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Read & Download Why America Failed ¶ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook » [Reading] ➼ Why America Failed Author Morris Berman – Why America Failed shows how from its birth as a nation of hustlers to its collapse as an empire the tools of the country's expansion proved to be the instruments of itsWhy America Failed shows how from its birth as a nation of hustlers to its collapse as an empire the tools of the Why America Kindle country's expansion proved to be the instruments of its demise Why America Failed is the third and most engaging volume of Morris Berman's trilogy on the decline of the American empire In The Twilight of American Culture Berman examined the internal factors of that decline showing that they were identical to those of Rome in its late empire phase In Dar. Parts of this book were really illuminating and it's the exact kind of comprehensive social critiue of modern culture that I think we need of He cites a voluminous amount of sources and picks up the tradition of Neil Postman and Marshall McLuhan and others However there is a huge gaping rotten flaw at the center of the book his idealization of the South as the model civilization that could have led the way toward a meaningful American culture as opposed to the North's crude industrialization Let's leave aside his ahistorical claim that the war was not just about slavery actually let's not leave that aside Is it really his contention that the South spent all that money and human lives to protect an intangible culture of honor The main problem is his contention that slavery though he admits it to be abhorent was anti capitalist and allowed for a slow agrarian culture This is just not true see all the modern scholarship on American capitalism Sven Beckert Baptist Seth Rockman and many many others Slavery was indeed uite profitable and actually the stuff slavery created helped kickstart Northern industrialization It would not have ended but for the war or westward expansion That's why they fought to keep it Moreover he never uite articulates what it was about southern culture that was so much better than elsewhere He realizes that there were many different subcultures in the south but then depicts the north as a monolith culture of wage labor and the factory What about the Transcendentalists the abolitionists the utopians the uakers all of these strands of cultural thought and critiue which he uotes at length when it serves him were northern I was actually ready to hear a critiue of industrialization and capitalism I was even ready to hear a defense of the south But this just doesn't get it right

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K Ages America he explored the external factors eg the fact that both empires were ultimately attacked from the outside and the relationship between the events of and the history of US foreign policyIn his most ambitious work to date Berman looks at the why of it all Probes America's commitment to economic liberalism and free enterprise stretching back to the late sixteenth century and shows how this ideology along with that of technological progress rendered any alternative marginal to. Why America Failed the use of the past tense may cause confusion in some If you feel curious instead of indignant then I can't recommend this book highly enough if you feel indignant you should probably at least be curious about why you could possible feel indignant about something that is in no way intended to be insulting Berman can help you with that too For as long as I can remember I felt there was something wrong with this country and I wanted to help fix it American political commentators tend to write within a limited framework; they choose one issue out of the hundreds America faces explain the problem and offer endless solutions As a citizen concerned about the big picture this becomes overwhelming and baffling It often seems that triage is the only tool the activist has pick the issue closest to you and leave the other eually important issues to die on the battlefield Or just turn on the TV and forget about it it seems to work for the neighbors right Moris Berman chose to view the nation from a broader perspective He looked at the whole stack of problems refused to shy away from their enormity and concluded that Americans had neither the will nor the power to address them in a meaningful way He concluded that our very culture is poisoned and that it is only a matter of time until the empire falls The conclusion to a trilogy on the decline of the American Empire Why America Failed provides the underlying historical causes of the empire's current ills and chronicles the failures of those who attempted to alter the trajectory It can be understood on its own but the first two in the series The Twilight of American Culture and Dark Ages America really provide the foundation for understanding Berman's thesis All three books are very well written The tone is generally that of a friendly yet serious conversation I went into the trilogy assuming I'd experience the same pessimistic gloom that nearly overwhelms me every time a read about contemporary America Instead I found a perspective that really freed me to think about what ultimately mattered to me and what values I'd like to live by Dr Berman thank you for sharing your perspective

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Why America FailedAmerican history Maintains than anything else that this one sided vision of the country's purpose finally did our nation in Why America Failed is a controversial work one that will shock anger and transform its readers The book is a stimulating and provocative explanation of how we managed to wind up in our current situation economically weak politically passe socially divided and culturally adrift It is a tour de force a powerful conclusion to Berman's study of American imperial decli. A good overview of many of the problems in American society But not much positive is offered as an alternative Granted it is a difficult situation and we do seem hell bent on taking a bad social approach to its logical conclusion But also I think this is before the recent events with Brexit Trump and the fake news phenomenon where there has began to be hit back against the unitary liberalneo liberal and imperial vision of progress that was being forced upon us And also its a fascinating thing as Berman gives credit to certain values of the South in America that were lost in the civil war excepting slavery of course and it is these people that are the main base of support for Donald Trump And yet Trump is an archetypal hustler of the northern states of the US as he describes them in this book So what has happened here Have people been hoodwinked into accepting an accelerated continuation of the hustling individualist way of life Or is it something different Given that his support is mainly coming from those who want to preserve community values While it is those of the traditional northern hustling values that are opposed to Trump as they seem to have largely sold out to globalist values and liberal decadence taken to its extreme An extreme he decries in his book Would Morris Berman be willing to give any credit or allow any distinction or nuance here or would he just carry on with his same old anti american self hating narrative a typical narrative of the liberal north actually in its last stages where it takes self deferral to unhealthy and ridiculous extremes in order to delude itself it is on the side of universal moral values that are a leftover from the imperial vision This would reveal his true allegiances but I would have to read his recent work to get some idea of this Nevertheless for all its overly glass half empty approach it is a very thought provoking perspective and worthwhile read and he represents a worthy thinker that must be responded to by those who would like to provide or suggest different positive alternatives for the future of US society