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REVIEW ☆ Collateral Damage Sisterhood Rules of the Game #4 ã ❰PDF❯ ❤ Collateral Damage Sisterhood Rules of the Game #4 Author Fern Michaels – Through all their adventures the bond of the Sisterhood has remained steadfast and unshakeable But for the first time the SisterThrough all their adventures the bond of the Sisterhood Rules PDFEPUB #234 Sisterhood has remained steadfast and unshakeable But for the first time the Sisterhood verges on falling apart when the ladies have to choose between two difficult assignments The first job guarantees a huge paycheck th. Eleventh in the Sisterhood series; fourth in the Rules of the Game series The story is as usual set in Washington DC and is another outside job contracted with the vigilantesThe StoryThe girls are getting bored Again Then Charles pops up with a dicey job Seems both the Republicans and Democrats lost their donor lists with all their identities The Republicans are promising a presidential pardon to the ladies but without guaranteesThe ladies just ain't that stupid and they decide to gather as much intel on their cloaked contractors before they actually do anything In the meantime Elias Cummings the FBI Director is setting up a new task force One headed up by Erin Powell a former best friend of both Barbara Rutledge and Nikki's with Bert Navarro on board as well Nothing feels right to any of them but the ladies go ahead and poke and prod their way through getting reactions Erin certainly helps by insisting that her team members pick up Judge Easter Ted Robinson Maggie Spritzer Jack Emery and Harry Wong for starters Even though her agents are issued strict orders to do it by the book not all of them seem to have gotten that message and it whittles down task force members bit by bit Physical force Reminders of upcoming retirement Bad publicity Bert is suspected of being the mole And each one of them hires Lizzie Fox as their lawyer Further intel warns the ladies and their new back up plans consist of lots of kidnappingsThe CharactersPretty much everyone from the last book including Justice Pearl Barnes A new character was introduced Chuck Dalton is a CIA operative and I suspect he's being set up as Alexis' love interest We also learn of a horrible event in Lizzie's past while Annie finally gets her one on one with her own ghostly daughterAh jeez Michaels provides of Paula Woodley's past history with her abusive husbandit's disgusting to hear what she's doing to him but then she relates a little memory to him of whether he remembers the time he held her hands to the stove top or when he held her feet to the fire or Makes me want to stop by and help Paula with some tortureMy TakeFor all that the ladies pride themselves on how smart they are and how they don't need the men at all they sure do rely on the men a lot to get their asses out of trouble And they are constantly mouthing off to everyone they meet What is with that Jack Harry and Bert kidnap two highly highly powered men and don't leave their disguises on One couple helped by the vigilantes has to be moved because of the bragging An FBI agent is kidnapped out of her life and given another; admittedly she wasn't being very happy with her life but still Sloppy ladies I sure would like to understand how this agent simply disappearing is enough to make her look like the mole Unless they intend for Nellie's dinner with Elias to do the trick Lazy Sloppy Lizzie's mouthing off to two of her friends and converting Ted Robinson Yuh uh huhSure hope space travel becomes viable soon 'cause that's all that's gonna be left as a refuge for these idjitsThe CoverThe cover is in shades of pink looking out from a mountaintop at a series of mountains in the near distance A close up of fence posts is in the forefront The title is oh so true and most of the Collateral Damage wouldn't have been necessary if the sisters were as smart as they keep assuring themselves In my view methinks they doth protest too much Street translation dumb bunch of women

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E second offers a presidential pardon and a chance to finally emerge from hidingFor the sake of their union the gals put aside their differences and focus on a new mission Collateral Damage PDF A mysterious Washington DC political operative needs them to track down a computer hacker who has s. This is the first book by fern Michaels I've read Totally out order in the series but it was a good read Do not have a good sense of who the individuals are in the vigilantes but it will likely get better as I read books of the series

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Collateral Damage Sisterhood Rules of the Game #4Tolen a highly classified list of fundraisers’ names With a presidential election looming the girls soon realize the job is a lot dangerous than they had anticipated Will their client come through with his promise And can the ladies stop fighting and stay alive long enough to see it happe. I enjoyed this book I like Fern Michaels books a lot the only negative thing I can say is I didn't like the language swearing and taking God's name in vein I can do without that in a book Other than that I enjoyed the book a lot