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Read reader ñ The Nocturne Murder ☆ Hardcover È ⚣ [PDF] ✅ The Nocturne Murder By Audrey Peterson ✰ – Jane Winfield comes home to find her lover dead his head bashed in with a statue of Chopin Accused of the crime Jane must track down the killer herself among a host of bizaJane Winfield comes home to find her lover dead his head bashed in with a statue of C The only reason that this one does not get five stars is because ultimately the end reminded me of Sherlock Holmes stories and I am not a fan of those It is a good cozy little murder mystery Everything's very proper very wonderfully British If ever was there a time to drink tea with a book this book would be the one to do it with uite good uite good and a very satisfactory ending with all loose ends neatly tied up Actually even still I'm changing it to five stars This was uite satisfying

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Zarre and brutal characters First of a new series featuring a shrewd endearing heroin In this mystery our heroine was accused of the crime but in a surprising departure from the usual she didn't solve it herself Luckily for her and for us her new friends stepped up to the plate After investigating suspect after suspect and uncovering than a few secrets and confessions they found the real killer Now we can have the seuel hopefully with nice London and Bloomsbury settings and classical music themes I don't think she ever finished her research project on a little known composer she was calling the English Chopin Will we hear about it in book two?

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The Nocturne MurderHopin Accused of the crime Jane must track down the killer herself among a host of bi Aww man another one star bookI dislike reading things I can't get into and I really thought an English mystery would be something I would loveOrdinarily I bow down and become engrossed in all the facts the characters the personality and just the attention English authors dedicate to the intricacies of human emotion scenery and the elements of a great mystery and I found none of that here and yes I am disappointedSigh this book was alot of foreshadowing and hopeful phrases to make you curious about the end but what you really get is a convulted story with silly and mundane characters you know little about and care even less forIt tells the story of an American graduate student Jane studying music abroad in London when she is passively seduced into a relationship of sorts with an older man Maxwell who happens to be married with two adult childrenAs they get to know each other and the story moves on with references to Chopin and musical history then Maxwell is found dead in Jane's apartment and she is the number one suspectIt is here the novel falls apart to me trying to introduce the characters hastily with no backstory at all so it feels rushed and the ending too ridiculous to be a true murder mystery there was no big reveal no satisfying ending just a clumsy double kill that was really sillyNot recommended sorry