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Free download í uietThe Power of Introverts in a World that Can't Stop Talking 102 Â ➽ [Reading] ➿ uietThe Power of Introverts in a World that Can't Stop Talking By Susan Cain ➲ – In 'uiet' Susan Cain shows how the brain chemistry of introverts andPDF or understand themselves and take full advantage of their strengthsLonglisted for the Guardian First Book Awar. What an affirmation While listening to this book I was constantly reminded of Al Franken’s Saturday Night Live character Stuart Smalley and his mantra “I’m good enough I’m smart enough and doggone it people like me” Well those who understand me do Full disclosure according to the Myers Briggs Personality Test I’m an ISFJThere were so many points of affirmation for me—things I intuitively knew Things I’ve tried to share with others mostly to no avail This book supplies all the data I need to support my case Unfortunately I don’t think the people who need to readlisten this book extroverts willThe book is not an “introverts are superior” diatribe but rather an explanation of how we can leverage personality types most effectively There is no right or best personality type but like life in general we need to understand each other for harmonious relationships Whether these relationships are family work or social applications of understanding are documented throughout the bookThere was one example in the book that hit particularly close to home Although SAT or I scores do not support it people who talk are perceived as leaders And which personality type talks Extroverts Now assume that both extroverts and introverts have an eual amount of good ideas Who is going to get their way Extroverts This could be dangerous because they’re going to get their way meaning that many of their bad ideas are also going to be implementedOh another thing I intuitively knew but now have support for is brainstorming sessions Studies show the larger the number of people involved in a session the less effective they are A 9 member group is less effective than a 6 member group which is less than effective than a 4 member group which is less effective than a 2 member group The suggestion is to conduct brainstorming sessions electronically Collect comments and then share them anonymously and build from there One of the reasons is that most introverts are better writers than speakersOther examples from the business world give tips for how both introverted and extroverted leaders can best work with their subordinates of each type Take advantage of each of their strengths Such as how studies show that introverts “inspect” and extroverts “react” Neither adjective should be taken as derogatory but instead as strengths Allow introverts time to examine and solve Studies show they are persistent trying to solve unsolvable problems The famous introvert Albert Einstein said “It is not that I’m so smart it’s just that I stay with problems longer” My heroA final word on the narration—fantastic If you have the opportunity to listen rather than read this book I would strongly recommend going with the audio format Kathe Mazur does a perfect narration in a “uiet” calm soothing voice Very appropriate “in a noisy world that can’t stop talking”

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In 'uiet' Susan Cain of Introverts PDFEPUB #191 shows how the brain chemistry of introverts and extroverts differs. I always thought I was just weirdI can be alone in my car for a 1h drive and not want to have the radio or music on On sundays I often join the walking club for a long 25km walk but I prefer to do it alone and oh all the pity looks you get The idea of surprise parties makes me sick to my stomach and any event where a thousand people are together is possibly even worse I dislike small talk but I probably hate even how nervous I get when I have to do it I can feel sad for a bruised tomato no one wants to buy hey he tried his best too not his fault someone dropped him and while everyone else goes to the modern light apothecary across the street with the super nice people always happy to help I go to the dark and older one who never has clients how else will he surviveTurns out I'm not that weird I'm just a full blood introvert And yet I'm not what you think I'm not particularly shy I'm not the grey bird that never says a word and everyone forgets she's around I'm very opinionated and uite stubborn and when amongst friends I know well I can be the loudest person in the room But still I'm introvert After being with friends or colleagues I need recharging time I need to be alone I almost always think before I talk I enjoy getting to the bottom of things I enjoy detective work And I can go on and onWhile reading this book on occasion I was nodding so hard I thought my head might fall offThere were very little eye opening surprises in this book and even a few things I didn't agree with or I would have hoped for her to explore Even a few occasions I thought she was idealizing introverts This book was not perfect but somehow i feel that it was important for me to read itOverall it was uite liberating I'm not that weird About a third of us on this planet and on a website as Goodreads probably a LOT are or less like me not completely like me I'm still uniue I insistBut that might not be an issue Though some of you might recognize some of my examples above I've never met someone before that can feel bad for a bruised tomato So maybe i'm still little weird and my own uniue self Hoorah

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uietThe Power of Introverts in a World that Can't Stop TalkingAnd how society undervalues and misunderstands introverts She gives introverts the tools to better uietThe Power. Original review Dec 29 2016This book which I had had recommended to me by many friends both on Goodreads and in real life says plenty of useful and worthwhile things Using the words not uite in the sense common among academic psychologists Susan Cain distinguishes between extroverts whom she characterizes as loud thick skinned people who prioritise social interaction assertiveness and gregariousness and introverts uiet thin skinned people who prioritise sensitivity harmony and understanding She points out that a third to a half of all people are introverts; though many of them have learned how to masuerade successfully as extroverts since American society encourages extrovert behavior to the point where many introverts feel there is something wrong with them Why do they prefer to sit and read a book when they could be out making useful business contacts Cain give reasons to believe that the difference between introversion and extroversion may well be related to underlying brain physiology and hence beyond the individual's control But importantly she argues that there is absolutely nothing wrong with being introverted Society needs sensitive risk shy introverts just as much as it needs brash risk tolerant extroverts In fact it may need them I find most of the above plausible though I don't know enough about neurophysiology to be able to say how solid those parts are What disuiets me most is that the book needed to be written in the first place It seems to me to say about modern American society than it does about the differences between introverts and extroverts As Cain says many societies she particularly singles out Asian societies do not place the same premium on extroverted behavior If you're an Asian teen it's regarded as normal to spend your time studying rather than partying The same is true though to a lesser extent of many European societies Cain's approach is gentle and indirect but she certainly succeeds in showing how grotesuely skewed the US has become When a member of an evangelical church says he is only interested in recruiting extroverted people and adds that he's sure Jesus was extroverted I can't help feeling that something has gone horribly wrong Even memorably and presciently the book was published in 2012 Cain asks at one point how America could have got the idea that the ideal personality type is that of a successful real estate salesmanHow indeed Update May 31 2018A remarkable passage I just read in Gwendolyn Seidman's widely cited paper Self presentation and belonging on Facebook How personality influences social media use and motivations 2012Extraversion is related to several belongingness related constructs Extraverts have friends higher uality friendships Asendorpf Wilpers 1998 and satisfying romantic relationships than introverts White Hendrick Hendrick 2004 Thus it is unsurprising that extraversion is associated with greater Facebook use Gosling Augustine Vazire Holtzman Gaddis 2011; Wilson Fornasier White 2010 and friends Amichai Hamburger Vinitzky 2010; Moore McElroy 2012; Ryan Xenos 2011