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CHARACTERS Ð Satisfaction Brothers Ink #1 ´ ❮BOOKS❯ ✯ Satisfaction Brothers Ink #1 ⚡ Author Sarah Mayberry – Maggie Hendricks loves her life She’s got a great job amazing friends Everything is perfect except for one smallish problem Maggie can’t uite get there sexually speaking O wrong Within minutes of meeting Rafel Oliveira Maggie knows the answer to that one plenty But Rafel turns out to be far than simply talented in the bedroom As he takes her on a journey toward the ultimate pleasure Maggie finds herself craving a lot than his beautiful body The uestion is is Rafel’s heart available for the taking. I wanted plot and good reasons for conflict If you can overlook that it’s good for sexMY PROBLEMS1 I wanted it to be over which is the main reason for 2 stars2 At 30% I thought this is boring3 She breaks up with him for a stupid reason see spoiler4 She leaves him because someone said something to her about him She should have told him what was said but she didn’t Instead she lied as an excuse to leave That was too artificial for me They had been together for weeks I wasn’t in the mood for that because I was still stressed from the other stupidityGOOD PARTSThere were many good things about this All the characters were interesting well done with their own issues I liked the conversations and their interactionsThere is a lot of explicit sex including self pleasuring Sex scenes were good There is a lot of passion and desire for each otherI put the stupid reason she broke up with him in the Spoiler because some readers won’t be bothered by it You can decideview spoiler27 year old Maggie has never had an orgasm She heard that Eduardo is great at sex Due to mistaken identity Maggie goes to his twin brother Rafel and asks for sex She tells him she’s never had an orgasm He believes he can do it So they have this great relationship for a week as he prepares her with touches and desires After that week she has her first orgasm On that same day she breaks up with him Her reason She thinks she could fall in love with him and doesn’t want to be hurt in the future if he doesn’t reciprocate She went to him for sex she got great sex and now she is going to stop any chance for In this day and age hook up culture He didn’t want to stop seeing her He was being great So now they are both miserable for weeks Then she accidentally sees him and immediately says yes lets have sex hide spoiler

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Maggie Hendricks loves her life She’s got a great job amazing friends Everything is perfect except for one smallish problem Maggie can’t uite get there sexually speaking It’s just never happened for her And while she tells herself she’s fine with that she can’t help feeling as though she’s missing out When her friend sh. 4 Sensual Smokin' Hot Use of Largest Sexual Organ Stars Spoiler Free It's FreeDid I catch your attentiondid you think all I was going to talk about was how big thick and beautiful the main character's dick waswhich it is by the wayWell if you did you would be totally incorrectbecause what he had which was eually if not wonderful as his dickWas his MindBecause we all know the largest sexual organ is the brain we are using it every time we read and transport ourselves to places where we let our minds tell our bodies how to feel about what we have just readSo consider this we have an accomplished author Sarah Mayberry; she decides to do a little erotic romance set in Australia and comes up with the idea of a woman who cannot get off for the life of her Maggie Hendricks is not a prude; maybe a just bit conservative due to her life experiences She has a couple of strong girlfriends is a successful bookstore owner and a failed sexual being in her eyes She's had boyfriends etc but from the very beginning nothing took her to the completion she heard or read about It seemed no matter how hard she tried either with said boyfriends or with the battery operated ones or even by her own methodsshe would get worked up be on the brink but could just not have the result of comingShe would be wanting hurting for it and after 27 years she is now desperate for itWe are with Maggie when she is holding the book club meeting with her girls They are a friendly fun group each with their own personalities Cleo her most outrageous one was moving the discussion like always to her favorite subject latest sexual experience This was the time which was the hardest for Maggie She would never let her friends know of her situation; it was too embarrassing to think of how her body was broken or defective Maggie busies herself with adding snacks to the tray as she hears Cleo go on and on about her unexpected escapade while getting a tattoo at Brothers Ink She explains she had her appointment with one of the brothers Eduardo a sexy Brazilian transplant There she was face to face with the man so hot and sexy she could hardly breathe But being Cleoshe flirted when the opportunity cameand then one thing leads to another on Eduardo's table and she was having the Best Sex Of Her LifeAs Cleo waxed on about how amazing he washow he hit spots in her body she didn't know could feelall Maggie could do was wish it had been her Maybe there was this man who could work his special magic and make it finally happen The gathering ended Maggie cleaned up and during the entire time she was doing it she focused on one thing She was at the end of her ropeit was either find her own magic man or go to a doctor and start testing to see why she didn't work The idea of the medical route was so off putting she started to think of Magic Eduardo as the answer Could she muscle up the courage make an appointment for a tattoo she didn't need and get him to do to her what he did with Cleo No too crazyyet she was so tired of her feeling broken As she slept that night all she could think of was what if he was the