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TEXT ¸ Siege and Storm Ñ Leigh Bardugo OngThe Darkling has emerged from the Shadow Siege and ePUB #231 Fold with a terrifying new power and a dangerous plan that will test the very boundaries of the natural world With the help of a notorious privateer Alina returns to the country she abandoned determined to fight the forces gath how can this book have been so much better than book one or book three and yet still not good “You just punched a prince Alina I guess we can add one act of treason to our list”I shook out my sore hand My knuckles smarted “First of all are we so sure he really is a prince And second you’re just jealous”“Of course I’m jealous I thought I was going to get to punch him That isn’t the point” 2 12 stars again Again very mixed feelings so I’m going to start by talking about why this book is BETTERFirst of all way better plot Bigger scope Higher stakes More interesting buildup YOU DON’T KNOW WHAT’S GOING TO HAPPEN EVER I know nothing really happens but it manages to be so high tension anyway Not to be all writer y but you can totally tell that Bardugo knows what she’s doing with dramatic tension now She has that shit far in control And also there’s political intrigue with Nikolai and Vasili Except this is the non boring kind of political intrigue I support this political intrigue and not the bad excuse for political intrigue the first book offers Second of all char ac ter de vel op ment I suddenly like Alina I suddenly really like Alina who is exploring her dark side Wish the narrative would let this series get as dark as it deserves to be and will discuss that down belowAs a last note I know everyone says this but I love Nikolai I think my mother might actually be in love with Nikolai This might have something to do with him being the only non shitty guy in this whole love triangular pyramid Mal crossed his arms and considered the privateer I can't decide if you're crazy or stupidI have so many good ualities Nikolai said It can be hard to choose” The thing is this book is a huge improvement over book one but it’s still not really all that good I will admit on a small note I thought the beginning of this book was kind of shitty A thing happens in the first like four pages that negates everything that happened in the prologue or at the very end of the last book Entire plot points could have been skipped Why → the love pyramid ← All of you failed basic geometry because this is not a love suare it is a love triangular pyramid In which one of the ends is rotted one is also maybe banging a different point of a different triangular pyramid and one has zero chemistry with the point of the triangular pyramid but is so awesome that he’s the best option by default Yeah I don't like this triangle very much Shocker Mostly because the Darkling is a burnt chicken nugget and I hate him and I might actually find his villain y character really intriguing but the fact that he is discussed as a viable love interest on this website is creepy But the issue isn't even really with the love triangle It's with the fact that the love triangle is there to build into love drama that takes away from the seriousness of the plot So let's discuss the real trouble here → all the petty drama ← We Need To Talk About Mal Who is suddenly an asshole and I understand why everyone likes Nikolai better But okay I actually think his motivations make a lot of sense Yeah he's being a dick but he's not being an abuser as much of the discourse on book twitter has previously seemed to imply More than anything I'm simply bored by him 'Not my type but handsome'My brows shot up In my experience Mal was just about everyone's type There’s this moment where Tamar says Mal “isn’t her type” and Alina is literally like “but Mal is EVERYONE’S type” and although A I call bullshit on that I also think it's absolutely hilarious that B the line is meant to indicate Tamar is a lesbian Okay yeah I actually knew that going in → the real problem ← But the problem isn't even really with Mal Or really with Alina The problem is the narrative of this book just will not let this series get as dark as it deserves to be This series is one about awful characters doing awful things in which the lead is basically slowly losing her humanity and the villain is maybe possibly doing it for the right reasons and the love interest is insecure and the princes are shitty and really no one is doing the right thing and certainly not for the right reasons But it refuses to let itself be this I keep feeling Bardugo come thiiis close to inner darkness and antihero power and then shying away I respect that the YA market a few years ago was very different that we ate up that Zoya makes Alina jealous plotline and weren't so invested in Alina's glorious antiherodom But I really think this series is wasted potential personifiedYeah Those are my thoughts I am not a fan I'm really disappointed in how much I am not a fanBlog | Youtube | Twitter | Instagram | Spotify | About

