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The Three Souls reader Ô doc ½ horticulturetrader ¶ ➺ [Reading] ➼ The Three Souls By Bill Thomas (Musician, Author) ➯ – The Three Souls is about Johnny Chambers who is falsely convicted of a crime The time frame is 1961 and Johnny is in a Texas Penitentiary While The Three Souls is about Johnny Chambers who is falsely convicted of a crime The time frame is 1961 and Johnny is in a Texas Penitentiary While in prison Johnny meets two prisoners who he decides are Vincent Van Gogh and Amadeus Mozart reincarnated Johnny hatches The Three Soulsthree reincarnated troubled souls Johnny Chambers as Ernest Hemingway David Madejas as Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Vinny LePugh as Vincent Van GoghThe purpose of these art legends’ reincarnation was to get another chance to live their life and maybe live it better Van Gogh shot himself while Mozart died poor I empathize with these three Johnny Vinny and David or Hemingway Mozart and Van Gogh respectively My heart melts They were extremely talented individuals of the higher art forms who never seem to have enjoyed their gifts as much as the world exalted them after they passed away Now in The Three Souls they got the chance to redeem their past and make a much better ending to it All thanks to their friend Johnny and his selfless love At first you would think that a truck driver like Johnny wouldn’t give a damn about other people especially when he had his own problems to deal with and what with his rugged personality But that’s the twist in the plot that makes it brilliantly original and enthralling at the same time Of course there’s the prison system and how the three fought to overthrow its abusive waysI give this a 9 out of ten

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Escape to grab their art and leave with the reincarnated prisoners He enlists help from other inmates and they stowaway on big truck that is leaving the prison The prison escape is successful but they have to face the warden and try to recover Johnny's wife Kitt I’m not sure what genre this book is but I had a good laugh here and there and that’s why I adored it Dry humor always makes me laugh especially when it’s from a tough character for a guy Johnny ChambersSo I think that this book’s primary strength is its ability to make the reader laugh in whatever situation the story’s currently at Also a great life lesson I realized here You could be in prison and if you can’t see the humor in it then you’re the one at the losing end My favorites lines when Johnny was in solitary prison “I started to focus on the fly on the wall and where it had come from What role did it play in this world? Was I once a fly before I was Johnny Chambers?” I can’t help but laugh

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The Three Souls A plan to let them work on their art in prison while trying to secure release from the Warden The Warden goes along with the plan for awhile but then decides to take their art and cash in on their talent Johnny decides it is time to leave the prison and plans an This is a classic case of a lousy police investigation and mistaken identity told intriguingly Life in prison was bad as expected but having friends to back you up can make all the difference A bit weird though about the reincarnation thing although I get the idea of how one's life is precious and that you should not wait for another lifetime to make the most of it The twist at the end is redeeming; it makes you realize that sometimes what you think to be a bad event in your life is meant to happen because of the magic that it will bring But you must keep the faith no matter what and never doubt yourself and your abilitiesAlso sometimes the most insignificant person in your life can save you Awesome work of fiction by Bill Thomas