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Brier The Kingsbrier uintuplets #2G her dreams Now despite a fulfilling career as a police officer Brier knows that something is missing from her life The distance she puts between herself and her family the empty she is becoming When circumstances bring her back home Brier confronts the one person she’s avoided for years Drew Newhouse a professional football The Kingsbrier uintuplets ePUB #10003 player and Brier's ch. LOVED This is the second book in an interconnected standalone series it can be read by itself but I recommend reading Eric first Each book has its own couple but every character gets a POV which I LOVE Brier and Drew's story was wonderful I adore this series

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Brier The Kingsbrier uintuplets #2 review Á 109 Ê ❰Reading❯ ➽ Brier The Kingsbrier uintuplets #2 Author Jody Kaye – If growing up as a uintuplet wasn’t hard enough wild Brier Cavanaugh also had to wonder what men love —her or her trust fund Brier’s defiant streak kept that hurIldhood sweetheart has never backed down from a challenge Brier has pushed him away than once and Drew has given her space because he knows they've always been meant to be This time he's playing for keeps With the help of the other uints will Drew be able to win her trust and marry the woman he loves Can Brier put her heart on the line and finally give Drew the chance they both deserve. Brier is an engaging story about true love sacrifice family and friendship Famous uintuplets trust fund babies no less each have a story of their own Brier’s story takes her on a wild Texas ride Four siblings and a childhood sweetheart are only part of her adventure filled with twists and turns Described as strong willed and defiant Brier also has a heart of gold And an undeniable love for the man who never gave up on her

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If growing up as Kingsbrier uintuplets MOBI #9734 a uintuplet wasn’t hard enough wild Brier Cavanaugh also had to wonder what men love her or her trust fund Brier’s defiant streak kept that hurt away No one was going to tell her what to do or how to live She left Kingsbrier unwilling to let the man she’s always refused to acknowledge she Brier The Epubloves stop her from pursuin. In Brier we pick up where Eric left off Which is something I like about this series Yes you can read them on their own but I really think you get so much out of them by reading them in order This one builds on the previous book while setting up the future ones Drew knew that he would be with Brier There was simply no other option for him He let her leave and pursue her dream let her push him away Now he won't He is not only going to make her see him but make her admit that she loves him and always has I loved Brier She refused to admit she loved Drew and then refused to let anyone including him stop her from pursuing her dream She was a little too stubborn at times which makes Drew loving her an even better thing I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my reviewThis review was originally posted on Wickedly Romance