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EBOOK ↠ EPUB Siege and Storm ì í [Read] ➬ Siege and Storm Author Leigh Bardugo – Horticulturetrader.co.uk ▶ Alternative Cover Edition #1 Darkness never diesHunted across the True Sea haunted by the lives she took on the Fold Alina must try to make a life with Mal in an unfamiliar land all while keeping ▶ Alternative C Ering against Ravka But as her power grows Alina slips deeper into the Darkling’s game of forbidden magic and farther away from Mal Somehow she will have to choose between her country her power and the love she always thought would guide her or risk losing everything to the oncoming storm ”You know the problem with heroes and saints Nikolai” I asked as I closed the book’s cover and headed for the door “They always end up dead”Do you know the song “One to Make Her Happy” from Marue No That’s unfortunate because while I read this book I had a horrible earworm and couldn’t get it out of my head I was basically humming it the entire time and decided to change the name from Daisy to Alina I’m sure by now you’re curious about the lyrics and I’m happy to oblige “One to make her happy MalOne to make her sad The DarklingOne to give her good loveThat she never had NikolaiDaisy Alina and her boyfriends Livin’ in a houseSharing just a good life That was four years agoNow Daisy Alina blew the whole show”Very suitable right lol I swear to read “Siege and Storm” really felt like Alina and I had 3 different boyfriends because seriously who’s able to choose between all those awesome boys I just love them all for different reasons and if forced to make a decision I’m afraid I couldn’t even choose for the life of me XD They are all great and they all have their pros and cons ; P Still it would be a lie if I’d claim that Nikolai didn’t make me swoon Such an awesome man sighs deeply Then again The Darkling is still hot and Mal is still sweet so URGH See what I’m talking about lolGuess Alina and I will have to be Daisy for a little while longer ; Hopefully book three will make it easier to choose XD Still the ending of “Siege and Storm” was heavy and I really don’t know what Leigh is going to come up with in the last book I bet she has a lot in store for us and truth be told I’m not entirely sure if I’m ready Haha Seems like I’ll just have to dive into it and find out though ; The characters I’m afraid there will be lots of spoilers in here because the fate of some of the characters really made me go all WOW NO ARGH WHY So consider yourself warned This is the cupboard door to my spoiler section and if you don’t want to be spoiled you better don’t enter my personal Narnia ; P Alina ”I don’t care if you think I’m a Saint or a fool or the Darklings’s whore If you want to remain at the Little Palace you will follow me And if you don’t like it you will be gone by tonight or I will have you in chains I am a soldier I am the Sun Summoner And I’m the only chance you have” I think I liked Alina in this one She was no longer the naïve heroine and finally started to show her claws lol Hard to say if this was due to the influence of Nikolai or because of what happened with the Darkling no matter the reason I’m still glad she decided to take the reins and did what needed to be done Some might argue that she’s too young for all this but considering how long the Darkling was able to fool everyone around him I think it’s safe to say that Alina really might be their best bet XD The ending however was uite heavy I mean poor girl If she’s already so weak and broken how is the Darkling going to fare I really don’t know in which direction book 3 will go and because this rarely happens I’m than just intrigued ; I hope Alina won’t die I really doThe Darkling The faint tracery of scars on his face was barely visible like the ghost of a map One ran perilously close to his right eye He’d almost lost it He cupped my cheek with his hand and when he spoke his voice was almost tender “They’re just the beginning” he whisperedWOAH Well the Darkling was uite a surprise in this one I always knew that he’s ruthless and prone to cruelty; I didn’t expect him to go all DARK though lol I think it might have to do with what happened at the Fold and I’m pretty sure that he lost the grip on his own darkness It’s just a theory but in the first book it was him who controlled the darkness and guided it to do his bidding and I think that this changed drastically Now it seems like the darkness got a hold of him and is consuming him in order to achieve its goals Would explain why he’s so drained by the nichevo’ya he creates Still I can’t really hate him for what he’s done because he’s just a too good villain and I always appreciate a good villain when I see one lol Hmm maybe he can still be saved Mal ”Easy now Mustn’t get blood on the uniform Let me explain – ““Try explaining with my first in your mouth” Haha Mal I can’t help but like that