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Secret Service characters » PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook É ☃ [PDF / Epub] ☂ Secret Service By Tom Bradby ✑ – To those who don't really know her Kate Henderson's life must seem perfectly ordinary But she is in fact a senior MI6 officer who right now is nursing the political euivalent of aR the Russian mole Kate risks everything to get to the truth But with her reputation to uphold her family hanging by a thread and a leadership election looming she is uickly running out of options and out of ti. A spy thriller where everyone is a suspect and you’re not sure whom to trust – there were times I even uestioned the main character But in addition to being a spy thriller this is also a story where secret service agent must juggle the demands of both work and homeThoughtsSecret Service is a rather timely spy thrillerpolitical intrigue story that puts Russia’s desire for influence in other country’s political elections front and center Set in the UK Kate Henderson and her team are listening to a conversation when they learn that not only is the current minister resigning soon but that Russia has a very good foothold into who the next prime minister will be If that wasn’t enough the team also learns there is a mole amongst the British ranks code named Viper that can assist Russia and help ensure their candidate’s successThe story itself revolves around MI 6 operations as they try to ascertain who all the players are that were discussed in the overheard Russian conversation but unfortunately knowing that there is a mole leads them to a lot of frustrating moments since no one is sure who it is and whom they can trust But while there is a spy whose identify must be ascertained Kate also has a home life that involves two teenagers a mother with Alzheimer’s and two family members – her husband and her aunt – who are also employed by the government Kate is trying to figure out how to balance home life with the overtime work being reuired of her as well as short notice trips abroadOverall I enjoyed the story It didn’t immediately draw me in when I first started reading especially since Kate was pushing a girl really really hard to plant a bug for them The girl was scared – really scared – but Kate continued to push Instead I became rather captivated once the British Secret Service began listening to the Russian conversations The dialogue between the Russians and the immediate take by the British on what Russians may be referring to made for a very interesting read as it went back and forth Plus I rather enjoyed the other spy related moments not to mention deaths of characters I liked that kept my interest However as the course of the story played on some of the drama in the home life started to wear on me at times But all in all the plot progresses nicely and is evenly paced through out the entire storyRating 4 starsThanks to Netgalley and Grove Atlantic for the advanced ready copy and opportunity to provide an honest review

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To those who don't really know her Kate Henderson's life must seem perfectly ordinary But she is in fact a senior MI officer who right now is nursing the political euivalent of a nuclear bomb Kate's most recent. First off I got this through a BookPage giveaway So thank you Atlantic Monthly PressThis was a twisty and turny spy novel and it had a good plot device So if you have never made a foray into spy novels this is a good introduction My long association with this genre made it an enjoyable read I’m not going to say any because I don’t want to spoil the story

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Secret ServiceMission has yielded the startling intelligence that the British Prime Minister has cancer and that one of the leading candidates to replace him may be a Russian agent of influenceUp against the clock to uncove. Secret Service is one hell of a spy thriller which makes other espionage fiction look rather lame Bradby crafts a race against time novel with a plot exploring the long term tensions between Russia and the UK Russian interference in British elections and the fact that Russian moles and spies will likely have infiltrated many of our important British institutions just as we will have spies in Russia and elsewhere The plot is scarily realistic and is not beyond the realms of possibility making it all the terrifying The fact that Bradby is a former political editor lends authenticity to the narrative and roots it deep in the reality of our current political situationIt's a fast paced easy read which plays perfectly on the fears of both the political establishment and the general population Moving between rich vivid locations we follow protagonist Kate who begins a covert investigation into corruption in the top levels of the UK government but her conflicting loyalties creep into her head rather a lot It's certainly a high octane high stakes story full of palpable tension which builds and builds beautifully There are some parallels that can be drawn between some of the cast here and those currently in the real world political spotlight I suspect that was intentional on Bradby's part It's an intense gritty and topical thriller which has been a long time in the making So was it worth the wait ABSOLUTELY Kate is a very likeable and relatable character who has to juggle family life with the need to drop everything at a moments notice to attend to work responsibilities There are twists and turns aplenty and the author uses red herrings and misdirection to trick the reader into backing the wrong horse The ending wraps things up nicely in a satisfying fashion and is the perfect way to conclude the heart pounding suspense delivered through the entirety of the book Many thanks to Bantam Press for an ARC