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review The Little Sister Ô eBook or Kindle ePUB » ❮BOOKS❯ ⚣ The Little Sister Author Raymond Chandler – Raymond Chandler's fifth novel has Philip Marlowe going to Hollywood as he explores the underworld of the glitter capital trying to find a sweet young thing's missing brother AlongHe underworld of the glitter capital trying to find a sweet young thing's missing bro. Written in the late '40s when RC was sick of Hollywood and depressed about his wife's health she was 17 years olderRC was fretful and feeling insolent than usual So he used Movieland as his setting The titular sister from the midwest lands in SoCal looking for her missing brother as we later learn they both want to blackmail their Almost Famous Sis who's in Pix From real life RC borrows a scandal involving mobster Bugsy Siegel who was allowed out of prison for a few days to visit his dentistsee it's LA where anything goes Forget reel lifeAs Capote said there are typists and there are writers RC was most gloriously A Writer California the most of everything and the best of nothing I smelled Los Angeles before I got to it It smelled stale and old like a living room that had been closed too long More wind blown hair and sunglasses and attitudes and pseudo refined voices and water front morals Our man Marlowe goes to the movies and sees The Sister in a featured role If she had been ten times better half her scenes would have been yanked out to protect the star RC claims this is what happened to featured Martha Vickers to protect Bacall in The Big Sleep Oh yes show biz If these people didn't live intense and disordered lives they wouldn't be able to catch emotions in flight and imprint them on a few feet of celluloidReviewing for The Tatler 1949 Elizabeth Bowen wrote that no consideration of modern American literature ought to exclude Raymond Chandler

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Raymond Chandler's fifth novel has Philip Marlowe going to Hollywood as he explores t. A woman from a small Kansas town hires Philip Marlowe to find her missing brother What Marlowe finds is himself ensnared in a web of drugs blackmail and murderAs I've said many times noir fiction and I go together like a bottle of cheap vodka and nightmares about being chased by coyotes The Little Sister by the esteemed Raymond Chandler is no exceptionIt may be because it's been a few months since I've read one of Raymond Chandler's oddly poetic noir masterpieces but I liked The Little Sister almost as much as Farewell My Lovely but not as much as The Big Sleep Chandler's simile ridden prose pushes Marlowe from one sordid event to the next making the bloody trip as pleasurable as a walk on the beachAs is usual for a Chandler book the plot meanders all over the place Marlowe takes a kicking but keeps pushing his way forward solving the case through a combination of luck good detective work and top notch dialogThe case looked simple when it was just Ormafay looking for Orrin Throw in the blackmail angle with Mavis Weld some thug named Steelgrave and people getting murdered with ice picks to the neck every other chapter and I had no idea where things were going for a good portion of the bookThe trip to the end was confusing but uite pleasurable due to Chandler's sublime prose I lost track of all the one liners I wanted to remember His nose had been broken and set but hadn't ever been a collector's item is the first one that springs to mindI know I saw it with every Raymond Chandler book I review but this is a must read for noir and detective fiction fans It's an easy four stars

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The Little SisterTher Along the way he uncovers a little blackmail a lot of drugs and than enough murd. Mostly a masterpiece 5 stars for the first 23 of the book his best ever work which then sadly rushes into the overly complex morass of a resolution Chandler's final denouement of the villains and their actions seems rushed in places and unclear in others You will eventually follow and understand but it's a lot of workMarlowe expresses this towards the end Sometimes when I’m low I try to reason it out But it gets too complicated The whole damn case was that way There was never a point where I could do the natural obvious thing without stopping to rack my head dizzy with figuring how it would affect somebody I owed something to As usual with my reviews please first read the publisher’s blurbsummary of the book Thank youWhat's most amazing about the prose in this book is how balanced it is how smooth the pacing how it flows right up to the edge of being surreal but Marlowe's intelligence keeps it real and immediate FabulousAnd perhaps the most surprising thing