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Sensitive high altitude borders Having been a mountaineer in his youth Afridi The Rataban ePUB #231 once climbed many of these peaks including Rataban a mountain with a treacherous history When an American agent is shot dead in Mussoorie both the CIA and India’s Research and Analysis Wing RAW dispatch undercover agents to investigate The American's death is uickly linked to the slayings of two Indo Tibetan Border Police guards suggesting possible Chinese infiltrati. The first murder mystery to be based out of the twin cities of Mussoorie and Landour The murder at Savoy inspired Agatha Christies' first novel The mysterious affair at Styles but this one is based completely in these two twin cities The beginning is dramatic and Stephen skillfully uses his deep knowledge of mountaineering to weave an intricate plot Familiar landmarks Chardukan Chakkar Prakash store St John church picture palace Doma's all see a piece of action The pace is average and yet it keeps you glued Must read by all you are in romance with Mussoorie

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The Rataban Betrayal Colonel Imtiaz Afridi #1On Working with Afridi is the brilliant junior analyst Annapurna “Anna” Tagore who helps him unravel these clues and other disturbing signs that something dangerous Rataban Betrayal Colonel ePUB #10003 is brewingWhen violent acts shatter Mussoorie's calm the CIA and RAW have no choice but to team up Soon Afridi and the young Indian and American agents are piecing together a bloody conspiracy of revenge and murder that could shake the very foundations of world pea. An American agent on the verge of retirement is murdered in the sleepy old town of Mussoorie His killing seems to be a covert Chinese mission to the local policeHowever to an old fox in the game a physically challenged Colonel Afridi it is an instant reminder of old days and festering wounds Assisted by an able RAW officer and the CIA entering the game he uncovers a plot that could potentially be the Ferdinand to World war 3 Read on a real thriller till the end where the suib turns damp But still a good read till then

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Read & Download The Rataban Betrayal Colonel Imtiaz Afridi #1 à PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Ë ✼ The Rataban Betrayal Colonel Imtiaz Afridi #1 Epub ✿ Author Stephen Alter – On India's frontier with Tibet peace is just a façade and security a mythThe sleepyOn India's frontier with Tibet peace is Betrayal Colonel eBook #8608 just a façade and security a mythThe sleepy Himalayan hill station of Mussoorie near India's border with Tibet is home to an eclectic mix of residents including Tibetan refugees and former guerrilla fighters foreign missionaries Indian military tourists and spies Here in a top secret facility facing the snow clad Himalayas India’s legendary spymaster Colonel Imtiaz Afridi keeps a watchful eye on. Lost in words Maybe it is because the author had spent his whole life in India that his writing style strongly reflects one How Well to begin with simplicity in language is not our forte We believe in the power of adorned long twisted and coiled up sentences that are hardened with solid and hard biting words and vocabulary just like the one I have just managed to write It is usually a war of words and grammar rather than narration and art of storytelling in our books The Rataban Betrayal had an amazing and pretty strong story line but unfortunately it got lost in too much description and in the author’s attempt to impart his knowledge on a lot of stuff ranging from mountains Himalayas trekking Mussorie a state in which the whole action takes place and the plight and the struggle of the Tibetan people who are still waiting to return to their homelandI will admit that I m both surprised and ashamed at the fact that being an Indian many of the stuff spoken and pointed out by Stephen Alter in his book was enlightening and pretty much new to me It’s kind of a recurring theme with us Indians that we need an international perspective to acknowledge and appreciate our own culture and that includes me as well The book gives you a whole lot of information and perspective of Tibetan Culture and Buddhism The problem with the book is that it is way too technical and descriptive There is too much scene setting than actual events With so many details and less action it kind of becomes vapid pretty uick In a 400 page book when the chunk of action is limited to merely last two chapters then you should be able to get the picture as to how far the description goes If you treat this book as a catalogue or guide to Himalayas and Tibetan culture then this it can survive much better but as a thriller it is kind of vapid and boringly descriptive with actual action and event play almost nil Language is too brainy and technical and depending upon how you take your book narration you may or may not find it interesting but as for me who like simpler and efficient storytelling Language was ineffective It was bad for a fiction but may not be a bad one for nonfiction category