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FREE DOWNLOAD Los de abajo 100 ↠ ❰PDF❯ ✪ Los de abajo Author Mariano Azuela – Durante la Revolución Mexicana Mariano Azuela fue médico de la facción la ue comandaba Francisco Villa de ahí ue algunas de sus más notables obras literarias estén inspiradas por auellos hechos Durante la Revolución MexicanaConcebida con la sinceridad y la valentía de un hombre ue nunca cedió a la tentación de adornar artificiosamente o de falsear los acontecimientos y escrita con un lenguaje directo ue aúna la belleza a la sencillez. We’ve been there so many times and we are where we are today because we all smugly know that all of our Rising Up will be followed up immediately with a Rising Down It’s too complicated too complex too ambiguous Unless someone makes it clear to us but then we assure ourselves it can’t be so simple Change a light bulb Stop eating meat Save the planet Or down with racism Down with sexism Down with ablism Down with whatever anti LGBT is called Social Justice NowBut you turn out looking just like The Enemy you sought to unseat Yes of course And so a novel of a moment of history a tectonic moment like all revolutionary moments ; an opening in history for hope The hope is dashed we predict so well in hindsight And those despicable creatures ; they no longer fight for The Cause but for money Why did they even bother They’re no better than the landthieving bosses The French Communists published an edition of Los de abajo The French Monarchists hailed it as blow for the Reactionary Cause That seems to be the place a novel ua novel ought to find itself Imagine an African novel hailed by both Fanon and William F Buckley as primping their respective causes And though there is hope to be found There was The Year of Dreaming Dangerously Defeated And yet unredeemed But its ripples have brought Sanders to the fore We hoped on Obama and our hopes were bargained away in a flash Is that reason for a knowbetterist non Sandersism No

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Durante la Revolución Mexicana Mariano Azuela fue médico de la facción la ue comandaba Francisco Villa de ahí ue algunas de sus más notables obras literarias estén inspiradas por auellos hechos de Los de Epubarma. The author 1873 1952 knows first hand what he writes about because he joined as a doctor an army that was part of Pancho Villa’s forces in the Mexican Revolution of 1910 14 What he saw and later wrote about soured him on the Revolution He came to believe that the social justice being promoted by the revolt was eualized by the evils occurring The general who is the main character says “If a man has a rifle in his hands and a beltful of cartridges surely he should use them That means fighting Against whom For whom That is scarcely a matter of importance” Which reminds me of a passage in A Curse on Dostoevsky by Ati Rahimi All through the story there is a continuous backdrop of distant and near gunfire and explosions from grenades and rockets destroying the city Kabul the capital of Afghanistan “Outside everyone is shooting without knowing at whom or what for”When they rout the federales they take no prisoners killing wounded and captured although a few convert to the rebel cause The major now made general attends a war strategy session with other leaders and says basically “I don’t care just tell me what to do”They go from town to town seemingly aimlessly at times entering a village taking over the largest hacienda humiliating or killing the owner burning the books and artwork taking the jewelry and silverware drinking the booze until they are in a several day stupor gambling everything away on cards dice and cockfights Then the burn the mansion Sometimes they shoot the priest The carry on with willing 12 and 14 year old girls who are already prostitutes Whereas early in the Revolution the villagers welcomed them with church bells flags music and parades now they hide in the hills The ideals of the Revolution have disintegrated into serial episodes of debauchery as the army travels from village to village The ending speaks volumes view spoilerThe general is shot and killed after leading his men into an ambush Of the other three main characters two stab each other to death over a gambling dispute and the third kills himself hide spoiler

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Los de abajoS Entre todas ellas Los de abajo redactada en en El Paso Texas sintetiza admirablemente lo ue el ilustre escritor pensaba de la Revolución y cómo vio él mismo su furia destructora Se trata de una historia descarnada. First of all this is NOT a history book If you're interested in learning about the Mexican Revolution pick up a history bookSecond of all you didn't get the point It's not about the life of rural Mexico or how people lived or how they lost their ideals It's about joining la bola the mass of people fighting for no particular reason The campesinos didn't really join the fight because they believed they were getting land and freedom they joined because they believed in their leaders joining the fight for the love of their jefe or simply to join la bolaI'm sure many of you will disagree with me and I'm sure there were exceptions to what I'm saying but I'm only commenting on what Mariano Azuela was trying to get across; don't forget Azuela fought in the war