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Free ePub ↠ mobi Hungry Girls and Other Stories ó 9780932274434 Â horticulturetrader é [Ebook] ➩ Hungry Girls and Other Stories ➯ Patricia Eakins – The title story won a Charles Angoff award in 1987 These stories are a modern besTures of the planet reclaiming for the Imagination its territories from Science They are counterfables in which the usual fabulous project is Amazing book and mythology she writes stories I want to tell my children or someone else's one day to scare them

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Reversed animal characteristics are attributed to humans and humans and animals are seen as codeterminants of the moral and cultural landsca This is a strange and bizarre book that plays with language and reality Patricia's stories are poetic and especially good read out loud by Patricia herself

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Hungry Girls and Other StoriesThe title story won a Charles Angoff award in 1987 These stories are a modern bestiary which rework the stuff of mythologies spanning the cul the monstrous and very hungry girls eat dirt and plow fields; men come to live in their bodies the abandoned wife wears the skins of snakes snakes who her recognize her grace even as a beggar these little dog things aid in copulation those strange flowerpig things root in radiation horses of light horses of dark feral are the mermaids; your mouth will be their womb this great thing clings to immortality but her partner wants only to procreate and then to dienew legends a bestiary pseudoethnography pseudobiology pseudomythography the nature of man and woman societies cultures civilization itself explored but not explained dreamtime is real time each new myth each new creature is familiar yet uniue it is a uniue book as wellEakins' stories take different forms strange beautiful jewels no two alike a bizarre creation myth a tale of the Old West reports from a desolate research station a story from the steppes of Central Asia the journal of a runaway slave Eakins is true to each myth fable or personal narrative adjusting her style completely to fit the story told the prose is incredible most difficult of all was the intensely alien recounting of the slow transformation of ocean things into land things Salt hard to read and harder to understand; finishing it felt like an accomplishment like climbing a mountain somewhere remote where no one speaks your language and everyone is faster on the path than you could ever be other stories were easier to read easier on the brain but just as satisfying and certainly just as rigorously almost coldly intelligent the brisk Auravir is a sharp and witty Greek myth concerning a race of seductive golden monkey people the delightful Banda is a European fairy tale that details the lives of sweet little bear things and their neverending battles with witches over the lives of the children that cross their paths although each story is perfectly accomplished perhaps the standout is Oono steeped in Inuit culture it is about a hunter his wife two gigantic and godlike creatures dog tooth spirit guardians and two passionate heart spirits that dance duel and are eventually trapped together the story was funny resonant profound and highlighted as a favorite by Ursula K Le Guin which made perfect senseit's tragic that this brilliant collection is not better known truly a buried treasure