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The Association of Small BombsLonglisted for the National Book Award the FTOppenheimer Emerging Voices AwardA New York Times Editors ChoiceNamed a Best Book of 2016 by Esuire Time magazine Vulturecom Wonderful Smart devastating unpredictable and enviably adept in its handling of tragedy and its fallout If you enjoy novels that happily disrupt traditional narratives about grief death violence politics I suggest you go out and buy this one Post haste Fiona Maazel The New York Times Book Review Brilliant Mr Mahajan's writing is acrid and bracing tightly packed with dissonant imagery The Association of Small Bombs is not the first novel about the aftermath of a terrorist attack but it is the finest I've read at capturing the seduction and force of the murderous annihilating illogic that increasingly consumes the globe Sam Sacks The Wall Street Journal M This was my May 2016 pick for Book of the Month Club And while I didn't absolutely love this book I'm glad I chose this one simply because it was a book I might not have picked up otherwise It tells the story of a small bombing car bomb that takes place in an Indian market one day and follows the effects it has on multiple people including victims their families and even the terrorists who set off the bombIf you're looking for a book with one narrative thread with action that rises and falls to propel you forward this is not the book for you Instead Mahajan zooms in and out of different POVs across many years to paint interesting pictures of grief coping methods and ideological shifts I feel like if I had tried to rush through this one I might have enjoyed it less because it's certainly a book that prompts reflection and maybe even a bit of research And the ending was anything but explosive This book looks at implosion how we devolve after tragedy and the ways in which different people respond to life's difficult circumstancesIt's thoughtful thought provoking and well written but not a book I can blanket recommend More for people who enjoy slow moving character studies and learning about cultures or seeing things in a different light

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Free mobi ↠ doc The Association of Small Bombs 9780143109273 È horticulturetrader ☆ ❮PDF / Epub❯ ☉ The Association of Small Bombs Author Karan Mahajan – Longlisted for the National Book Award the FTOppenheimer Emerging Voices AwardA NeHe world detonates in the Delhi marketplace instantly claiming the lives of the Khurana boys to the devastation of their parents Mansoor survives bearing the physical and psychological effects of the bomb After a brief stint at university in America Mansoor returns to Delhi where his life becomes entangled with the mysterious and charismatic Ayub a fearless young activist whose own allegiances and beliefs are malleable than Mansoor could imagine Woven among the story of the Khuranas and the Ahmeds is the gripping tale of Shockie a Kashmiri bomb maker who has forsaken his own life for the independence of his homeland Karan Mahajan writes brilliantly about the effects of terrorism on victims and perpetrators proving himself to be one of the most provocative and dynamic novelists of his generation From the Hardcover editio 3 starsI think I'm overdosing on war and terrorism which are not the best subjects to be stuck on in these very volatile days of late It's not necessarily Karan Mahajan's fault that his thought provoking novel The Association of Small Bombs left me cold and wanting something else to read but I can't bring myself to give this any than 3 stars It did after all make its way onto a few Best of 2016 lists and was even shortlisted for the National Book Award It's got enough substance to spark discussion in classrooms and book clubs alike although good luck finding a book club daring enough to sink its teeth in this one Overall though something about this just didn't sit well with meThe idea seemed foolproof exploring a terrorist action from every angle from the viewpoints of those directly and indirectly affected by the carnage and from those terrorists responsible for the bombing The small bombs in uestion a 1996 car bomb positioned at the periphery of Lajpat Nagar a very busy shopping area in Delhi India Those directly affected 11 and 13 year old brothers Tushar and Nakul Khurana killed in the bomb blast and their friend 12 year old Mansour Ahmed maimed by shrapnel Those indirectly affected the Khurana brothers' parents Vikas a documentary filmmaker and Deepa; and Mansour's parents upper middle classers Sharif and Afsheen The way these two families assimilate and act upon their grief is to me the best element of the book Similarly compelling is tracking young Mansour in the years after the bombing as he comes to California to attend university in Santa Clara and contends with schoolwork spirituality and a particularly pernicious case of post traumatic carpal tunnelThe riskiest part of the book and the part that left me confused and kind of angry is the integral terrorist centric viewpoint which I can't really discuss for fear of spoiling everything I will say though that it did remind me a little bit of Andre Dubus III''s 911 novel The Garden of Last Days but with gobs of India isms that may've made made sense to me if I was from India or Muslim or both I think that Majahan's missteps if any can be pinpointed to this section though again it might not be his fault; my pea brain just can't rationalize the efficacy of a terroristic act by body count aloneI do think though that this is one book that you cannot trust the cumulative star rating because everyone's bound to have a divergent opinion If the subject matter piues your interest then by all means prepare for an interesting read if not an enjoyable one

