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DOC ☆ READER Pity The Nation Lebanon At War 9781560254423 ´ ROBERT FISK ´ [Read] ➪ Pity The Nation Lebanon At War By Robert Fisk – With the Israeli Palestinian crisis reaching wartime levels where is the latest confrontation between these two old foes leadingAnnounced his jihad against the US is one of the world's most fearless and honored foreign correspondents He spares no one in this saga of the civil war and subseuent Israeli invasion the PLO whose thuggish behavior alienated most Lebanese; the various Lebanese factions whose appalling brutality spared no one; the Syrians who supported first the Christians and then the Muslims in their attempt to control Lebanon; and the Israelis who tried to install their own puppets and with their 1982 invasio On October 23 1983 two men nearly simultaneously detonated car bombs killing 241 American servicemen of whom 220 were Marines and 58 French servicemen in one of the deadliest days in American combat history since World War 2 I have known of this for a large part of my life but wanted to get an understanding of the particulars Why were we there in the first place? Who was responsible for the bombing? If we were part of a multi national force to protect the Lebanese from the Israelis and Syrians why were our servicemen targets?All of this and much was answered in this epic tome 752 pages It was not just the size of the book that made this difficult but Mr Fisk's writing style has him jumping around uite a bit In one chapter he is discussing the Chabra and Chatila massacres in another he is discussing the seige of Beirut Then he is discussing the kidnapping of journalist Terry Anderson This can make for a difficult read especially with all of the unfamiliar towns and names that are includedIt was also difficult because of how the abject slaughter of war is described Mr Fisk was on the scene shortly following many of these disasters and his ability to describe eyewitness testimony from those who survived as well as his own observations surveying the results of the massacres is second to none It was difficult to comprehend how people could actually live through thisHaving said all of that this was probably one of the most interesting books I have ever read It has completely changed my understanding of the politics of the region I will never look at the word terrorist in the same light again If you have an interest in the region and its politics I would highly recommend this book

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With the Israeli Palestinian crisis reaching wartime levels where is the latest confrontation between these two old foes leading? Robert Fisk's explosive Pity the Nation recounts Sharon and Arafat's first deadly encounter in Lebanon in the early 1980s and explains why the Israel–Palestine relationship seems so intractable A remarkable combination of war reporting and analysis by an author who has witnessed the carnage of Beirut for twenty five years Fisk the first journalist to whom bin Laden I am a 19 year old Lebanese university student I was born in 1996 the year Israel massacred civilians in the village of ana I carry Beirut with me on my passport wherever I go Lebanon is the country I was born and raised in the country of my father and his ancestors Yet like all my peers I graduated high school with a profound ignorance of my country’s modern history The events that tore Lebanon apart for decades ever since its independence in 1943 and the evacuation of the last french soldier in 1946 until the day I was born are blackened out from the collective conscience of our society Upon reading this book this marvelous piece of historical non fiction I was amazed at the horror the depravity of the Lebanese civil war The gory battles whose deafening echoes still reverberate in our contemporary society are only smothered by censors terrified of pouring salt on open wounds It is insane to think about it this way Have I not had the curiosity of reading this bulky book I would’ve stayed oblivious of the appalling history of my fatherland The Beirut streets which Fisk describes with such vivacity are the same streets I spent my childhood in yet this foreigner seems to know them than I do How disgraceful it is to learn about your own country’s modern history through the words of a foreign correspondent How disgraceful it is to trust his version of the story than your fellow countrymen’s because you’re sure of their biasedness How shameful it is for me to be oblivious of these important facts when my own father fought on those same frontlines Fisk so ingeniously wrote of I am personally indebted to Mr Robert Fisk for his dedicated first hand reporting of the Lebanese civil war for risking his life countless times for the sake of honest journalism especially when all the parties Israel Syria the PLO the Phalange the United States without exception never ceased to distort reality as if the stories of the war were plunged in a deep well of Orwellian purgative waters It is uite astounding that accounts of the civil war aren’t taught in classrooms but understandably so because the same warlords who terrorized slaughtered plundered raped and prevaricated 30 years ago are still wearing suits and holding an apparently permanent but definitely illegitimate seat in our Lebanese parliament today As if reading about how foreign armies and guerrillas so insolently destroyed my country wasn’t enough I had to read about how Lebanese people themselves slaughtered each other in cold blood how Lebanese leaders so worshipped by their followers to THIS DAY antagonized each other and gave military orders which have inevitably ended in human carnage It is no surprise factious tensions still arise today and the country is constantly on the verge of the outbreak of violence that’s all because the scars of the civil war are still branded in our society and people are still embittered My own parents and many people I know still use “east” and “west” Beirut as if the war never really ended

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Pity The Nation Lebanon At WarN committed massive war crimes of their own It includes a moving finale that recounts the travails of Fisk's friend Terry Anderson who was kidnapped by Hezbollah and spent 2454 days in captivity Fully updated to include the Israeli withdrawl from south Lebanon and Ariel Sharon's electoral victory over Ehud Barak this edition has sixty pages of new material and a new preface Robert Fisk's enormous book about Lebanon's desperate travails is one of the most distinguished in recent times Edward Said An outstanding work of journalism again produced by a very capable personIt is a very enlightening and valuable piece of work for any one trying to take a glimpse into and understand the complexities of Lebanon's political calamity with its deadly impact on anyone exposed to it in depth and the Middle East at large The dizzying shifts of alliances of the various warring groupswithin and the external forces manipulating them did nothing but destroy its people and the nation itself Lebanon continues to be held hostage to the same ailments that the Lebanese have not been able to shed to date One can sense this even today as its political machine continues to move along the same principles it is all over the news History seem to be repeating itself