answerWhen she woke she had a strange determination of making this happen She called Brothers Ink wrangled an appointment with Eduardo for the next day She was going to do this Somehow she would be strong and brave enough to make this happen When the time came for her appointment she was so nervous she decided to bolster herself with 3 gin and tonics She entered Brothers Ink and the place was nothing she expected; it was cool clean friendly which was welcoming in a way A man named Hans checked her in told her it would be a few minutes and gave her a book of designs for ideas Nerves began to strike but before she could get up and leave a woman with blue hair and beautiful tattoos up her arm of cherry blossoms led her to Eduardo's room A man she had peeked at uickly on her smartphone when looking up pictures of Eduardo of Brothers Ink opened the door He looked better than his picture from what she had seen dark brown hair cheekbones which gave that Strong Manly looklips she wanted on her and eyes beautiful cool deep green with dark lashes a gaze which went right through her and held her at the same time All of this with a body in just jeans and T shirt to make her heart raceyet there was something about him Maggie went through all the motions reuired to do this tattoo; undies off for a butt placement laying down on the table looking at the transfer through the mirror he held all while her mind raced of the story Cleo had told hertrying to make sure each move would get the same outcome But somehow when Eduardo would ask her things about the placement or colors it didn't match Cleo's story at all A frown happened and worry between her brows showedEduardo gently asked if she was happy to do this as she was not acting like it and offered her waterMaggie was stunned by a number of things; he was so professional and caring calm and looking out for her She was also feeling like this was not going to happen after allyet wanting it none the less When Eduardo came back with the water he told her this is common second thoughts and touched her arm in an understanding way triggering all of Maggie's fears needs and desires he had been stoking without his knowingAs she jumped off the table her skirt dropping into place the water cup sloshed against him She panicked and started brushing the water off of Eduardo's bodywithout even knowing she what she was saying or doing trying to remove his wet t shirt As he protested it was only water she stood on tiptoe and touched her lips to his her tongue invading his mouthher chest against his one hand around his neck while the other found what is most desired the bulge in those jeansMaggie was experiencing this man his scent his taste the feel of his hard body against hersshe wanted so muchShe whispered at this moment words which seemed off to him words which he didn't understandbut even though he was shocked at how aroused and wanting his body wassaying take advantagehe pulled awayAs he held her away from his body he told her Brothers Ink has a strict policy about these types of things a no go with clients as gently as he could Maggie responded by saying So if I wasn't a client Eduardo it would be ok Maggie was vibrating holding on by a threadso embarrassed She knew he had wanted her he had been hard under her handshe was thinking all of these things when she heard him sayEDUARDO She snapped out of her hazesaying that is your name isn't itand his response was Eduardo is my Twin BrotherNo No No this cannot be happening here she is with no undies in this room with this man who she thought she would seduce and reach nirvana what was she thinking As he explained he was Rafel Oliveira Eduardo's twin and was subbing due to a minor fender bender Eduardo had delaying him he offered to set another appointment with the woman artist Maggie nods Rafel goes to make the appointment for her and it is then she slips away grabbing her things and race walks out the back door Never has Maggie felt this way Humiliated by what she attempted and with the wrong brother no less She will just have to get over it and go on It is her way Because Maggie learned early one must figure out how to get on and handle things Her loving sweet mother developed breast cancer when Maggie was 8As a single mother it was very hard and she needed help It came in the form of a close friend who sat Maggie down and instructed her she needed to now be strong She needed to not bother her mother with things which could upset her that by being this strong little girl she would help her mother beat this thing Asked if she could do itMaggie vowed she couldcreating her life's path of controlling everything which needed to be done Doctors appointments scheduled and managed medications ordered refilled and given; anything which would make less worry for her motherdone Her mother recovered after a difficult run with all the treatments and continued now with a new life in London with a new husband happy Maggie did her job as a child and continued to shelter her mother friends and anyone with her own problems That was what she learned it was her wayand it was also what was causing her issues with sex Rafel returned to the room and the woman Maggie was gone First all he could think about was how he was going to tear into his brother Eduardo Years ago the both of them were wild and uick with women they were available than willing and it was fun But that type of fun grows old when you mature with a thriving business and opportunities to develop something real Rafel also had found his partner he thought A beautiful wild woman named Lena For years they were together playing hard having fun but then they started to grow apart she wanting to continue partying he wanting to be clear for work the next day It came to a point where neither was happy and she left for New York He still had feeling for her after a year of her absenceand had not wanted anyone till this Maggie stroked