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Hotshot Dark Ops #2 epub í Trade Paperback Ì [Reading] ➿ Hotshot Dark Ops #2 Author Catherine Mann – Major Vince Vapor DeLuca may have just accepted his most difficult recon mission ever keeping an eye on Shay Bassett As a pilot in the Air Force's top secret test unit Vince keeps a cool head at the Eone out there is trying to cut her testimony short Living to tell the tale may depend on trusting the one man who burned her so badly years ago and still makes her feel warm all ove Really liked this I hadn't read any Catherine Mann before and it's sometimes hard to get into a new author but I didn't have that issue Shay is a nurse who runs a center for troubled youth She had issues herself as a teen and is no trying to give back Vince is part of a special group in the Air Force testing new surveillance gadgets and other top secret stuff As a teen he was part of a Civil Air Patrol group that Shay's dad ran and they had something of a relationship back then He is called in to help uncover a potential terrorist plot that seems to be related to congressional testimony that Shay is giving on gang activity among teens Shay has a troubled relationship with her dad and he's the one who calls Vince in so there is tension between them because of that alsoIt really bugs me when a high school relationship is portrayed as the be all end all of the heroine's love life so much so that 10 15 years on she's not past it Thankfully that's not really the case here There was much to what happened to Shay and Vince in high school than just a date gone bad The way her dad's perspective and his relationships with both her mom ex wife and new girlfriend was woven in really worked He wasn't just a cardboard bad dad but also the reasons why they don't get along aren't all laid at Shay's door The suspense plot worked for me despite it getting a bit muddled as to the goal and it was easy enough to figure out who the villain was Shay and Vince had a history so the insta attraction between them worked They have both changed since teen days and throughout the story they adapt to be together Loved that he realized was a strong partner and not someone he needed to fixprotect forever

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Major Vince Vapor DeLuca may have just accepted his most difficult recon mission ever keeping an eye on Shay Bassett As a pilot in the Air Force's top secret test unit Vince keeps a 4 ½ stars – Romantic SuspenseI liked ‘Hotshot’ the second book in Catherine Mann’s ‘Dark Ops’ series even better than the first for one main reason Vince “Vapor” DeLucahe’s positively yummy The romance in “Hotshot” is much steamier than in “Defender” which was another added bonus for meThe military themed ‘Dark Ops’ romantic suspense series features a suadron of undercover test pilots with a wide range of backgrounds and expertise engaging in top secret missions to save the day and the girlThe operation in “Hotshot” involves Major Vince “Vapor” DeLuca being tasked with assuming the role of bodyguard for his former mentor’s daughter Shay Bassett who’s a nurse at a Cleveland youth center that’s overrun with gang violence It seems Shay is scheduled to speak at a Congressional hearing to beseech for funding and that a terrorist group recruiting gang members for their own agenda wants to keep her uietpermanently Vince’s team is assigned to bring down the terrorist group and his mission is to protect Shay Of course there’s a complication in that Vince and Shay share a volatile unresolved history from when they were troubled teens together 17 years ago that makes it impossible for them to keep things platonicFormer bad boy biker test pilot Vince “Vapor” “Hotshot” DeLuca is a ‘Major’ no pun intended hottie He’s got the whole big hard body shaved head Ray Bans tattoos biker bad ass thing going on but yet he’s funny tender sweet protective without being overbearing patient and thoughtful and he recognizes the good thing that he and Shay have together pretty uick and is determined to hold on to her this time around “Hotshot” is a great romantic suspense and a uick read at only 280 pages with eual parts action suspense and steamy romance with a sexy former biker bad boy turned flyboy and a strong heroine I’m looking forward to Tech Sergeant Mason “Smooth” Randolph’s story in book three “Renegade” that’s slated for release in January 2010 45 stars

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Hotshot Dark Ops #2Cool head at the controls But ever since they were teens Shay's had a way of jamming his radar Now she's scheduled to tell Congress about Cleveland's escalating gang activity and som Her books are just too short Hotshot was a super book reminiscent of Cindy Gerard and others who usually write about SEALS or Spec Ops but Ms Mann's specialty is the Air Force flyboy Half the fun of each book she writes is learning how her men get their nicknamesHotshot and his crewmates fly top secret AF test planes and before you think that doesn't sound too sexy or dangerous pay attention to the flight of the Mach 6 hint its six times faster than Mach 1 They also get to try out new radar missles payload delivery systems intel gathering communications euipmentetc Major Vince Vapor DeLuca aka Hotshot is to watch a civilian in this one howeverShay Bassett is the daughter of the man who rescued Vince from life on the streets and he remembers her as the one to stay away from Now she runs a community center in the worst part of Cleveland and concentrates on stopping gang activity Shay is heading to DC to testify before Congress about gangs and her estranged father feels she needs protection That's how Hotshot arrives in Cleveland I liked Vince and I also liked Shay The other crew members and especially their wives are a hoot But the real stars of this book are the young gangbangers Life in a gang is something most of us are so distanced from that it is almost surreal evidenced only by the tagging we see Ms Mann's research into gangs is responsible for so much emotion on my part because as I read this book I was teaching basic Carpentry to a dozen kids here in San Antonio; I learned first hand that the gang lifestyle is so pervasive and revered because it allows young men and women to feel powerful and connected One kid said you may be the boss here in the class but outside I'm the boss Argh EnoughThis book was up to the usual standards of Catherine Mann who is a regular 4 star author for me