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Free download ☆ Wish You Were Here á PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ¸ ❮Download❯ ➵ Wish You Were Here Author Lani Diane Rich – Freya Daly has always been a smart businesswoman tough unemotional and a killer at negotiations But for the last few months she's been burstNt and career wait for himthough maybe not for much longer if he doesn't get back soon It doesn't help that his eleven year old daughter Piper loves it in Idaho For once he's not working fifteen hour days and he and Piper feel like a family The only nuisance in their Idaho life is the guest in cabin number four The beautiful woman from Boston has charmed Piper and for some reason seems as eager to buy the campground as Nate is to unload it As Freya and Nate build a friendship things start to heat up in ways than on. NL's book crawl Idahotook me long enough to finally read this book turned out to be very enjoyable new author for me

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Lone and far from home her rare eye condition only gets worse The one thing that seems to help is the friendship she strikes up with Piper Brody a little girl who shows Freya that being a kid again can be a lot of fun Nate Brody is a five star chef in Cincinnati Unfortunately at the moment he's not in Cincinnati he's running his father's rundown campground in Idaho Having made a deathbed promise to his father to find a mysterious lost item before selling the place Nate is anxious to get back home where his restaura. Freya Daly is ready to take over her father’s company when he retires Unfortunately her father does not think Freya is ready and wants her to prove her worth So he sends Freya to Deer Creek Idaho If Freya can get the owner Nate Brody to sell his campground then Freya’s father will let her run his company For Freya this will be just another walk in the park She buys up businesses all the time Once Freya sees the campground and how run down it is; she knows she has this deal in the bag Nate made a promise to his father before he died that he would run the campground All Nate needs in his life right now is some meddling daddy’s girl If Freya never saw Nate again it would be too soon One person though that has warmed her way into Freya’s heart is Nate’s Piper Will this princess run back home or will Freya become camp counselorI loved Freya She was so kooky and fun Plus who knew there was an eye condition that could make someone cry unexpectedly Nate is so patient kind and has a heart of gold Piper was one of my favorite characters Wish You Were Here is a fun up beat romance story This was a uick read Lani Diane Rich is a new author for me She was such a dream to read I enjoyed every minute of this story Readers better watch out as Lani Diane Rich is a force to be reckoned with in the contemporary romance world

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Wish You Were HereFreya Daly has always been a smart businesswoman tough unemotional and a killer at negotiations But for the last few months she's been bursting into tears for no reason at all Even though she's sure it must be some kind of rare eye condition her boss and father removes her from her usual task of buying high rent commercial properties in Boston and banishes her to a rundown campground in Idaho Wish You MOBI #10003 with orders to obtain the property at any cost Why the property is so valuable Freya doesn't know All a. 45 stars Feel good book Enjoyable pleasant reading about human relationships with romance and mysteryREVIEWER’S OPINIONThere is a lot of good conversation and some heartwarming lines I was chuckling several times and laughed out loud a few times I loved the interaction and conversations between Piper and Freya Nate was a neat guy open sensitive and honorable The author did a decent job creating the bad guys The plot was goodSTORY BRIEFRichard Daly is a wealthy real estate developer His daughter Freya wants to take over his position when he retires She is hardened tough and a successful savvy real estate negotiator who recently developed some emotional weaknesses She can’t prevent her freuent bursting into tears Her father sends her to a run down campground in Idaho to negotiate buying it He is willing to pay much than it is worth but won’t tell Freya whyNate inherited the campground from his father On his deathbed the father made Nate promise to find a purple item but died before he could say Nate won’t sell until he finds whatever his father was talking about He was married briefly and has sole custody of his daughter Piper now 11 years oldDATAStory length 280 pages Swearing language strong Sexual language moderate Number of sex scenes 3 Length of sex scenes 02 12 and 5 pages Setting current day northern Idaho and Boston Massachusetts Copyright 2008 Genre romantic mysteryOTHER BOOKSTo date I've read the following Lani Diane Rich books45 stars Wish You Were Here Copyrt 2008 Review Date 112083 stars Crazy In Love Copyrt 2007 Review Date 525092 stars A Little Ray of Sunshine Copyrt 2008 Review Date 52509