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Summary Outlaw by Stephen Davies ´ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF æ ❮Ebook❯ ➥ Outlaw ➦ Author Stephen Davies – Fifteen year old Jake Knight is an explorer and adventurer at heart but this often gets him into trouble When a stuffy English boarding school suspends him fFifteen year old Jake Knight is an explorer and adventurer at heart but this often gets him into trouble When a stuffy English boarding scho. This novel kept me up very late because I couldn't put it down I don't think it or its author is well known YET It's something new and different I have added it to my top 20 of all time bookshelf which still doesn't have 20 books on itSo Jake gets kicked out of boarding school and joins his family in Burkina Faso West Africa where his father is an ambassador So this is pretty topical including terrorist extremist groups and government corruption The author actually lives in this part of the world with his family as a missionary Jake and his sister waste no time being kidnapped The first suspect in the kidnapping is a young terrorist outlaw well known to the government That turns out not to be so cut and dry but they two of them do end up in the company of this outlaw Tubuuku Sor Sor is a cross between Robin Hood and a terrorist if terrorists were armed with only a slingshot He is known as the Chameleon because of his talent for changing disguises uickly This story has its moments of humor and suspense It looks like our main characters may die at the end but the author manages to inject humor at the most suspenseful time It's fast paced plausible packed with technology including unmanned surveillance apparatus and a remarkable beetle Who is the enemy here There are few firm lines in this story Read this

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On under a smiling African sun But what awaits him there is kidnapping terrorism and Yakuuba Sor the most wanted outlaw in the Sahara desert. Now that I am teaching 7th grade where Social Studies explores world geography and civilizations I am on the lookout for books that take readers to other times and places that connect to their curriculum I have found an action packed adventure with Outlaw by Stephen Davies This thriller explodes with desperate outlaws high tech surveillance high speed chases and murderous double crossersJake Knight longs to live a life filled with adventure but he has to create his own excitement at his stuffy British boarding school When one of his pranks goes too far for the headmaster he is sent to his parents in Burkina Faso There he encounters kidnapping terrorism and the beauty of danger of the Sahara Desert As he and his little sister Kas struggle to survive they encounter Yakuuba Sor the most wanted outlaw in the Sahara Desert but just who is the ChameleonI enjoyed Jake's antics throughout the book After all he mastered the art of walking up walls and lives for adventure but he is smart enough to admit that being kidnapped by a notorious terrorist is excitement than he really wants As he travels with Yakuuba Sor he learns that life is much than just adventure and adrenaline In the end he is willing to make a choice to stand up for what is rightMy favorite character though is Yakuuba Sor This outlaw is Robin Hood than terrorrist He is a master of disguise and trickery hence his nickname the Chameleon who uses his skills to right wrongs against the poor Doing so often puts him at odds with the police who supplement their poor salaries with bribes and corruption I know in the real world that not all or even most outlaws are such good guys but I love stories where they arePublished on my blog at

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Outlaw by Stephen DaviOl suspends him for rule breaking Jake flies out to Burkina Faso where his parents are living He is expecting a long adventure filled vacati. Outlaw is about Jake Knight who is a spoiled bored rich kid living in an English boarding school When he gets kicked out for playing a game called geothimble in which students try to find objects that have been planted by other players in impossible to reach locations Jake is sent to Burkina Faso in Africa where Jake's father is the British Ambassador Jake and his sister Kas are soon kidnapped leading them to adventure and political intrigue than Jake could ever have imagined From the African desert to tribal villages to small African communities Jake and his sister find themselves in a battle between local outlaws and the corrupt government This book had lots of action twists and suspense Some of the dialogue was not spot on making the characters less than realistic Also the shift in terms mixing English French and African languages made some of the characters and settings hard to follow and some of the story hard to understand but overall this was an exciting adventure story