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DOC ã READER People Who Said No FREE Á [PDF / Epub] ☃ People Who Said No By Laura Scandiffio – When saying no is the right thing to do Sometimes it's okay to ignore the rules or break the law In fact it's essential This thought provoking book features people who did just that Sophie and Hans Sc When sayinWhen saying no is the right thing to do Sometimes it's okay to ignore the rules or break the law In fact it's essential This thought provoking book features people who did just that Sophie and Hans Scholl siblings who distributed antigovernment pamphlets in Nazi Germany; and Andrei Sakharov who helped develop the nuclear bomb in Cold War Russia but then s People Who Said No makes for an inspiring portrait of individuals and groups who stood up to government sanctioned oppression A short and easy read it is well worth the time it takes to get throughWhile the book does cover people as well known in North America as Rosa Parks it also covers people who have garnered less attention here such as Helen Suzman Featuring multiple winners of the Nobel Peace Prize it definitely looks at those who made big stands for what they believe in including those who suffered the emotional turmoil of standing alone and even those who lost their lives for what they believed in Using helpful images and an engaging writing style Scandiffio provides an excellent glimpse of those who made a difference Although People Who Said No only covers a few groups and individuals it does it wellFor anyone fighting oppression this is a must read a book that may help your courage For those who disagree with oppression but have yet to stand up to it this is even of a must read I recommend it for anyone teenage and up I would happily read another book from the author

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San Suu Kyi who spent years under house arrest for protesting the dictatorship in Burma; and the people of Egypt who recently brought down the repressive government of Hosni MubarakThese inspirational profiles of people who followed their moral compass make for riveting stories as well as excellent starting points for discussions about ethics and moralit Have you ever wondered why some people have the courage to stand in the face of oppression while others cower in fear? Have you ever wondered just what it takes to be strong and protest against regimes of terror? Have you ever wondered whether you would have the courage to face down injustice?Laura Scandiffio’s book includes seven stories about seven people or groups of people who had the courage to stand up and say “no” to oppression Scandiffio covers several countries and time periods from the White Rose of Nazi Germany to the recent Egyptian uprising My Thoughts What you will find is a fascinating non fiction journey I don’t often read non fiction for pleasure but these stories were written through the eyes of each persongroup Scandiffio features While I read I felt like I got to know the reasons behind each person’s choices and the will it took to stand up when many others weren’tMy blog partner Ange asked me if this was a depressing book but in reality it was very inspiring It showed the power that one person and one voice can have It also showed how much inner strength it takes to overcome your own personal fears in the face of injusticeI could see myself using this book in my classroom—very easily—because of the way each person’s story is told The pictures and background pages add interest and I could see my students being fascinated by these true tales of courageThis is one non fiction book I’ll be adding to my shelves

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People Who Said No Poke out against its useSome like Rosa Parks were not originally in positions of political power but came out of the ranks of regular citizens to stand up for human rights Others like Oscar Romero archbishop of El Salvador used their power to change the status uoAlso included are Helen Suzman a South African member of parliament who fought apartheid; Aung It was so interesting to read overviews of a few worldwide symbols of resistance I think this book will find a wide audience in the coming years and I wholeheartedly recommend it