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Free read Veronica ä PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ´ [KINDLE] ❄ Veronica By Nattie Jones – Veronica is a simple lady's companion who accepts her lot in life to sit on the sidelines and watch others have fun escapades and adventures After all she's stuck—she has no dowry it's incredible un N her diary which one day falls in love with the very duke that one of her stories is about Tired of demanding mistresses that don't appreciate his interests in spanking and discipline the Duke immediately singles Veronica out as a perfect solution to his problem he'd marry this woman and get everything he wanted marriage to a beautiful woman and. Veronica’s desires come true with marriage to the Duke Veronica Bridges is a lady’s companion with unlikely prospects of marriage She has no dowry and her parents were killed in an accident She has an overwhelming desire to be disciplined by spanking and she has penned detailed imaginary tales about her being spanked in her diary She accidently leaves her diary out and it is found and red by the unmarried Jeffry Duke of Durhamshire Jeffery has the proclivity to discipline with spanking and because they have complementary tastes and after observing her he decides Veronica is the lady that he should marry Being of different social stations there are some bumps in the beginning of the marriage where their mutual desire produces a lot of discipline situations with spanking serving as both foreplay and afterplay for their intimate couplings Veronica has some trust issues with Jeffery and her insecurities cause her to leave home for a few months but in the end they reach and HEA The plot situations are realistic with Veronica’s somewhat independent nature producing many opportunities reuiring the Duke’s spankings The characters interaction is very entertaining as well as educational It is an excellent story and well presented I recommend the book and look forward to reading of Ms Jones’s work I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review

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One who would like receiving punishment as much as he liked dealing it But there's a very fine line between punishments and playful spankings in the bedchamber and Veronica finds it difficult to get one but not the other as well Will his attentions prove to be too much Or will she yearn for his hand no matter how firmly he applies it to her bottom. Veronica is a young woman in Victorian England whose parents died and so she is working as a companion for a noble woman She has no expectations of a marriage but thanks to accidentally leaving her diary – with her desires about being spanked – where it can be seen by others she is approached by Jeffrey an unmarried Duke who reads the diary and would like to marry someone who has these interests He has been watching her and decides she is the woman he wants as a wife Needless to say their different stations in life going into the marriage create a lot of interesting dialog; as does their mutual interest in spanking The story is fast paced and both characters are energetic and committed to each other and it is fun to see the relationship develop despite a number of problems I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review

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VeronicaVeronica is a simple lady's companion who accepts her lot in life to sit on the sidelines and watch others have fun escapades and adventures After all she's stuck she has no dowry it's incredible unlikely she'd ever marry But deep inside Veronica is the overwhelming desire to be disciplined Enough so that she writes sordid tales about punishment i. My review contains spoilers and they're mostly my thoughts as I went with the bookVeronica by Nattie Jones was my first try of the author’s work and I’m not really impressed There are things about the story bothered me a lot even though I read a lot of erotica with light BDSM I wasn’t fond of the author’s writing either This was the story of a lady’s companion Veronica and her sudden marriage to a Duke based on a mutual desire spanking Veronica the orphaned and poor daughter of a baron has been a lady’s companion for a while now She’s not really fond of her position in life but has resigned to being a spinster and to working for living But she has this irresistible desire to be spanked on her bottom Something she deems someone like her shouldn’t want because it’s probably not ‘normal’ But she can’t help wanting it so she details her desire in her diaryWhen the story begins Veronica was staying with her employer at the estate of the Duke of Durhamshire One day when she goes in the library for some uiet time Veronica loses her diary This scene was pretty odd and confusing How she just leaves it there as if to be found by the Duke Her employer one of her female friends and the Duke come in the library and they find the diary together One of them even starts reading aloud from it Veronica tries to hide herself in the shadows of the library but the Duke sees her He also takes the diary from that woman After the debacle Veronica finds herself summarily dismissed because her employer recognized the diary But the Duke pays a call afterwards surprising her with a proposal of his own for a marriage based on whatever she wrote in the diary After all that was a narrative of THE DUKE spanking her Oh yes she’s been fantasizing over the Duke ever since she saw him What she didn’t know that the Duke has also been attracted to her Now that they’re given a chance to act on their mutual desire the Duke will not hear a no How can Veronica reject such an offer especially when Jeffrey said that he’s aloneThe Duke Jeffrey is tired of mistresses and their demands Also the fact that he hasn’t found a woman who loves to take spanking the way he wants give it Veronica seems like a girl after his own heart And so soon enough they get marriedThe story is told from Veronica’s POV We find her self doubting her abilities to act as a Duchess I thought it was logical She has acted as a lady’s companion all her life so on her first day as a Duchess she makes some funny mistakes that only embarrass her at Jeffrey’s home She’s confused about her new station and her increased obsession over her husband’s spanking love making comes second to that at least that’s how I saw itVeronica also meets Georgette Jeffrey’s younger sister who is married to Lord Riverchurch Georgette seems very happy with her life and welcomes Veronica with open arms though Lord Riverchurch takes a dislike to her on spot I never really knew why he disliked her Was it because he knew of Jeffrey’s fetish since he himself shared the same fetish once even a mistress too or was it because she was a lady’s companionLater we find Veronica and Jeffrey acting on their desire Veronica was to obey his wishes She’d be spanked for everything; be it something good or bad even if its Jeffrey’s fault she’ll be the one who’d be spanked Jeff