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reader å doc Just the Sexiest Man Alive º 9780425224205 Free Ý [Read] ➬ Just the Sexiest Man Alive By Julie James – No woman could resist him—except the one he wanted mostCool Calm CollectedNothing fazes Taylor Donovan In the courtroom she never lets the opposition see No woman could resist him except the one he wanted mostCool Calm CollectedNothing fazes Taylor Donovan In the courtroom she never lets the opposition see her sweat In her personal life she never lets any man rattle her not even her cheating ex fiancé So when she's assigned to coach Pe I don't read many romance oriented books Sure I read the occasional paranormal or fantasy romance and I definitely like my books to have an element of hearts and flowers but generally speaking I prefer ACTION to relationships and I prefer the supernatural to vanilla humansBUTThe infreuent mood does strike and when it does I have a handful of go to authors Julie James is one of themHer books are smart and funny and while all fictional romances demand that you willfully suspend disbelief a James book reuires it less than most Except this one maybe Bc SEXIEST MAN ALIVE snickersTaylor Donovan is on loan to the LA branch of her Chicago law firm She leapt at the opportunity to temporarily change her surroundings after walking in on her fiancé screwing his 22 year old teaching assistant on his desk I can't say that I blame herAnd things are going great Taylor is pummeling the opposing council discrediting witnesses left and right really owning the case she was brought in to work and then she gets called into one of the partner's offices and is asked as a favor to help out one of the firm's Big Deal clients Jason Andrews Hollywood's #1 Actor think Brad Pitt ten years ago is filming a legal thriller and wants to observe a real litigator to better understand his roleAnd Taylor is the best so only Taylor will doUnable to refuse though she tries oh how she tries she reluctantly agrees and sets up an appointment Which he is unable to make canceling at the last minuteSo she reschedulesAnd he no callno showsHaving cleared her days for him TWICE Taylor is PISSEDAnd when she sees an entertainment news segment interviewing him in VEGAS she understandably loses her mindFrom there it just gets funI have a couple of minor issues with the OTT ness of how Hollywood was represented but maybe that's just my ignorance speaking and overall JUST THE SEXIEST MAN ALIVE was the brain candy I needed The characters are fun and engaging the plot is believable than most that I've seen involving love me I'm famous storylines and James is just really good at what she does Highly recommended

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Ople's Sexiest Man Alive for his role in his next big legal thriller she refuses to fall for the Hollywood heartthrob's charms Even if he is the Jason AndrewsConfident Famous IrresistibleJason Andrews is used to having women fall at his feet When Taylor Donovan gives him the cold shoul 4 Stubborn Stars Taylor is a lawyer Jason is a famous actor and he just was elected the “Sexiest Man Alive” Now that he is preparing for a role when he’ll be playing an attorney he seeks a lawyer firm to help him and Taylor is the lucky chosen one He immediately wants her She wants nothing to do with him believing he’s too much trouble too much famous and with a too sordid past He’s decided to have her anyway so how does the sexiest man alive gets the only girl in the world who wants nothing from him? This was a funny and sweet romance and very nice to read I didn’t gave it five starts first because this was one of those books where it needed one or another steamy moment It had none And also the heroes took too much time to get together which not only was frustrating as he made me loose some interest in the middle of it However for some reason Julie James books are always a safe choice for me She is an amazing romance author with a remarkable writing style and I know that I will always like a romance story written by her Rating 4 Stars Characters Development Jason was sweet and sexy and although some may say he was to full of himself it’s true but he did that in such a funny way that was impossible not to like him Taylor was a strong heroine but her stubbornness made me hard for me to like her If it wasn’t for her half of the frustration in this book didn’t even exist Steam Meh Sensible Subjects view spoilerNo hide spoiler

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Just the Sexiest Man AliveDer he's thrown for a loop She's unlike any other woman he's ever met uninterested in the limelight seemingly immune to his advances and shockingly capable of saying no to him She's the perfect challenge And the she rejects him the he begins to realize she may just be his perfect match I’m devastated only because I realized this is the last backlist title of Julie James’ I had left Since I discovered her I’ve binge read her every word and now I’m in a serious bookauthor hangoverJust the Sexiest Man Alive is another perfect lovehate romantic comedy this time set in the Hollywood glam of LAThat first time Taylor and Jason met and she cross examined him was everything LoL and “Yeah girl you show him”Loved everything about this book