a bit of a separation for Duine and Seb but unlike usual I didn't mind it so much here Their time apart actually added to the story instead of coming across as part of a do this when you write a novel check listIn regards to steam the book only had one short scene which wasn't overly explicit but I wasn't looking for sexy bits at all so it was one than I'd expectedI'm not sure exactly why but while reading this book I kept having flashbacks to the A Captive Prince series possibly due to all of the gruesome torture that Duine as a prisoner of war had to endure Dunno but it was a thing for me I'm weird like that I guessAs the book ended the war still wasn't over but Seb and Duine had made their feelings and commitment to one another known so I'm counting that as them being well on their way to an HEA surviving the war withstanding “I can’t offer you anything but a broken kingdom”“I’m a broken prince” he counters He swallows and offers me the shy smile I thought I’d never see again “But whatever is left of me is yours” I'd rate this book at around 425 stars and recommend it for fans of MM fantasy My ARC copy of the book was provided by the publisher through NetGalley in exchange for a fair unbiased reviewSee All My Latest Reads Review uick Links