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The Dark Prince Dragon School #3 Free download ↠ 105 ✓ ➪ [Ebook] ➥ The Dark Prince Dragon School #3 By Sarah K.L. Wilson ➵ – Who says all handsome princes are charming Hunted by the Magikas Amel seeks refuge on a secluded island But when she meets the prince of Baojang therSecluded island But when she meets the prince of Baojang there she realizes she can't stay in hiding Someone need. Book ReviewTitle The Dark Prince Dragon School #3Author Sarah K L WilsonGenre YAFantasyRating Review After the dramatic ending of Initiate I couldn’t wait to jump back into the Dark Prince as it introduces one of my favourite characters in the series Leng hasn’t got much better from the last book by the time they rest on an island close to the Ruby Isles it is also here they meet Raktaran the Prince of Baojang who is sailing to the Dominion to meet his bride Savette although he mentions Starie also The dragons are immediately on edge around the Prince but he seems alright to Amel even given her a cure for Leng but his demeanour changes the instant she mentions that she isn’t from a noble house Almost immediately he goes after the dragons claiming that they should be for Princes not low born people like her but Amel counters this by telling him the dragons will not follow him even if he frees themShortly after the Prince leaves the island after getting Amel to tell him everything she knows about Savette and warns her not to mention the conversation they had to anyone Amel is immediately concerned for her friend as she can tell the Prince only sees her as a pawn and nothing However his warning doesn’t apply to the dragons who immediately tell Leng when he awakens but he is trying to distance himself from Amel as he informs her that they are heading for the Ruby Isles immediately By the time they arrive at the Ruby Isles Leng’s new behaviour is hurting Amel and getting on her nerves especially when the other riders begin treating her like a child despite all she has been through but she obeys Leng in not saying anything about what happened It is clear Leng hasn’t told the whole story as he was unconscious or out of it for the most part and Amel knows there is something bigger going on but her most pressing concern right now is Savette and whether she should find her and tell her of the Dark Prince before he arrives thereIt is almost like Amel is in school all over again but with friends as the only one that even makes reference to her disability is Lenora The rest Artis Orra and Olla have no problem with it but she begins learning the basics of formation and hand signals despite Raolcan doing most of the work in practice She also gets to meet Savette and recounts everything she knows about Raktaran and the plot to start a war and Savette immediately enlists Amel’s help in preventing war at all cost When the Prince finally arrives Amel isn’t too nervous but when she spots Starie and Corrigan there too she knows Savette is in danger She rushes to the aid of her friend only to be stopped by Leng who thinks he can do it all himself which only results in Amel having to save him and losing Savette in the process Amel is furious with Leng because he didn’t trust her or listen to her when it mattered most and he apologizes even kissing her on the forehead and cheeks before taking off after Savette to bring her back and Amel is beginning to see he might have feelings for her too Overall the Dark Prince was an interesting installment and further cements Amel as a great dragon rider in training but she has earned everything she has The stakes are also raising steadily with the threat of war on the horizon and I can’t wait to jump into the next book

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S to warn the Dominion of the plotted treachery and uickly before her friend Savette is married off to one of the. Amazing how this story is written in such short booksI love the way they tell there things by head and eyes

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The Dark Prince Dragon School #3Prince Dragon ePUB #9734 Who says all handsome princes are charming Hunted by the Magikas Amel seeks refuge on a. What an awesome read I loved this story even if it did feel much shorter than the rest I loved it What I love about these seuels is that they follow up just where we left off Amel and Leng have escaped the Magikas and Starie just But they are exhausted and Leng is still feverish There isn't much for Amel to do but when they land on an island and meet the Dark Prince Amel suspects there is going on with the arrange marriage with her friend Savette and the prince Amel knows Savette's life is in danger but how can she warn her when no one will listen to a cripple girl Together we will see Amel fight with courage and fear we see her persistence and resistance throughout the novel even when no one believes she can help she still tries her best This is why I love Amel she gives 110% on everything she does And I love her relationship with her purple dragon Raolcan its sweet and funny their bond is uniue And there's Leng he gives Amel mixed signs One time there is gentleness and care and another the next he is distant and cold I love Leng and Amel together so I do hope he reveals his feelings for her really soon Awesome read cannot wait to start the next one Received a copy from the author herself in exchange for an honest review thank you