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Just Love Review è 2 ï ❴Download❵ ➶ Just Love Author Prescott Lane – Horticulturetrader.co.uk There’s two sides to every love story The how you fell in love and the how you fell apartThis is oursThe cardinal rule of friendship is you don’t mess with your friend’s sisterThat goes double w There’s two sides to every love story Le sisterIt was just supposed to be funShe wasn’t supposed to end up being the love of my lifeAnd I definitely wasn’t supposed to break her heartAinsley is a wedding dress designer That should’ve been a warning tha. I am a wreck after reading this book Every time I think of these characters I start crying—and it's not sad tears it's tears because my heart feels so much it feels so full it's almost bursting These characters became a part of me I pulled so hard for them as I was reading wanted everything to work out and just the thought of Rhett and Ainsley sueezes my heart Their story is such an intense journey A story full of angst and heartache and beauty and hope and love LOVE LOVE LOVEEEE Going into this I didn't expect all that In fact I'm not sure what I was expecting But this was so much than I ever could have dreamed Prescott Lane writes with PURE heart and an intensity that stole my breath Every word was BIG and DEEP and REAL I was immersed in the detail of the characters consumed with their lives right from the start and my emotional connection to Rhett and Ainsely Brody and Skye was immediate These characters are wholly lovable They’re the kind of characters you want to be friends with the kind you want to see achieve every hope dream want and need From the first word our hero Rhett's personality bursts off page He’s so charming so swoony so sexy But than that this guy is smart and funny caring and nurturing pure and good and ugh I want to start crying again because I just can't handle the way I LOVE him I love him in away that words can't describe Rhett and Ainsley are soulmates They know each other because Ainsley's brother Brody is Rhett's best friend This is the falling for your best friend's sister trope BUT if you're expecting just that you're going to be SURPRISED This romance is so much MORE The twist is one I didn't see coming It hit me like a tsunami It was INTENSE Rhett and Ainsley's road to love to life is bumpy hard and all consuming These characters go through MAJOR things Things I can’t even imagine having to go through It broke me Reading as they climbed these obstacles was indescribable And honestly this story is than I can ever really say It's deep It's about accepting life as it comes about self love self acceptance unconditional love It’s about living life to the fullest no matter the situation about making life your bitch LOL It's breathtaking moving and I felt every word every moment I truly lived yes lived and loved these characters Overall I don't know what I can say I just LOVED this book I really hope you take a chance on it It's not your traditional romance novel it’s So much MORE The realness the rawness the heart the love It's wow A top read for me A MUST READ A favorite of 2019 I can't recommend it enough

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There’s two sides to every love story The how you fell in love and the how you fell apartThis is oursThe cardinal rule of friendship is you don’t mess with your friend’s sisterThat goes double when she’s his litt. 25 starsThe lies we tell ourselves are the ones that become our truthsMaybe this is an “it’s me not you” situationThe writing was actually good The book seemed to have potential The cover was gorgeous The synopsis was promisingBut I just didn’t like it I was bored The first half of book is alternating between the present and past I normally don’t have problems with books that do that But I was beyond annoyed in this book I didn’t like the jumping from present to past specially when I didn’t feel like there’s something really happening It was unnecessary and it added nothing to the book in my opinion And Yes something kind of major happens in the second half of the book and it should have affected me but it didn’t Yes it was sad but I wasn’t moved by itThe book was so slow like really slow with nothing happing The thing is for a very slow book their relationship was kind of instant and super fast And I really don’t like insta love books I didn’t like both the hero and heroine They were annoying That’s it

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Just LoveT she’s a hopeless romantic That should’ve clued me in that she believes love conuers allBut there are some things that love can’t fix I’m one of themShe thinks love is the answerBut love is the reason I let her. 3 😞💔😞 ⭐️sHello minority Here I amI loved the cover and I was thrilled by the synopsis I saw the ratings and also took a few glimpses at the reviews And then I started reading it with excitement because it felt like I would be swept off my feet 42 chapters and epilogue I struggled to finish chapters 1 17 they were so full of past and present day in order to find out what had finally happened to Rhett and Ainsley And I kept reading and expecting to reach to a point where I would be moved by strong and heartbreaking emotions Of course I was sad for what happened to Rhett and the characters went through great ordeals however I wasn’t as moved as I expected to be Only the last 6 chapters managed to bring out some emotions but my interest had already faded in order to just love this story