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PDF ↠ BOOK Level Up Your Life FREE Ø ❧ [KINDLE] ❀ Level Up Your Life By Steve Kamb ➠ – Horticulturetrader.co.uk Level Up Your Life uses the principles of video games movies television comic books and pop culture to teach you how to transform your life in extraordinary ways and collect real world experiences tha Level C uest of Awesome through advice on health fitness travel and financeAuthor Steven Kamb the foundercreator of NerdFitnesscom leads you on a journey to discover the kind of game you want to play including how to Develop a leveling structure Create a personal Origin Story every hero has a great origin story Determine what your Level 50 charact Short review It's a long pitch for his website nerdfitnesscom and levelupyourlifecomLong review Definitely makes me think about how to prioritize and motivate myself but the lack of any real direction on how to track or gamify your life is so glossed over and hyped that there are literally only a handful of pages explaining the character classes and tracking of points The other 99% of the book was just hyping your life is going to be so cool my life is so cool this guy changed his life around etcI can relate to the posts about most of the video games movies and books that he references but if you are younger or much older and never got into video games then most of this book is going to be lost on you I used to read his blog year ago but realized that he was just rehashing other people's content with a video gamemoviepop culture twist I feel a bit duped about this book but gave it 2 stars because it did piue my interest on how I approach my goal tracking

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Er will look like Build your own uest lists Hack your productivity habits and willpower to build momentum Build in rewards and accountability Add members to your party expanding your community Find your own personal Yoda or Morpheus ie mentor to help you along the way Restart and earn Extra Lives how to keep going when you get scared or stuc I've never been a big fan of self help books or seminars which usually involve some dude shaking his fist at you while standing at a podium being paid 100000 for a 1 hour performance Pay me money and you get to walk across hot coals It's just mind over matter You wanna make a lot of moneywell now you can with my new book The self help industry is kind of a crock and lacks a certain credibility yet it's a billion dollar industry They all seem to be saying 'Buy this book' or 'Take this courseit'll make you all better'I think that self help bookscourses just reinforce perceptions of inferiority shame contradictions and creates far fetched expectations This book is all about gamification which is a term I recently learned from my spouse as she mentioned a local woman Tina Holland who gave a talk to a bunch of teachers about gamification in the classroom My spouse enjoyed the talk but she is not a gamer so its not really something that she chooses to apply When she told me about it I shook my head and agreed that I thought it was a great concept Kids love video games and they're all playing them 'Do your homework for a month and you gain an achievement' 'If you make it to the end of the school year without an F you level up'So knowing all that I decided to give this book a read I didn't expect much and figured I might jot down a few notes here and there and then look at myself in the mirror and say I'm good enough I'm smart enough and doggone it people like me But this book is actually uite fun and a bit of an adventure in itself to read There's a few chapters that seem a tad bit redundant and pretty much end the same way saying 'Ready to start? Lets start on this adventure'I had never heard of Nerdfitnesscom so this whole thing was new to me As a Geek and avid gamer role playing and table top this whole concept immediately appealed to me I already think in gaming terms and the majority of us gamers are always trying to come up with our own gaming stats abilities alignments classes skills feats and whatever else The concept of the hero's journey is very appealing though I don't normally think of myself as the hero I'm like an anti hero like The Punisher or Ghost Rider or the Grey Jedi that walk the line but c'mon who doesn't like the hero's journey in books movies and games? Just look at lil' Bilbo Baggins or Odysseus Luke Skywalker Batman Link from the Zelda games or even Neo from the Matrix I've enjoyed the books of Joseph Campbell and I can see his influence in this book as well as many others I've enjoyed over the yearsThis author put a lot of work into this book and the website Nerdfitnesscom and I'm glad to have read it and to be a part of it I'm already working on my profile and character sheet on the siteLoL and hopefully I'll join up with the Rebellion soon This book is full of specific tangible creative and fun advice and tactics that you can apply right away and the good thing is that it's like a yummy burrito that's wrapped in a blend of GeekNerd references to games movies books as well as a cool levelling up structure and that I can relate to I would highly recommend this for those that enjoy gaming and have looked at or considered the Paleo diet since that's a big part of it too

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Level Up Your LifeLevel Up Your Life uses the principles of video games movies television comic books and pop culture to teach you how to transform your life in extraordinary ways and collect real world experiences that are just as amazing and fulfilling as the adventures of comic book heroes and video game characters Learn how to design your own personal Epi Steve Kamb the creator of nerdfitnesscom offers behavioral games and community support to assist readers in becoming their best self It's the self help genre meets gamificationSteve was addicted to video games miserable at his job and disappointed with life I still love those games and movies and enjoy the entertainment they provide They're a part of who I am as a person The problem was that they had become a way to avoid the unhappiness in my real life while also allowing me to continue doing nothing about it pg xiThe game that had him hopelessly hooked was Everuest What had begun as a fun way to blow off some steam after school or work uickly became an addiction pg 5So Steve took what he loved best about the game the levels the endless uests the secrets and created an online community in which the members support each other to become the best whatever it is you want to be through just those thingsEssentially Steve takes the hero's journey as described by Joseph Campbell and crafts a way to implement that into your life through your own preferences Life is meant to be lived on your own terms pg 23 I picked this up because I recently read a behavioral game book and I wanted to see what the theory would look like in action Steve has done a solid job making his game completely customizableHe provides examples between the chapters of people who have used his game to level up their lives The results are impressive The truth is that most people fear change They themselves might want to change but don't want to put forth the effort and energy to make it happen pg 57With Level Up Your Life Steve gives readers the tools to make their lives into a game of their choosing Recommended for gamers and the young at heart