boy His honesty is so refreshing and the fact he never bothers to filter his thoughts is very entertaining lol Even after finishing the second book I still don’t get why so many people seem to hate him He’s a nice and decent guy and I think everything he said and did was justified Yes he didn’t have to drink himself senseless and gamble in the bars but it was his only way to deal with his situation and you can’t really blame him for it At least I don’t Life is tough we all have our vices and try our best to deal with the cards that we’re given It’s obvious that he loves Alina than anything and it’s also rather plain that this love started to destroy and poison him Plus Alina really wasn’t the most understanding person So yes I still like Mal and I’m not sorry about it 3 ”And there’s no way I’m leaving you alone with Prince Perfect”“So you don’t trust me to resist his charms”“I don’t even trust myself” Nikolai I blew out a frustrated breath “Do you ever answer a uestion directly”“Hard to say Ah there I’ve done it again”OH BOY Nikolai is so awesome I can’t even 333 Yes I’m having a crazy fangirl moment here but seriously what’s not to love This guy is amazing and I just love everything about him His attitude his cunning plans his many different faces his compassion and passion Well basically everything that comes out of his mouth lol Leigh truly outdid herself when she created this wonderful man and I’ll be forever thankful that she wrote him down on paper 3 I love that he has principles and rules he lives by and if things would have gone my way Vasily wouldn’t even have gotten close to the throne It’s obvious that Nikolai is the best choice and I really hope that there’ll be something left of Ravka once he’s able to rule Still right now I don’t know what happened to him and this is such a mean move lol Leigh what happened to Nikolai Guess I’ll have to read the last book soon XD ”Now that’s a word best not used around me I tend to be overfond of risk” ”You never improvise” I said “Everything you do is calculated You change personalities the way other people change hats And you know what It’s creepy Aren’t you ever just yourself”“I’m a prince Alina I can’t afford to be myself” ”When people say impossible they usually mean improbable”Genya ”She and David stay behind the group She can’t move very uickly” He paused “The pilgrims call her “Razrusha’ya” The Ruined” My poor poor girl TT I can’t believe that the Darkling did this to her She didn’t deserve this Just because she helped Alina to flee It’s not fair and I would have expected better from the Darkling I mean I know he’s the villain but Genya was so loyal to him and that’s how he thanks her My poor Genya I just want to hug her and tell her that everything will get better and that she’s still the most beautiful woman of Ravka 333 I really hope David will do all those things because if not I’m going to kick him in his skinny behind lolThe shipsAlina The Darkling ”He can’t wait to get away from you” I said hovering by the door “He’s afraid of what you’ve become They all are”“Do you fear me Alina”“That’s what you want isn’t it”The Darkling shrugged “Fear is a powerful ally” he said “And loyal”The moments between those two were rather short in this book and I really would have loved to see of them together They had such a nice chemistry in “Shadow and Bone” and despite everything Alina still seems to be drawn to him Well the Darkling certainly has an irresistible allure Can’t blame her for it ; P Still I hope I’ll get of them in the last book because they are just too intriguing together XDAlina Mal ”You wanted to wear the second amplifier You have it You want to go to Os Alta Fine we’ll go You say you need the firebird I’ll find a way to get it for you But when all this is over Alina I wonder if you’ll still want me”Aww those two killed me It’s like they just can’t be together because the entire world and their own fate is against them Alina can’t hand over her responsibility because she’s the only sun summoner and basically the only person who’s able to stop the Darkling and Mal can’t be at her side because he’d be like Icarus getting too close to the sun TT He doesn’t understand her powers and the need to use them and even though he doesn’t get it he still decided to be with her Right now I really see no way how their relationship could be able to work out I mean it’s not like Alina will stop being Grisha and Mal can’t stop being a tracker as well sighs It’s such a muddled situation ”Why didn’t you say something”“What could I say And when I barely see you any”“I thought you wanted to go”“I wanted you to ask me to stay” Alina Nikolai ”What’s a pirate doing on a whaler” I asked“Privateer” he corrected “I have several ships The Darkling wanted a whaler so I got him one”“You mean you stole it”“Acuired it”“You were in my cabin”“Many women dream of me” he said lightly as he steered me down the deckNow those two LOL I lived for their conversations I swear