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The Case of the Postponed MurderRdball But fatal gunplay rocks the boat leaving Wentworth dead Mae a wanted woman and Perry Mason in troubled waters Origina. Earl Stanley Gardner at his very bestA superb plot and an intriguing mysteryThe plot revolves around the murder of a Penn Wentworth who is found dead on his yatch and the suspect is a lady named Mae Farr Perry Mason’s client Have to say she is one of the most interesting clients Mason has ever had As is the case with all Perry Mason mysteries there are many parallel plots and sub plots running which boil down to a jaw dropping climaxHowever this is one story where Mason himself gets involved as an accessory to the murder The remaining story involves around how Mason Street and Drake collude and investigate to solve the murder and subseuently save their own assesI would however love to make a special mention to the character of Justice Scanlon Its not until the last 10 pages that the case enters the courtroom and this character literally steals the show the way he directs the case Its fun to read how Mason leads him to direct the case his way without the Justice giving much thought that he is being manipulated I would still say that Justice Scanlon is the most formidable supporting character in a Perry Mason novel by Earl Stanley GardnerAll in a all a delightful uick read with a twist in the end

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review The Case of the Postponed Murder Ô eBook or Kindle ePUB Û ➸ [Read] ➳ The Case of the Postponed Murder By Erle Stanley Gardner ➽ – When Mae Farr becomes the presumed stalking victim of wealthy playboy Penn Wentworth she asks Perry for help Wentworth say he merelWhen Mae of the ePUB #8608 Farr becomes the presumed stalking victim of wealthy playboy Penn Wentworth she asks Perry for he. This is the last published novel As a disclaimer I must admit that I have read them all in order I think Mr Gardner or perhaps Jeanne had this one published to test the readers as to when it was actually written I think it has all the hallmarks of having been written in the 1930s or 40s and simply modernized for a later publication The clues Sergeant Holcomb had disappeared in favor of Tragg early in the series Next the Justice of the Peace instead of a municipal judge would have been much common earlier and it only took a minor rewrite to explain how Emil Scanlon could still sit The order of ham and eggs was another feature uite common in the early novels but not in the newer ones The threat to Paul Drake's license was also a common thread in the early novels that had disappeared by the 50's The most telling cluehowever is the issue of flash photography The language is all wrong if written in the late 60s but the telling clue is that flash photography was a much noisier process in the earlier years and most certainly not very noisy in fact virtually silent by the time this novel was released Given all of this I think it very likely that it was written decades before publication I also think it was an average to a little better than average motorcycle and it is a rare one for Gardner in that we had all the clues in advance and Perry admits that the surprise revelation at the end was nothing than a hunch and a tremendous risk but that's fine because he really didn't know any than we did

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Lp Wentworth say he merely wants her for forging his name on a check Farr claims he just wants her Mae is willing to play ha. 37Once again Perry pulls out legal tricks and proves his client innocent Della is goals in this book and Paul's hatred of romance at the end makes me laughRecommended 13 for mentioned attempted assault language murder and mild romance of secondary characters