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read epub ç Kate Kate Middleton Princess in Waiting ¶ Hardcover ↠ claudia joseph Ó ❮Ebook❯ ➨ Kate Kate Middleton Princess in Waiting Author Claudia Joseph – With her glossy dark hair classic looks natural appearance and cut glPrincess MOBI #243 an intriguing insight into the extraordinary journey her family has made from the mining villages of Durham to an apartment in the royal residence of Clarence HouseDrawing on exclusive interviews and containing previously unpublished photographs this is an authoritative account of Kate Middleton's life so f I thought this was overall not a bad book At times I felt that the author included a lot of irrelevant information that was not needed She also could have been specific when talking about the different sides of Kate's family This made it confusing for the reader I would recommend this book to anyone who is interested in the royal family because it is very factual I like how the author included uotes from friends and family of Kate This was a key part of the book

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Te PDF of friends as well as the House of WindsorYet behind her polished veneer lies the extraordinary tale of an impoverished working class family that overcame deprivation and adversity to rise to the upper echelons of societyClaudia Joseph has spoken to members of Kate's family and friends who have provided Kate Middleton I read this because I have always liked the Royal Family Kate is a breath of fresh air into the older stuffy royals and I think Diana would have approved of her

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Kate Kate Middleton Princess in WaitingWith her glossy dark hair classic Middleton Princess Kindle #213 looks natural appearance and cut glass accent Kate Middleton displays all the poise and breeding expected from the wife to be of the heir to the throne Sophisticated beyond her years as well as academically gifted Kate has charmed William's louche circle Kate Ka I had originally thought this book would get a four star rating from me but alas it didn't The direction that Claudia Joseph originally went with this was a fascinating breath of fresh air compared to well this Miss Joseph begins this book with a history of the Duchess' family; her mother's side and her father's side It was indeed interesting and sometimes sad to read about the coal mining but I found myself thinking very early on how it would have been so much better if Miss Joseph had done it chronologically than she already had When I selected this from the biography section of the local library I glanced at the titles for the first nine chaptersOoh I thought This could be interesting Unfortunately Once I got to chapter three I found it a bit tedious to go back in time Basically we go from 1837 to 1953 through chapters one and two; in chapter three and four we went through those years again but with another side of the Duchess' family It isn't until chapter eleven that this back and forth writing came to an end After that I eventually began speed reading through the rest of the book until I was done with itPersonally I just would've been interested in chapters 1 10 if the two sides of the family had been written chronologically; side by side Two out of five stars for being an okay book but only because I can appreciate the different angle of going through a family treeMy noteApril 19th 2017Pg 113 417% We might be getting somewhere on pg 113