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FREE PDF Õ BOOK Die Elfen Ö [KINDLE] ❃ Die Elfen By Bernhard Hennen – Nachdem sich Markus Heitz und Stan Nichols schon mit großem Erfolg der Zwerge und der Orks angenommen haben widmen sich Bernhard Hennen und James Sullivan nun einer dritten Spezies die nicht aus der Nachdem sich Markus Heitz und Stan Nichols schoOch ein Werk mit besonders viel Tiefgang Aber es ist erstklassige temporeiche Unterhaltung die die Atmosphäre unterschiedlicher Feen und Elfenmärchen geschickt aufzunehmen weiß Action und Abenteuer vermisst man ebenso wenig wie Humor und große Gefühle Die Darstellung der Jahrhunderte währenden Liebe der Elfen ist herzwärmender Edelkitsch Besonders schön ist der Einfall Zitate aus fiktiven Legenden einzuflechten in denen die Romanhandlung aus der Sicht der Nachwelt erzählt wird So rückt das ganze Geschehen immer wieder in eine ferne Sagenwelt in die man sich an grauen Herbsttagen durch die Lektüre von Die Elfen nur allzu gerne entführen lässt Simon Weiner Spoiler freeLet this masterpiece of my childhood be the first book I am ever to review Be gentle with me I have read The Elven when I was about ten years old and I remember wanting to borrow it from my local libabry But the book was shelved as adult fantasy and so I wasn't allowed to take and I had to call my mom because she had to give her permission Praise to my mother that she has never bothered to check the books I read unlike my TV shows how is that for double moral standard? Well I am digressing I absolutely love the book series and everything written by the same author They among the best German fantasy has to offer and so I was delighted to see that they were finally translated into English The set up of the story is pretty classic It features humans and elves and dwarves and I can almost hear you yawning for the worn out cliched premise Let's put it out I HATE THIS KIND OF HIGH FANTASY I have read my fair deal of Tolkien which I really like I have read Eragon I was young and innocent then and everything else I could just not bring myself to finish or to even remotely like Not so this books I LOVED THEM The first time I read the novels I was in love with the characters And when my favourite character who is sadly not prominently featured in this book pseudo died I went into depression mode for a couple of days And cried a lot I was young then well younger than nowSo let's review This one is actually really hard for me to review because it is the first one in a series and while I consider The Elven among his best maybe even his magnus opus it is not my favourite I started with Elven Winter which is about be released READ IT and I am just emotionally attached to it and its seuels than to The Elven You can see that the author has grown as a writer and that his story telling and his charcter development is just so much complex But let's go back to first one the Elven The story chronicles the lives of three friends who journey together and who shape the world around them And it features a love triangle Yes I abhor them too but it is well done and while it is integral to the story it is not prominent and barely takes up any page time You have Farodin and Nuramon two elves who are both courting Noroelle also an elf when they meet Mandred human Mandred is the jarl of Firnstayn a Skandinavian ish town who is confronted with a demon of the old times and enters to Elven world to get help Together with nuramon and Farodin he sets out to destroy the devanthar and to save his town and all he holds dearActually I don't want to take away to much from the plot because there are some really tear jerking and tragic twists in the way the story unfolds Let's just say that you have to pass the 250 pages mark to really appreciate the story Everything before is pretty classic fantasy but after that some pretty original and unexpected things happen Also the book features the best plan for world dominion you have ever seen It is simply amazing I can't vouch for the English translation but the German text is very well written Vivid descriptions epic fights and distinctive voices The best thing is that the characters speak realistically that word is spelled wrong isnt it They speak how people of their time are supposed to speak yet easily understandable You also see the differences between the well educated polished elven and the rough supposedly savage people of the Fj0rdlandOther things I liked unexpected deaths which could easily take up with Game of Thrones inserted legends where you can see how the happenings are distorted through story telling and people passing it on They are hilarious decent humourOther things This book contains rough language and a few sex scenes though they are rather moderate compared to the seuels ;Things I didn't like Not enough Ollowain he's the proga of the seuel and my favourite character ever rushed ending the author should have cut some pages in the middle and added them at the end some really slow scenes this gets better in the next booksConclusionIt is one of the best German fantasy books and among the best I have ever read I absolutely recommend it for everyone who likes epic high fantasy You will not regret it And then you can read the follow ups Elven winter is coming out in 2018 It is so amazing Just read itOkay this got really long I should take money from the publisher ;