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Ahajan's eagerness to go at the bomb from every angle suggests a voracious approach to fiction making a daring imaginative promiscuity that moves beyond the scope of his first very good novel Family Planning The New Yorker A beautifully written novel Ambitious Carries us deep into the human side of a tragedy The Washington PostFor readers of Mohsin Hamid Dave Eggers Arundhati Roy and Teju Cole The Association of Small Bombs is an expansive and deeply humane novel that is at once groundbreaking in its empathy dazzling in its acuity and ambitious in scopeWhen brothers Tushar and Nakul Khurana two Delhi schoolboys pick up their family's television set at a repair shop with their friend Mansoor Ahmed one day in 1996 disaster strikes without warning A bomb one of the many small bombs that go off seemingly unheralded across t “The bomb was a child a tantrum directed against all things”When I started this novel I was captivated absorbed thoroughly in awe of the author’s writing and the subject matter he was tackling How often do we try to put ourselves in the shoes of the terrorists? We are often so appalled by the acts of terrorism happening around the globe we don’t delve deeply into the minds of the terrorists? What purpose are they working toward? What outcome do they expect? What events led up to their becoming terrorists? In this novel the terrorists are not radicalized islamists but political activists They have tried peaceful demonstrations without successThe story sets out in Dehli with the Kurana boys both Hindu and their Muslim friend Mansoor at the market when a small bomb goes off The Kurana boys are dead however Mansoor survives with an injury only to his arm He walks off not with much direction or purpose but ends up at home His life is forever impacted by the blast It is as if by being associated with that bomb he is never able to be free of it The bomb has determined his fateThe book also follows the terrorists Shockie had become a terrorist out of frustration for the way Muslims were treated in Kashmir his home province He feels he is fighting for independence for a land he is in exile from The novel poignantly describes his conflicting feelings about setting off bombs When he calls his mother beforehand he hopes to be summoned home to attend to her health There is a sense of desperation a knowledge that not much will be accomplished by the blast an anger that there is not money to make a bigger impact “They fucking want freedom but this fucking cheapness with never go away” Interestingly he finds closeness with Malik who is working for the same cause however believes in the Ghandian philosophy and is very much laughed at by the others in their group for his ideas Malik tells Shockie ” What do you think these attacks are going to achieve? Today when you were talking about the blast not being big enough I was thinking It doesn’t matter It’s all wrong Blasts are a way of hiding”The Kuranas lost two sons to the blast They deal with the loss in different ways and in various stages There is pregnancy and birth of a daughter there is an arranged meeting with one of the accused terrorists Malik there is an affair there is the creation of a group for victims and families of victims of small bombs Finally there is the realization that even though they have been so active in the world of supporting terrorist victims they are helpless in trying to get a dear innocent friend out of jail as this book comes full circleAs a young adult Mansoor becomes active in an NGO working for communal harmony As part of their mission this group advocates for speedier trials for accused terrorists and feels that many of those jailed were falsely accused Seemingly the pressure to arrest people in the aftermath of a bomb leads to many false arrests with torture and inconceivable years in prison prior to trial He becomes good friends with Ayub a Muslim who is very much influenced by Ghandi However after a disappointing break up and disappointing peaceful demonstrations he begins to think like a terrorist Is this all it takes? A theme of excess sexual frustration energizing anger in an ineffective manner is a steady current throughout this book After setting off a bomb at another busy market place Ayub literally becomes the bomb The bomb here and throughout this book is a metaphor for a useless and reckless way of dealing with problemsThis book is fatalistic It takes on an enormous task looking at terrorists victims families of victims even the falsely imprisoned in the bomb’s aftermath It is dense and extremely well written The topic is tough especially since the moral in this book is that these bombs are an exercise in futility – no one will win everyone has much to lose I needed to take breaks from this book; I just didn’t want to think about the book for a while I do think it’s an important book though It raises uestions It is uniueFor discussion uestions please see