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What Happy People Know How the New Science of Happiness Can Change Your Life for the Better Summary À 109 Ä [Reading] ➶ What Happy People Know How the New Science of Happiness Can Change Your Life for the Better ➽ Dan Baker – Horticulturetrader.co.uk Dr DanDr Dan Baker director of the Life Enhancement People Know eBook #8608 Program at Canyon Ranch has devoted his life to teaching people how to be happy And apparently most of us could use a little tutoring Research has shown that the root of unhappiness fear lies in the oldest reptilian part of our brains and negative reactions are What Happy PDFEPUBoften dictated by primal instincts We're literally hardwired for hard times In Wha. The thing is that I am a happy person I like me I like my life There are moments but mostly life is good So why the fuck am I reading this book to begin with since I know what happy people know Someone listed is as a source for a statistic I called into uestion The statistic turned out not be in here at all And even if it had well let's address that a bit further down the road shall weOn the one hand there is some solid life advice in here for unhappy people It is indeed chock full of things I and other happy people know He talks about the damage done when you give up your personal power the harm of learned helplessness the value of practicing appreciation the importance of knowing who you are and what you value and living your life accordingly the difference between being a victim and being a survivor the difference between blaming yourself and taking responsibility for your actions the psychological harm of overexposure to advertising the relevance of good health to living joyfully and many other things that absolutely true in my experience So if you are unhappy there is some good stuff in here for you if you are open to itHOWEVER This is one of the worst sourced pieces of nonfiction I've read in my entire life with the possible exception of Dianetics which I didn't finish The only reason I finished this was to try and find the statistic which wasn't in it Though I doubt I would have trusted it if it had been there There is at least one occasion where he states one of many hypotheses as though it were accepted scientific theory He throws a massive amount of statistics out there with hard numbers yet doesn't list a source for them at all A huge portion of facts are preceding by statements such as it's widely estimated researchers have found a survey of college students showed was proven in a study and in one study In one study A study A survey Really You can find one study to show anything Who widely estimates What percent of researchers have found Further some of the sourced information is from organizations that have come under fire for using a thin veneer of science to mask a deeper core of pseudoscience These sources much like himself serve to gain financial profit from convincing you that standard medicine is bunk but they know the real secret Only a handful of his facts are cited properly However that only makes all the ones that aren't even suspiciousLast but not least this book reads like an advertisement for himself and his life enhancement techniues It also reads like he has a serious axe to grind with standard clinical psychology Granted this field is not perfect but the way he speaks of it comes across as very petty and very personal and not rooted in science The first critical thinking uestion to ask of anything is who benefits from this uite clearly he his book career and his integrative medicine consulting company stand to gain from this As Dr Baker himself points out one should proactively guard themselves against overexposure to advertising So the final verdict If you're really fucking miserable give this book a whirl There's some good advice in it Take all the facts in it with a grain of salt though If you're happy already give it pass

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Unhappiness and devise your plan to overcome both of them Then Dr Baker teaches you how to spot the happiness traps the five doomed ways we try to make ourselves happy Happy People Know How the PDFEPUBonly to dig ourselves further into misery Finally he shares his happiness tools the six simple skills that when practiced consistently will inevitably lead to greater optimism courage good humor and fulfillment in short to happine. A fantastic and uick read I enjoyed the stories in this book as they make the concepts easy to understand I've read so many books on happiness and positive psychology that when I learn about new concepts or theories it's rewarding to me Let's begin The main premise is that the biological circuitry of fear is the greatest enemy of happiness We're wired with a survival instinct and that takes over There are 12 ualities of happiness love optimism courage sense of freedom or choice proactivity security health spirituality altruism perspective humor and purpose We're talking neocortex the reptilian brain and the amygdala deal with fear There's a chapter on the money trap no money does not bring happiness There are 6 happiness tools that include appreciation or love the antidote of fear choice personal power taking responsibility and action leading with your strengths every day the power of language and stories be positive about your own story We