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Nachdem sich Markus Heitz und Stan Nichols schon mit großem Erfolg der Zwerge und der Orks angenommen haben widmen sich Bernhard Hennen und James Sullivan nun einer dritten Spezies die nicht aus der Fantasy wegzudenken ist den Elfen Von allen Wesen die herkömmliche Fantasywelten bevölkern sind die Elfen die geheimnisvollsten und unnahbarsten Sie scheinen dem Traum des Menschen nach ewiger Jugend und Schönheit entsprungen zu sein Doch haftet ihnen auch ein Hauch von Tragik und Vergänglichkeit an Diese Elemente nutzen Hennen und Sullivan für ihren 900 Seiten Schmöker Die Elfen der den Leser unterhaltsam durch ein Universum bekannter Klischees und neuer Einfälle The plotMandred human and Jarl of a village called Firnstayn sets out to hunt down a man boar that threatens his people The creature lures him to an Albengate from where he gets to the homeland of the elves Albenmark The elven ueen Emerelle agrees to help him kill the creature that threatens his village but in return demands to raise his first born child With a heavy heart he agrees and an elf hunt among others consisting of two elves called Nuramon and Farodin who happen to love the same woman joins forces with him and soon realize that the man boar is in reality a merciless dangerous demon and the threat concerns much than only Firnstayn General thoughtsWow What a sad beautiful bookIn the beginning I struggled to read on the characters seemed too stereotype the story average It all changed after around 200 pages The plot got interesting even though in parts still a bit too slow paced the writing beautiful and the characters grew on me I was especially fascinated by all the theories about birth rebirth and afterlife for the several races how they make elves humans dwarfs trolls etc live their lives in completely different manners and how friends find to each other throughout various lives And by how a love can last for centuries I was mesmerized by the contrast between the different worlds As an example here we learn how someone sees part of the human world with his elven eyes Life was simple The most important thing you had to remember was to watch out for bad tempered pigs roaming the muddy village paths There was no luxury The coarse wool that the women spun scratched the skin The houses were drafty and the smoke stung your eyes when you sat till late in the longhouses and drank and told stories The characters MandredI hated Mandred at first He seemed the stereotype big muscles no brain guy While the story progresses his character gets depths I got to know him as a loyal to death friend the probably bravest man in the world and someone who could always make me laugh or at least smile with his activism and a bunch of his lines Nuramon His family despises him for the fact that his soul has been reborn several times throughout the centuries without ever having found the purpose of its existence and therefore never entered the moonlight He is a healer and one of the two suitors of Noroelle who cannot decide herself between him and Farodin Throughout the story he becomes so much than that though and he was the first character who I really started to like and I felt so much with him until the very end Farodin There's only one way for you to live isn't there elf? And anything that deviates so much as an inch from that is wrongHe is the second suitor of Noroelle the most powerful elven warrior and secretly the ueen's assassin While his face is that of an elven prince from the old songs with a countenance whose fine elegance was praised as the glory of the Alben and he is a hero to the elves he is a very closed serious character who keeps to himself and has little patience Only once I understood the reasons behind his secrecy better he grew on me though

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Die ElfenFührt Die Elfenwelt wird von einem Dämon bedroht Die beiden Elfen Nuramon und Farodin denen sich der Nordländer Mandred aus der Menschenwelt anschließt ziehen gegen das Ungeheuer zu Felde Doch vor allen Dingen suchen sie nach einem Weg ihre gemeinsame Geliebte die Zauberin Noroelle zu befreien die Opfer des Dämons geworden ist und auf ewig in eine triste Parallelwelt verbannt wurde Verzweifelt stürzen sie sich ins Abenteuer und versuchen sie zurückzuholen Dabei wird so manches Geheimnis gelüftet eine Schlacht geschlagen und das Schicksal der Elfenwelt besiegelt Die Elfen ist weder die “definitive Geschichte” zum Thema Elfen wie der Klappentext verspricht n You have to get past the 25% mark for this one I couldn't read the ending fast enough I cried I will miss Mandred Nuramon and Farodin This was a fantastic read if you want fantasy fantasy races but do not want to plod along with purple prose and so much description that you're not moving forward Simply written and just what I needed Wonderful things and horrifying things and a long journey this is kind of a saga and I loved it I wonder if there is a book two