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Too Far Gone In Too Deep #2 summary é eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF ô [Download] ➿ Too Far Gone In Too Deep #2 ➻ Stella Rhys – Before Lara Pierce felt trapped in her relationship Now she's being flat out blackmailed to stay With Jackson holding evidence of a murder she didn't cAnd Jake must get closer than ever Too Far Kindle to the man that likely killed Gabrielle Winter And while that should be easy as his fiancee and brother it proves impossible when factoring in a secret affair that grows deeper hotter and riskier with every uncovered secre. Short sweet and hella angsty I go through Stella's books like cocktails can't stop it's over and I'm sad Buuut then I just order the next

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Nhattan life she is living and breathing a daily nightmare Good thing she has a hunch and a plan to put Jackson in jail where he belongs Unfortunately it'll reuire her to pretend that everything is fine Absolutely fine In order to free herself from Jackson's grip both Lara.

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Too Far Gone In Too Deep #2Before Lara Pierce felt trapped in Gone In eBook #10003 her relationship Now she's being flat out blackmailed to stay With Jackson holding evidence of a murder she didn't commit Lara finds herself essentially held hostage as his fiancee Despite the outward glamour of her Ma. one disappointed star “What the fuck was my fucking world I couldn’t process anything but disgust We’re all fucking twisted But the only way to know real pleasure is to ignore all the boundaries” Where to even begin “I couldn’t even listen to a word he had to say All I could do was laugh I’d felt truly deranged But it was all so hilarious to me” Yup these uotes pretty much sum up my experience while reading this book This is the second instalment in the lives of Jackson Jake and Lara Where the first book was an action packed and fast paced read with many secrets revealed this book was exactly the opposite It was a short read and yet I still got bored and skimmed past a good few pages I grew and disgusted and frustrated with the characters in this book The women all still seemed just to be accessories The men would say things like “ Christ you’re even prettier when you’re crying No wonder Jackson loves to break your heart” Everyone wanted to have Lara Jackson wanted to have everyone but Lara Lara continued to play high end escort Barbie Jackson continued dipping his dick in anything warm The chemistry between Jake and Lara fell flat and the sex scenes got boring with many a “Fuck Lara” and “Oh God that feels good” and “Sueeze your tits for me” repeated over and over in every scene We’ve already established that Jackson is the vilest of creatures and I wished for revenge I kept hoping for someone to come up with a plan as cunning as a cunning fox with a degree in cunning from the university of cunning to serve him his comeuppance but alas this was not to be I felt completely cheated by the ending The author tied everything up in a sloppy little bow by treating the climax as an epilogue in the last two chapters She skimmed over how Jackson was served justice and what happened to everyone else I felt she really could have rather written another instalment and given it the attention it deserved Rather it felt like what these two instalments built towards was just an afterthought I grew so frustrated by everything else in this book that even the way the author wrote started to annoy me Every chapter would end on a weak cliffyr and every new chapter was started by a character having a flashback to the day before to deliver the answer to the cliffy Even though the first instalment wasn’t one of my favorite books this one still left me disappointed and frustrated