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Read ¹ Jesus the Pharisee A New Look at the Jewishness of Jesus Í PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ´ ❆ [KINDLE] ✿ Jesus the Pharisee A New Look at the Jewishness of Jesus By Harvey Falk ➟ – This book is an Shammai disappeared from the Jewish scene following the destruction of the Jerusalem Temple in the first century Judaism developed according to the teachings of Bet Hillel This alone increases the common grounds for dialogue between Jews and Christians Some important findings of this book include the following The Pharisees of Bet Shammai controlled Jewish life and thought during the first century the School of Shammai denied salvation to the Gentiles t. Jesus the Pharisee is a Bible background book at least for me The author argues that Jesus was a Pharisee who followed the school of Hillel and that he was criticizing the Pharisees who followed Shammai who were the dominant group at the time He went on to argue that Jesus and Paul never meant for their new religion to be taught to Jews but were solely missionaries to gentiles Their intent was to give gentiles a share in the world to come by teaching them to follow the Noahide commandmentsYou only need to read the gospels and Paul's letters to realize that Jesus and Paul were primarily focused on the Jews and only then on the gentiles Much of the book was poorly argued based on it could be rather than historical records tell us However this book did provide a detailed look at the differences in the teachings of Hillel and Shammai and how Jesus' teachings compared and contrasted to the two prevailing schools of thought at the time I found this very interestingWhile I did learn a lot from the comparisons of the two schools the author didn't usually explain how it compared to Jesus' teachings When he did the similarities between the two weren't always obvious to me I suspect there are other books that also cover the differences in the teachings of Hillel and Shammai and compare them to Jesus' teachings in a focused fashion

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Pharisee A ePUB #10003 This book is an important and provocative study of the Jesus the Kindle thought of the Pharisees in the time of Jesus and marks the Pharisee A Epub #226 the first attempt by a rabbinic writer to demonstrate that Jesus the Pharisee A New Look PDFEPUBof Nazareth consistently upheld the views of the rabbis of the School of Hillel and that all his criticism was directed at the School of Shammai and their followers After the School of. How Jesus' theology aligned with the Pharisees not the Sadducees If you have never heard of the 1st century teachers Hillel and Shammai then this book will be very helpful in explaining some of Jesus' conversations with Pharisees Falk's suggestions of dual covenant theology are problematic as dual covenant does not seem to agree with Ephesians 212 that Gentiles are brought into the covenants of Israel

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Jesus the Pharisee A New Look at the Jewishness of JesusHe Shammaite Pharisees and priests considered Jesus a danger to the Jewish people the Jerusalem Temple was destroyed because of Bet Shammai's hatred of the Gentile world the prophet Elijah condemned Jesus' crucifixion These new insights will help achieve a new understanding of the seemingly anti Jewish passages contained in the Christian scriptures and make possible improved relations between Christians and Jews It is acclaimed by scholars of both faiths. This author argues that Jesus was actually a Pharisee himself but a follower of Hillel whereas the Pharisees with whom he is shown contending in the New Testament were actually followers of Shammai He compares the teachings of Jesus and his disciples as portrayed in the Gospel traditions with those found in the teachings of the great rabbi Hillel and compares the points of contention between Jesus and the Pharisees with those which reputedly existed between Hillel and Shammai’s respective schools His argument relies heavily on an investigation of the religious texts held sacred by both Christians and modern rabbinic Jews but seeks to draw from these a fuller picture of the historical Jesus and historical Pharisees While this poses certain methodological problems eg the New Testament narratives and Rabbinic traditions are assumed to preserve accurately the teachings of Jesus “the Pharisees” Hillel Shammai and their various disciples it also offers an intriguing alternative to the numerous interpretations of the JesusPharisees conflict as it is depicted in the Gospel of Matthew According to Falk Jesus is neither a heretic nor a reformer but actually part of what would eventually become the traditional manifestation of Judaism after the destruction of the Second Temple – a Jew among Jews who had in common with the rabbinic Jews of today than modern Christians Likewise Falk’s reading of the Gospel “Pharisees” interprets them as antagonists not only of Jesus but of many of the greatest Jewish leaders in the rabbinic tradition scions of a School that eventually died out