about the language here is how modern it is so many phrases and expressions have penetrated our daily usage even now Chandler's prose just flows from the page and into our minds It's natural rhythm and pacing are extraordinaryThe women femme fatales in the book are strong characters each an individual persona each driven by familiar needs and pasts each desperately trying to manipulate Marlowe to their own perceived goalsThe first 23 of the book presents clues and some red herrings some misdirections but bit by bit the clues fit together drawing you into Marlowe's world building a picture of crimes in your mind Chandler must have gotten tired of the story at some point because the last 13 is extraordinarily complex and this leads to the story feeling rushed and uite confusing It's all there but just kind of thrown at you at the end Too bad You don’t think I’m doing this for any twenty bucks do you” She gave me a level suddenly cool stare “Then why” Then when I didn’t answer she added “Because spring is in the air” I still didn’t answer She blushed a little Then she giggled I didn’t have the heart to tell her I was just plain bored with doing nothing Perhaps it was the spring too And something in her eyes that was much older than Manhattan Kansas She relaxed and let her head go back and her lips open a little “I suppose you do this to all the clients” she said softly Her hands now had dropped to her sides The bag whacked against my leg She leaned her weight on my arm If she wanted me to let go of her she had her signals mixed “I just didn’t want you to lose your balance” I said “I knew you were the thoughtful type” She relaxed still Her head went back now Her upper lids drooped fluttered a bit and her lips came open a little farther On them appeared the faint provocative smile that nobody ever has to teach them 32% Wow Chapter 13 is incredibly good The prose is wonderful beautifully descriptive and we see Marlowe's dissatisfaction with himself and with Los Angeles clearly This is I think the single best chapter in all of Chandler Wonderful Tired men in dusty coups and sedans winced and tightened their grip on the wheel and ploughed on north and west towards home and dinner an evening with the sports page the blatting of the radio the whining of their spoiled children and the gabble of their silly wives I drove on past the gaudy neons and the false fronts behind them the sleazy hamburger joints that look like palaces under the colors the circular drive ins as gay as circuses with the chipper hard eyed carhops the brilliant counters and the sweaty greasy kitchens that would have poisoned a toad Great double trucks rumbled down over Sepulveda from Wilmington and San Pedro and crossed towards the Ridge Route starting up in low low from the traffic lights with a growl of lions in the zoo sleazy adj1640s downy fuzzy later flimsy unsubstantial 1660s of unknown origin; one theory is that it is a corruption of Silesia the German region where thin linen or cotton fabric was made for export Silesia in reference to cloth is attested in English from 1670s; and sleazy as an abbreviated form is attested from 1670 but OED is against this Sense of sordid is from 1941 Related Sleazily; sleazinessIn this book we see Marlowe attracted the femme fatales and helplessly smitten by one He realises this but can't seem to help himself doesn’t want to help himself although he knows a romance could never work Still he invests his heart Very poignant very sad “They are what human beings turn into when they trade life for existence and ambition for security” Chandler was 64 then and his wife was 16 years older I also understand that Chandler's wife was uite ill during his writing of this book and you can feel his fatigue with life in LA clearly his rants against the tinsel throwaway culture that LA had become the poison of money and Hollywood and his nostalgia for an older version of LA somehow cleaner and hopeful in his mind The studio cop at the semicircular glassed in desk put down his telephone and scribbled on a pad He tore off the sheet and pushed in through the narrow slit “Thanks Is this bullet proof glass” “Sure Why” “I just wondered” I said “I never heard of anybody shooting his way into the picture business” Behind me somebody snickered I turned to look at a girl in slacks with a red carnation behind her ear She was grinning “Oh brother if a gun was all it took” Notes200% Chandler is smokin' here He hard boils it then brings out the blow torch Awesome 310% I would have loved to see Bogart in a movie of this Wow 320% Wow Chapter 13 is incredibly good The very best chapter in all of Chandler Wonderful 470% keeps getting better and better Spectacular prose complex plot and deliciously entertaining characters