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Ehow along the way they sparked an alien civil war Now the not at Hour Expeditionary Force ePUB #8608 all Merry Band of Pirates is in desperate trouble again Their stolen alien starship is. OK so not knocking the book because I enjoyed it Great story interesting ending and wonderful performance as always by RC Bray on the audible version But like some others here I'm starting to wonder where it's gonna lead Will it be another 30 books or will it end in book 6 7 Not because I don't enjoy the characters but that it's starting to remind me of how I felt about the TV show Lost So many mysteries and it was so awesome at the start but then it was like hey keep following these breadcrumbs until next season and then next season until you have the last season which was ok but the mystery got too big for one season to explain Ok I'm starting to rant here Basic jist if you liked the other books you'll like this one but I hope the writer starts moving the overarching series story forward with a bit pace Because it's getting a little bit of the same now

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Zero Hour Expeditionary Force #5Falling apart thousands of lightyears from home The ancient alien AI they nicknamed ‘Skippy’ is apparently dead and even if they can by some miracle revive him he might never be the sam. The series remains fairly well done but is beginning to slip Plot elements are being repeated for at least the 3rd if not 4th or 5th time and the predictability factor has skyrocketed The series is starting to become formulaic like the author picked up discarded scraps from a Star Trek cutting room floor and pieced it togetherIt’s been a book and a half now since anything surprising has happened That “wow I didn’t see that coming” moment was left in the dust 300 pages back and the story has been coasting on momentum ever since Even the characters have flattened out While I appreciate characters getting some dialogue what is delivered remains flat uninteresting and predictable Characters here have lots of potential nothing but potential for development but for some reason the author just won’t go thereWhile I’ve enjoyed the series this really could’ve been an ending to it that would’ve been okay all around The story was coming to a natural and satisfactory conclusion that the ending of book 5 forcefully contorted seemingly only to justify a Book 6 I’m disappointed that this series hasn’t invested better in development of characters and I’m only marginal on whether I will bother with Book 6 or just let it end here for me

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Summary Zero Hour Expeditionary Force #5 ç PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Î ✵ Zero Hour Expeditionary Force #5 Epub ✸ Author Craig Alanson – United Nations Special Operations Command sent an elite Expeditionary Force of soldiers and pilots out on a simple recon miUnited Nations Special Expeditionary Force Kindle #180 Operations Command sent an elite Expeditionary Force of soldiers and pilots out on a Zero Hour eBook #212 simple recon mission and som. I'm still enjoying this series but overall I'm starting to wear on the repetitive pattern Pirates get in trouble Skippy can't figure out a way out Joe finds a solution that Skippy thinks is crazy but will work Rinse lather repeatMostly this installation had some enjoyable moments but it's starting to seem like it was just hitting a big reset button with little actual plot advancement and that's a little sad to me since there's some nice plot concepts lurking within the background of the Elders