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Reveal And so reckless with enchantment and lust Hajime prepares to risk everything in order to consummate his first love and to experience a life he's dreamed of but never had a chance to Kokkyō no minami Kindle #215 realize Bittersweet passionate and ultimately redemptive South of the Border West Kokkyō no minami taiyō no PDFEPUBof the Sun is an intricate examination of desire illuminating the persistent power of childhood and memory in matters of the heart From the Hardcover editio. This book is the literary euivalent of cloud paintings I’m not talking John Constable’s clouds which are dense with specificity from a keen and earthy eye; but rather New Agey cloud paintings which are designed to be innocuous and calming to not stimulate the eye to induce a meditative state and readjust the spirit and turn one away from the tangible So South of the Border West of the Sun is not all bad – it does satisfy all the above criteria for New Agey cloud paintings – and I have no beefs with calmness and spirit clarifying but that’s not typically why I turn to art whether it be paintings or literature I typically turn to art to be engaged with the materials of that art Of course I’m also interested in the overall effect of those materials in the work of art per se that unuantifiable essence of what has been accomplished; but I like this essence to be composed of tangible things things I can chew on and wrestle with things I can be viscerally engaged with This book is all essence and forced me to readjust my reading habits I had to actually remove my focus from the words themselves and to let them pass intact – like cloudy kidney stones painlessly through my urethra – through my reading eyes and brain and straight into my conceptualizing mind where they formed something uite small for a novel of over 200 pages The essence of this book is that “All things with form can vanish at any moment but emotion abides” an admirable enough concept that I wholeheartedly accept; but is that why I read to ingest thousands of words that instantly vaporize in my mind leaving a paltry residue such as that Zen koans can perform that feat in ten words or less Again I turn to art to be engaged with the materials of that artIn his essay on marathon running Murakami refers to himself as boring and now I'm inclined to believe him The protagonist of this book is clearly a stand in for Murakami and is numbingly dull He’s a “successful” family man who likes jazz and to have his balls licked not much of a Curriculum Vitae that so it’s augmented with a fixation on a girl he was friends with when he was 12 Granted this is the “meat” or rather tofu of the plot and is sweet and somewhat moving as it morphs through the vicissitudes of his life though some of its impact was lost on me because now I don’t uite believe Murakami I don’t believe he’s in touch with an inner purity aglow with a spiritual innocence I don’t believe his romantic idealism I don't believe in the transcendence of his imagination I don't believe there are women who like to lick his balls And not believing these things about him substantially lessened the impact of the main character’s final transformation into the first stages of a complete and interesting being Which begs the uestion – who wants to read a book whose main character doesn’t become interesting until after the final wordBut then is that possibly the point of this book Given the delicate and profound beauty of the final image and given the vapidity of the preceeding 200 pages is it possible that the book itself is an embodiment of the essence I previously pointed out; that the bulk of the novel itself represents the form destined to vanish and that the final emotionally charged image is what abides I applaud Murakami if that is the case at least for his conceptual gumption; but still I'd rather read a book that wasn't designed to be innocuous Give me some meat on my words

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国境の南、太陽の西 Kokkyō no minami taiyō no nishiFollowing the massive complexity of no minami PDF #202 The Wind Up Bird Chronicle Haruki Murakami's best selling award winning novel comes this deceptively simple love story a contemporary rendering of the romance in which a boy finds and then loses a girl only to meet her again years laterHajime Beginning in Japanese was an atypical only child growing up in a conventional middle class suburb Shimamoto herself an only child was cool and self possessed precocious in the extreme After scho. The other night a friend mentioned she is reading '184' at the moment and it got me all nostalgic for a Murakami experience So choosing one at random of the ever diminishing list of Murakami's I haven't read yet I chose 'South of the Border West of the Sun'What do you get Unsurprisingly a story that is Murakami There is an every man protagonist mysterious lady from the past jazz university protests people with deformities I could go on or just use the Murakami Bingo Desipite being so Murakami that it could have been achieved via a cutpaste exercise from his other novels I still enjoyed it I just love Murakami Plot wise it most reminds me of 'Norwegian Wood' especially that it has no weird story elements It's just a straight our universe no funny business at all Murakami Indeed reading it I thought of it as a proto Norwegian Wood like a practice piece But looking at his Wikipedia page I see that he wrote it two novels after 'Norwegian Wood' Oh well So overall this was a likeable read but probably only recommended for fans who have read the major works The others offer so much

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国境の南、太陽の西 Kokkyō no minami taiyō no nishi Read & Download î 104 ´ [Reading] ➮ 国境の南、太陽の西 Kokkyō no minami taiyō no nishi ➶ Haruki Murakami – Horticulturetrader.co.uk Following the massive complexity of The Wind Up Bird Chronicle Haruki MuraOl these childhood sweethearts would listen to records hold hands and talk about their 国境の南、太陽の西 Kokkyō MOBI #10003 future Then despite themselves in the way peculiar to adolescents they grew apart seemingly for goodNow facing middle age finally content after years of aimlessness Hajime is a successful nightclub owner a husband and father when he suddenly is reunited with Shimamoto propelled into the mysteries of her life and confronted by dark secrets she is loath to. At first I dislike this book but now I am confident to say that I hate it It's about this shallow and whiny man who wronged every women he put his hand on probably because he is so deep no one can understand him since he's the only child yes you gotta remember how painful it is for this Hajime guy to be the only child except his childhood sweetheart who is so deep that she never has a real personality but some random emo appeal which cannot make me care less The author tried so hard but she turned out to be a sphinx without a secret Meanwhile our hero remains an emo for the rest of the book and maybe the rest of his life He's got everything he wants but he cannot stop complaining and fancying about that girl whom he had a crush on yet never actually knows Did I mention she's the only child alsoYears after they collided in some cliche fashion the rain the bar some cocktails and jazz music playing and OMFG she's so mysterious They made love yeah how unpredictable and then she disappeared because the book would be deep if it's an unhappy one and then the guy was like WTF happened was that all a dream because the money is gone yeah if you have read then you know I mean what money but no it was real and he came back to his poor wife And his wife is the only likeable character out thereThe writing is just okay and readable If you have read a lot you should probably not regard Murakami as those authors who offer the most beautiful prose out there This look like a second attempt of Murakami after the success of Norwegian Wood which is an emo saga to me Seriously he should stop abusing pop culture references