need multidimensional living all three love and relationships health and purpose The battle here is between fear and happiness There are 5 traps that ensnare you trying to buy happiness trying to find happiness through pleasure trying to be happy by resolving the past trying to be happy by overcoming weaknesses and trying to force happiness Basically we'll never have enough money A life of leisure status possessions financial power and worldly power won't bring happiness Chapter 3 talks a little about positive psychology and my hero Martin Seligman the founder of the movement Pleasure doesn't last Freud's approach failed and clinical psychology has been tarnished Chapter 4 is about love and appreciation as the antidote to fear Anxiety and stress are the number one cause of heart attacks Try focused meditation yoga and other methods Practice forgiveness Get rid of the hate Altruism overcomes fearWe need choices and positive things to focus on You can change the way you perceive things Take responsibility and action have courage know your values and stick to them Don't get caught up in victimization entitlement rescue and blame Chapter 7 is about a 911 survivor and it was moving Optimism can come from suffering Wisdom is key Use your strengths to make positive changeThe chapter on language and stories was really interesting Frame them in positive ways Again there are so many great stories and lessons to be learned in this book The only thing missing is a section on references however I imagine some of this can be found at the author's website I highly recommend this book

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What Happy People Know How the New Science of Happiness Can Change Your Life for the BetterT Happy People Know Dr Baker uses evidence from the new science of happiness to show us how we can overcome this genetic predisposition toward negative reactions and lead a truly rich happy and healthy lifeIn this book Dr Baker shares the program that Happy People Know Kindle #180 has revolutionized the lives of countless unhappy people VIP's and regular Joes and Janes alike First you'll learn the only two issues that ever cause. I bought this book ten years ago and read half of it I liked what I read Baker has some good ideas about using thought language to reinterpret a situationin order to reclaim it from unhappiness If you have a nightmare boss refer to him or her as a challenge If you get a dodgy diagnosis re frame it as an opportunity etcI had no memory of why I stopped midway through and thought it was simply because I'd gotten distracted by some other book When I picked it back up recently at a period in my life when I'm actually uite happy I was struck by a lot of things about the book that kind of annoy me Lots of statements like studies show with no footnote telling us what the study was so we could judge for ourselves if it was reliable The references that are used are often from the 1970s which seems kind of old for the new science of happiness Lots of patient examples from Canyon Ranch that I don't really believe were remotely based on fact eg a young patient's mother who was in an abusive relationship remember not the patient but the parent showed up at his office with her suitcase in tow and announced she was leaving the abusive husband Maybe but I doubt it I at least would have left my suitcase locked in the trunk instead of lugging it into his office The examples felt like constructed situations He does a lot of dissing of traditional psychoanalysis while praising himself and the work he's done to change pscyhotherapy He also kind of pooh poohed positive thinking and the use of affirmations etc from the mind science movement which seemed unfortunate since his work seems at least tangentially related I could see his position alienating some readers who might otherwise have embraced the happiness he is encouraging I don't really trust his science There's little discussion of how people have different happiness settings My husband wakes up with a smile on his face and basically stays that way all day long unless he's witnessed some injustice while he's behind the wheel I wake up wishing I could go back to sleep because I'm not ready to face the day I'm not an unhappy person I love my life But chemically or psychologically or something I'm not wired the same way he is Re stating my dislike of morning or noisy city streets into a positive phrase is not going to change that So I don't know I got some good stuff out of the book that is useful to put into action but it just wasn't a five star situation to me Part of that might have been the focus on himself I read a lot of memoir so I don't mind reading personal stories or personal examples but I couldn't help but notice that he was always pretty awesome in the way he solved other people's problems here which kind of felt like a sales pitch than realityFinally he has characters here who are dirt poor and speak in dialect and the whole experience set my teeth on edge because it was like a high school creative writing student's idea of what a poor person sounds like In short if someone gives you this book as a present read it If you are feeling desperate to read some strategies for how to be a happier person you'll basically find what you want here It's not a perfect book but I'm sure some people will find real help and inspiration here