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Tomas author Linda Warren Free download Ñ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free È ✭ Tomas Books ✯ Author Linda Warren – Marine Staff Sergeant Tomas Tuf Hart is beginning to understand why they say you can never go home again Still grappling with the mental scars of battleMarine Staff Sergeant Tomas Tuf Hart is beginning to understand why they say you can never go home again Still grappling with the mental scars of battle Tuf's just learned that Thunder Ranch is in trouble Now the Harts are banking everything on their stallion Midni. Miniseries Harts of the Rodeo

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Ght winning the National Finals Rodeo The only easy part of Tuf's homecoming was falling for his high school crush all over againCheyenne Sundell has always been drawn to Tuf But as a single mom of twin daughters she's wary of getting involved especially with anoth. The publisher provided me with a copy of this book to review via NetGalleyTomas Cowboy Homecoming is the sixth and final book in the Harts of the Rodeo series however it can be read as a standalone novelI have to say I really enjoyed this book At long last we get introduced to Tomas who has been mentioned in all the previous books in this series but had not yet made his appearance All the other characters that have been in the previous novels were also there to help complement Tomas' return home and made it really feel like the family oriented bookseries that it isThough many of the characters have been seen previously they were all very well developed Tomas is a really solid male lead character he has his issues most of which are related to PTSD Post Traumatic Stress Disorder from having served in the military and it added a extra layer to him that made him appealing to like He has flaws but they don't bog down the story like some flawed characters do If anything it was those flaws that really kept things moving as he tried to find a way to free himself from the nightmares and protect those he loves Cheyenne was a perfect match for Tomas as well They were both broken in different ways but it was this that made them a good match They each wanted to protect the other from themselves while trying to help the otherThe flow of this story was also really good Though the book spanned a year timeline wise it didn't feel rushed at all Some books that try to push that much time into a single story lose the focus on the actual storyline and instead focus on moving time forward but that was not the case with this book The flow of time flet real as things progressed int he rodeo at the ranch and with the relationship And it was this flow that allowed such an ease of reading that I was able to read this book in very little timeThe progression of Tomas and Cheyenne's relationship and their struggles with their own issues and that of each other added an extra feel to the book You could see how one affected by PTSD would be guarded and not want to get close to someone for fear of hurting them and yet at the same time so desperately need others in their lives who could not only understand but help them as wellThough I have read most of the Harts of the Rodeo series I have to say that this book was definitely one of my favorites While others were slow or didn't have as appealing writing Tomas Cowboy Homecoming was everything I could have asked for a I would highly recommend this book and the series as well to anyone who enjoys romances especially those with that western feel to them

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Tomas author Linda WarrEr military man Cheyenne's disastrous marriage taught her that war changed men and not always for the betterTuf and Cheyenne have been through hell and back But with a little hope and a lot of holiday spirit they just might find a way to heal themselvesand each oth. 4 STARSTomas is the last of the Harts of the Rodeo continuity series I know I have missed reading a few of them and hope to read them all I criedlaughed and smiled throughout the book Thier were a few love scenes that I skimmed overMarine Staff Sergeant Tomas Tuf Hart is finally home He got out of the service two years ago but never came home He called once and gave his mom his number Nobody new where or what he was doing Though a few months ago he was at a rodeo and saw someone from his family but did not stay around to catch upOn his way home he saw a little girl walking in the road and thier were only a couple of ranches on and he stopped to see where she was goingSadie all she said was she was not supposed to talk to strangers Then her mom was running franticly calling her name Following her was another little girl her twin Sadie was running away from home Sadie is out going twin and Sammie was afraid to be left alone at all hardly talk to anyone but her familyCheyenne Wright the mother he recongized right away He had a crush on her in high school and asked her out after the third no he stopped asking Cheyenne and Tuf families did not get along then She told Tuf that she did not like him but that was a lie He scared her and excited her at the same time Her husband was in the war too but could not live with all the anger from it She moved back in with her father the last year Thier family now got along in fact her brother is marrying his sisterThe second time he saw Sadie running away he took her back home and told her he had runaway at 6 Sadie then told him why she was always running away toAfter that when he was out running in the morning he would sometimes stop and visit them The whole family were working as hard at going to all the rodeos they could to help pay off the ranch balloon payments They had family meetings and discussed things and how they all could help each other and work together It was lovely to see them pull together It was nice to see how all the new couples were doing and changingI like Linda story telling The twins were cute and changed so much I was really envolved in seeing how Tuf was doing in the rodeo each eventI was given this ebook to read in exchange for honest review from Netgalley11272012 PUB Harleuin Imprint Harleuin American Romance 224pages