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Things AUTHOR Georges Perec kindle å eBook 9781567921571 ´ [Read] ➳ Things By Georges Perec – With the American publication of Life a User's Manual in 1987 Georges Perec was immediately recognized in the US as one of this century's most innovative writers Now Godine is pleased to issueWith the American publication of Life a User's Manual in 1987 Georges Perec was immediately recognized in the US as one of this century's most innovative writers Now Godine is pleased to issue two of his most powerful novels in one volume Things in an authoritative new translation and A Man Asleep making its first English appearance Both provoked strong reactions when they first appeared in the 1960s; both which speak with disuieting immediacy to the conscience of today's readers In each tale Perec subtly probes our compulsive obsession wi Things A Story of the Sixties predates all those tiresome novels about corporate culture ennui Ballardian death of affect and dehumanisation through advertising and leaves them weeping into their MaxPower V9 toasters cum dildos What a heartbreaking and beautiful novella Oh Georges is it really so sad? Perec narrates from a distance leaving his characters Sylvie and Jérôme to fumble through a blank lower bourgeois existence besotted with appliances and desperate to shimmy up the ladder without accepting their place as adults By piling up descriptions razor sharp character analysis and cultural scene setting Perec captures the painful loneliness of upwardly mobile corporate life—his writing glitters with perfect wrenching subtlety and humour Oh Georges Georges Georges And then there’s A Man Asleep a beautiful exploration of complete disengagement from the culture written in energetic second person prose chock with penetrating insights into man’s desire to escape the terror and horror of everyday life An absolutely magnificent duo of novellas—epochal strange and powerful

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The nameless student in A Man Asleep attempts to purify himself entirely of material desires and ambition He longs to want nothing Just to wait until there is nothing left to wait for Just to wander and to sleep Yearning to exist on neutral ground as a blessed parenthesis he discovers that this wish is by its very nature a defeatAccessible sobering and deeply involving each novel distills Perec's unerring grasp of the human condition as well as displaying his rare comic talent His generosity of observation is both detached and compassionat 120119 these are two short works it is an error to think of them as ‘novels’ it is mistaken also to think they are nonfiction ‘essays’ in the first case there is not much interest in shaping the usual furniture of fiction short or long in the second there is no careful deployment of rhetoric assertions serious arguments to give the idea that the text means or refers much to any difficult idea in fact the ideas are simple in ‘things’ the reader is given descriptive form to the idea that maybe the material wealth we accumulate is not connected to any human value except as owner of these ‘things’ in ‘a man asleep’ the reader is given absurd realistic fantastic image of being other than human by having no connection to things of any sort material or importantly emotionally with the idea this is the ‘pure’ way to be human rather than truly i suggest by this severing of desires simply becoming someone else’s ‘thing’

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Things AUTHOR Georges PerTh society's trappings the seductive mass of things that crams our lives masuerading as stability and meaningJerome and Sylvie the young upwardly mobile couple in Things lust for the good life They wanted life's enjoyment but all around them enjoyment was euated with ownership Surrounded by Paris's tantalizing exclusive boutiues they exist in a paralyzing vacuum of frustration caught between the fantasy of the film they would have liked to live and the reality of life's daily mundanitiesIn direct contrast with Jerome and Sylvie's cravings For a brief shining moment Things by Georges Perec stood on my real life to be read shelf next to Flings by Justin Taylor and I had half a mind to go the whole hog and buy Strings by Allison Dickson and Wings by Aprilyne Pike to go with them Georges would have liked that I think But I read Flings then Things and Strings and Wings have faded into the unserious penumbra of whimsy which seems to follow me around most daysThis novel is not really a novel it’s a rueful self filleting a wry meditation a cool dry analysis of Georges’ own generation of early 1960s lower middle class slackers I’d bet my next paycheck that it’s 99% autobiography Jerome and Sylvie and their friends all drift from being uncommitted students to casual work for market research agencies none of them have proper careers They live in cramped apartments and comb Paris to find affordable objets d’art to stuff them with They have the taste of the upper middle class but they have no money Things is page after page of than a little self loathing contemptuous analysis of the lives and attitudes of Jerome and Sylvie with lists of all the stuff they bought the things There is no dialogue at all and no discernible events Here he is mocking their pretentious political paranoia The enemy was unseen Or rather the enemy was within them it had rotted them infected them eaten them away They were the hollow men the turkey round the stuffing Tame pets faithfully reflecting a world which taunted them They were up to their necks in a cream cake from which they would only ever be able to nibble crumbsIt must be a French thing this wry condescending academic know it all narrator voice – you hear it in Amelie and in Godard’s Two or Three Things I Know About Her and in the novels of Michel Hoellebec for instance Here it is again It’s tiring Take a look at this sentence In advertising circles – which were generally located by uasi mystical tradition to the left of centre but were rather better defined by technocracy the cult of efficiency modernity complexity by the taste for speculating on future trends and by the demagogic strain in sociology as well as by the still very widespread opinion that nine tenths of the population were fools just able to sing the praises of anything or anybody in unison – in advertising circles then it was fashionable to despise all merely topical political issues and to grasp History in nothing smaller than centuries Okay one thing does happen to our tiresome and fraying at the edges couple – they observe their circle of friends dwindling as they each decide to join the salaried middle class properly by getting proper jobs and going to live in the suburbs To prove they aren’t such braindead materialists as that J S get jobs as teachers in Tunisia it’ll be great Except that one of the jobs doesn’t work out and they end up living in Sfax which is fairly grim or was in 1962 This is the best part of the book the disillusion of this brief dream is something we all might have experienced Sadness and deflation is what this brief novel is all about You have been warned M Perec is clearly a brainy and impressive writer but my God he has that one continual uncontrollable tic running through every other sentence – he thinks it’s his very own cool style – which will set your teeth on edge by page 3 Here is a particularly florid example They were in the centre of a vacuum they had settled into a no man’s land of parallel streets yellow sands inlets and dusty palms a world they did not understand that they did not seek to understand because in their past lives they had never euipped themselves to have to adapt one day to change to mould themselves to a different kind of scenery or climate or style of living Jerome could easily seem to have brought his homeland or rather his uartier his ghetto his stamping ground with him on the soles of his English shoes Sfax simply did not have a Mac Mahon or a Harry’s Bar or a Balzar or a Contrescarpe or a Salle Pleyel or Berges de la Seine une nuit de juin In such a vacuum precisely because of this vacuum because of the absence of all things because of such a fundamental vacuity such a blank zone a tabula rasa they felt as if they were being cleansedSo everything has to be Perecised – three synonyms minimum or the reader will simply not understand I felt bamboozled banjaxed and almost bullied as if George was prodding his finger his appendage his digit right into my sternum my chestal cavity my very frontage