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summary Charmed author Inés Saint ↠ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF ç ❴Reading❵ ➸ Charmed Author Inés Saint – Jamie Sullivan is a fun loving widowed mother of twin five year old boys A creative goldsmith with her own line of designer charms she is determined to forge heJamie Sullivan is a fun loving widowed mother of twin five year old boys A creative goldsmith with her own line of designer charms she is determined to forge her own uniue brand of success Jamie guards a painful secret that leads her to be emphatic about not letting a man into her life on the day of her late husband’s funeral she found out he was cheating on her Nick Grey. Reviewed at HarleuinJunkiecomJamie has moved back to Autumn Falls to raise her twins close to her family After loosing her husband two years before and for reasons she will not tell just anybody she is determined to raise her twin five year old sons by herself and not allow any man into her life She wants to just live in peace take care of her kids and continue making a success of her charmsNick is the headmaster of the private elementary school where Jamie is going to enroll her twins He feels burned out and tired after all his hard work to earn a PhD and bringing up his daughter Now that his daughter is ready for college he plans on taking a year off to travel the world He wants to have what he didn’t get to have after finishing college because he had a child to raiseWhen Jamie and Nick meet there is an instant attraction that neither will accept nor condone And with the rivalry between Nick and Jamie’s brother how can there be anything between Jamie and Nick But it will take a lot of courage from both to allow someone new into their lives With the meddling of friends family and children these two may just find that giving love a second chance is worth everything Nick and Jamie’s romance is slow to happen but chemistry and good old fashion meddling will bring them together even if they don’t want to This is a charmingly sweet romance with warmth and humor that you will enjoy throughout the book It has become one of my favorites and I hope it becomes one of yours ☺

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Y meet an instant attraction blazes through both Nick and Jamie soon find their hard earned peace of mind threatened by meddling matchmakers old rivalries and children who can't keep their feet out of their mouths But Nick’s not interested in starting over and raising kids again and Jamie knows she can't trust her heart Will they conuer their pasts to create a new forever. Charmed A Romantic ComedyThis really was a good bookit kept my interest the whole way through itThe only thing I didn’t care for is the fact shethe author needs a new proofreader Words were run together all the time and distracted me from enjoying this as much as I shouldIf she wants a new proofreaderI’m sure I could do a better job and I’m just a prolific readerBut back to the bookit really was good with precocious twins that made it funI hope lots of people read this and enjoy it as much as I did

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Charmed author Inés SaiIs the gorgeous charming and daydream inducing headmaster of the private elementary school Jamie’s children will attend After single handedly bringing up his daughter while earning his doctorate and proving himself to the school’s board of directors and the community he feels burned out Come the end of the semester Nick is taking a year off to travel the world When the. I completely adored Ine’s Saint’s skillfully woven romance novel Charmed This is one of those sit back put your feet up and enjoy stories about real characters real life and second chances Right away I felt for the widowed Jamie and her two young twin boys The attraction between her and the smooth witty Nick was believable and adorable I loved the artistry of Jamie’s profession and the way Saint paints a setting for the readers This book is way up there on my list of recommendations RT WolfeAuthor of Black Creek Burning Crimson Romance September 2012