his tongue and pants making him alive again As he sat at his desk thinking of the words she whispered to him the desperate meaning behind themit all dawned on him what she was actually alluding to Maggie couldn't climaxThis was something elsenow he could understand why this sweet beautiful woman with creamy soft skin and pink lips would force herself to get a ridiculous tattoo His brother admitted he had been sampling a bit and Rafel figured out somehow Maggie had heard about it What guts and strength this woman had to have to do thisand the need the willingness to try to have it This was something which touched Rafelit touched him and intrigued him He was going to find this Maggie and make her desire happen What happens next is shocking to Maggie Rafel asks her out to dinner takes her to the most beautiful expensive place wines and dines her and then they end upTalking Maggie a bit tipsy shares when uestioned by Rafel the truthsays it out loudall the faking she has done with partners her getting so close it hurts and then nothing; her feeling like she is broken Rafel takes this all in and over the evening he has been enthralled with her honesty her way of thinking things through and independence She is also a sight to behold; loose loopy curls of light natural blonde hair big seeking eyes and breasts a man dreams of Listening to what she said he knew what the issue was and how to fix it He was going to do this She was not broken She was responsive as hell little sounds coming from her when he deepened his kiss and moans when he just grazed a nipple through her clothingNo Maggie was not broken at allshe just thought too much She thought about the goal and that blocked her from experiencing the journey Rafel was going to take her on a journey of a lifetimeit would be his pleasure This book had the best way of setting things up It gave us detailed back stories to understand all of the reasons why the characters did what they did It did it in a away for me which wasn't over the top or redundant If something was repeated or referenced there was a reason which was to show the why of the actions There was not a long angsty set up to make us hang in for its conclusion Instead when the conflicts happenedyou could see why the period of the resolution was short and satisfyingAnd oh the journey we take with Maggie OMFGRafel was a genius; a sexy smart man He got it He knew exactly what he was doing to get Maggie where she needed to be Every Step Of The Way Was Amazing Yup that big huge intricate sexual organ the brainit was put to work Rafel whispered and talked to hersaid things and she would get heated slick with desire He would suggest things for her to do Nope not telling you need to read the book people and then by doing them she would be at her limit wanting him so much it would hurtHe would come to her shop for lunch every day and she would become Pavlov's dog in training just a whiff of his cologne mixed with his own man scent and she would zone out knowing he would be close soonAll of the things you are thinking right nowall of them and happened for Maggie before Rafel gave her the main eventBut even than thatboth of them developed and it was this which enriched this story about trying to achieve one thing it made it a story of opening yourself up to achieve everything even after being hurt in lifeSo if you want a book which is sensual hot and definitely laundry inducing this will work But if you want something than the physical coming together of people; if you want to understand how the mind and habits of life which may help in one way to cope may also be the barrier you are trying to overcome then read this book You will find yourself thinking with all of your parts working for that ultimate goal A Great Read of course Before Reading Our gal Maggie Hendricks has a theme songone she can't seem to get rid offThink Rolling Stones singing and pounding awayI can't get no Satisfaction I can't get no SatisfactionAnd I try and I try and I try try tryI can't get no no no noWell Maggie has had enough of Trying and Not gettingSo she is going to get her some heh hehThat's what she saysAnd I can't wait to read it It is free right now on For Reviews Free E books and Giveaways


Satisfaction Brothers Ink #1Ares the intimate details of an encounter with an extremely talented lover Maggie makes a desperate pact with herself She will seduce this man or allow him to seduce her and if he can’t get her therewell then Satisfaction Brothers MOBI #10003 she’ll hand herself over to medical science A simple enough plan What could possible g. Sarah Mayberry stepped it up a notch in this one I was not expecting an erotic romance when I was reading this but then it became pretty clear that I was sure reading one One that had substance and dept at that Thank you SM for showing us how to write an erotic romance that actually has an interesting story that is plausible and put together well Not just sex sex sex but an actual tale that keeps you invested in the characters I really enjoyed this book It has a uniue tone that other authors haven't explored yet It was believable angsty and well written Everything I expect from a good romance The scorching hot love scenes were a bonus I usually don't like over long reads I get bored really fast but in this one I was actually hoping for a little I wanted time to explore with the ex other woman whom Rafel was in love with in the beginning She showed up pretty late in the book but since she was a big part of the story in theory I would have liked a little example of Rafel getting over her And geez doesn't anyone get married any in contemporaries in the end I missed that I wanted a proposal The hea doesn't seem permanent without one Call me old fashion I highly recommend this read anyway especially to erotic romance lovers There are uite a lot of sex scenes that might put some off who are not accustomed to that from SM