Nikolai is so so damn awesome Did I already tell you how much I love this man I’m sure I did Haha Well the chemistry between Alina and Nikolai was amazing as well and I can’t say how much I loved it that she wasn’t swooning and drooling all over him like everyone else XD She saw him as a normal person and that’s what made their scenes so perfect I think my favourite moment was the encounter at the lake and the fact that Nikolai turned her down because he knew she’d only use him as a make do I love this man I really really do 333 For some reason I doubt that Alina will end up with him though ”The Darkling will hunt you for the rest of your days”“Then you and I will have something in common won’t we Besides I like to have powerful enemies Makes me feel important”Mal crossed his arms and considered the privateer “I can’t decide if you’re crazy or stupid”“I have so many good ualities” Sturmhond said “It can be hard to choose” ”And what are you doing to be useful your highness”“I’m a prince” said Nikolai “Being useful isn’t part of my job description But” he added “when I’m not lazing about being handsome I’ll be trying to better euip the First Army and gather intelligence on the Darkling’s location” ”I want to kiss you” Nikolai said “But I won’t Not until you’re thinking of me instead of trying to forget him”ConclusionOnce again I was hooked until the very end and once again I couldn’t help it and already started with the next book even though I didn’t even write my review for this one I guess it’s safe to say that this series is really enjoyable and entertaining especially now that Nikolai entered the scene ; PI can’t wait to read about him and I want to see so much of all of Daisy’s Alina’s other boyfriends love interests as well lol So all I can say is Happy Reading I hope you’ll love “Siege and Storm” as much as I did ;

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Siege and Storm▶ Alternative Cover Edition Darkness never diesHunted across the True Sea haunted by the lives she took on the Fold Alina must try to make a life with Mal in an unfamiliar land all while keeping her identity as the Sun Summoner a secret But she can’t outrun her past or her destiny for l Yup I'm still insanely in love with the Darkling I'm going to burn in Hell Or rule the world with him as his ueen of Darkness whatever comes first “I know the truth in your heart The loneliness The growing knowledge of your own difference The ache of it” Alina tried to deny it the connection and the similarities with him but she could't hide from the truth Her purpose seemed clear; rebuild the Second Army defeat the Darkling destroy the Fold free Ravka find the third amplifier don't burn everyone in the process and keep Mal close It wasn't simple though She could feel the hunger for power growing inside her With an ambitious prince by her side she tried to fight the evil that was haunting Ravka and her guilt for helping this darkness unleash Some people worshipped her as a Saint some hated her because they were afraid of her powers and some wanted her to run away from this new life and become the person she was before she had the potential to destroy the worldWell not some people just Mal “There is no ordinary life for people like you and me” I really enjoyed Siege and Storm not as much as Shadow and Bone but still it was greata nd even my dislike of Mal can't take that away You may ask why I don't like the handsome tracker who is willing to give his life for Alina who bleeds when you cut her and tries to protect her at any cost Because he loves only certain parts of her excluding her being a Grisha and the role she has to play in the game of politics and eventually the struggle between light and darkness He loves the girl who grew up with him who followed him blindly and was always in the backround The girl he took for granted But she isn't the same person any and the Darkling is the one to blame The ruthless murderous manipulative Darkling Deep deep inside I hope he will redeem himself that there is still something good worth saving despite the awful things he has done his twisted ways and his greedBut Darkling isn't the only one antagonizing Mal Have you met NikolaiThe witty sarcastic calculative pirate or privateer with a claim to the throne who has a kind heart even though he rarely reveals it I can’t decide if you’re crazy or stupidI have so many good ualities It can be hard to choose Well after babbling about the men I want to marry that's right men I'm polygamic when it comes to book boyfriends I have to talk about the rest of Siege and Storm It was captivating again not as much as the first book but I can't give it less stars it's physically impossible it sucked you in the world of the Grisha and held you with a strong grip Leigh Bardugo's writing is stunning the world building incredible the tension in the scenes palpable and the evolution of Alina's character well presented Definitely a great seuel to a great series